OUTFIT || Chunky

June 27, 2015



Hi sweetest sweethearts!

The end is almost there! I cannot believe that I’m actually finishing my masters in Law. Things are getting real. Still have to focus another couple of days but the end is near! I can’t wait for Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || The 70s show

June 22, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

Hope you’re doing well! While I have been busy with running my errands and still focusing on my thesis, (it’s almost a wrap but right now it feels like a burden!) I cheer myself up by wearing Continue Reading…


Health || Absolute Yoga Amsterdam

June 18, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

I have something totally different planned for you today! Something I’m very excited about personally and would love to share with you!

We live in a world in which we’re rushing all the time. From one place to another. Every day, I get so many impressions, I plan so many activities, I do so much socializing. I enjoy all of that.  However, how often do we take some time to breathe and come to ourselves? I hardly ever do. Every ‘free’ minute has to be spent in a profitable manner. And that’s something I really want to get rid off. In my busy schedule, I had to make time to relax and take care of my body. As you might know, I go to the gym a couple of times a week, but I noticed I was getting less lean each day. That’s because I work out with weights. Stretching after working out with weights is very important (and I admit I don’t take enough time to stretch after my work out). Weight training exercises hav been very good to me. However, it’s time to bring my work outs to another level. Continue Reading…


Travel || The Keys

June 3, 2015



Hi there sweethearts,

After a week of radio silence I’m back on track again. After a week of focusing on my thesis for the full 100 %, I feel like going on another adventure again. This made me think of my last trip to Continue Reading…