OUTFIT || Teddy & Muffy

August 23, 2015


Hi there lovelies!

How are you doing?! As we speak (actually, as you are reading this), I am  in B R A Z I L ! How amazing is that?! I’m going to travel through this amazing country for the next three weeks :). I’ve never been here, so it’s really exciting for me. I have backpacked before, but only in Asia. This is going to be my first travels to South-America! If you have any tips or recommendations on what to see/do and where to sleep/eat/party/lie in the sun, please let me know!

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OUTFIT || The Classic Way

August 11, 2015



Hi there beautiful people,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I enjoyed every bit of Loveland festival! The scenery & atmosphere was more than great. It truly was about spreading love. I had never been there before, but it’s definitely a festival to remember! I want to see more and discover festivals I have never been to. However, Loveland is a keeper! The thing I love about fashion is that it has no Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Steve Madden @ Loveland

August 7, 2015




Hello lovelies!

Today I’m visiting the festival LOVELAND! I guess it’s all about love these days! As a true festival lover, I visit as many festivals as I can every summer. However, Loveland was still on the bucketlist. Nowadays, festivals are the place to be to spot the hottest trends and the coolest outfits. I love to see that people are making so much effort to actually look good and to be special. It’s always a challenge figuring out what to wear to a festival. This time I’ll be a festival reporter for Steve Madden, wearing a pair of their very cool boots. Speaking of which, when you’re about to dance for many hours, the shoes are the most important part of your outfit. ‘Cause when you’re in pain or if you can’t dance properly, you’re gonna lose the fun, right?! So I always make sure that my shoes are comfortable. However, comfortable and beautiful don’t always go hand in hand. But, there are exceptions. There are ALWAYS exceptions. So when I saw these cool boots with the golden chain on the back of the heel, I was sold. The fit is good and I knew I these boots would be the  key-item to my outfit. Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Fringe the shooz

July 29, 2015



Hi there lovelies,

I bet you’re enjoying the weather to the fullest aren’t you haha:). Well..I got soaked a couple of times already since the only vehicle I own is a bike. And I even got a flat tire yesterday. Fortunately, a sweet guy from a bar had a first aid kit for tires! At the age of 26, I learned to fix a flat tire. Not something I should be proud of haha:).

However, although the weather isn’t making us smile, we shouldn’t complain. Last month was more than beautiful. I can’t say it often, Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Tourner la page

July 22, 2015



Tourner la page, a song which I’m completely obsessed with. It’s about ‘turning a page’. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. I think it totally fits in with what I achieved this past couple of years. It were years of Continue Reading…