PEEK || Back to the 70s

March 2, 2015



Hi dearies!

How was your weekend?! Hope you had a better time then I did cause mine was nothing special! Spent time working on my thesis and getting better! I have no time for being sick! Cause today I have something exciting on the planning: Continue Reading…


Outfit || Copenhagen with Vero Moda Part 2

February 28, 2015



Hi sweethearts!

When writing this, I’m stuck in bed still feeling  ill. Last week my body decided to give up on me just after I came back from Copenhagen. A lack of sleep and just to much excitement I guess :D Or was it the lack of clothes I was wearing hihi? Well, what should I say to this? No pain, no gain! Because… Continue Reading…


Outfit || Copenhagen part 1

February 23, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

What a hectic week! I had so little sleep that I got sick yesterday! But it was SO worth it! Spending 24 hours in Copenhagen was crazy and so enjoyable! Together with my babes Wendy & Larissa, I had such a fun time! Time management was very important because we didn’t have a lot of it, but we did a great job I think. Rushing and chilling at the right moments. I will post a diary with lots of cool pictures soon, but first an outfit post! Being bloggers, we have to do a shoot (or two hihi) when traveling right? Continue Reading…


Travel Diary || Noordwijk aan Zee

February 17, 2015


Hi dearies,

I wanted to share a piece of beautiful Holland. Whenever I think of a getaway, a spot right here in the Netherlands never pops up in my mind. But 2 weeks ago, my love took me away for two days to Noordwijk aan Zee. That’s a town near the ocean (technically, the North Sea) that has some very nice beaches.

Continue Reading…