Accessories || Royal Rubies

October 29, 2014


Hi lovelies,

Let’s start this beautiful day with a question: are either love or diamonds a girl’s best friend? You tell me. :)

In my opinion love is more worth than a thousand diamonds, only if it’s pure and unconditional. But, let’s say that a diamond will stay your best friend your whole life where love can disappear in a blink of an eye. Continue Reading…


Outfit || Fallin’ Green

October 27, 2014


 Hi sweethearts,

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was filled with a lot of emotions, but also with moments that I felt like a free bird. Relieved, content and relaxed. Spent time with my dearest parents. I should do that more often than once a week. If only my schedule would let me. Last week, I was so busy with exams, that I didn’t see them for a week. The ones who follow me on my social media channels, Continue Reading…


Diary || Life

October 25, 2014



Hi sweethearts,

Sorry for my absence the past few days. First, many thanks for your wishes prior to my exams. I hope they went well because good grades are important to me. Now I can only wait for the results to come. Continue Reading…


Event || CF Bloggers Closet Sale

October 19, 2014


Hi lovelies!

Exited to share with you that I’ll be selling a part of my wardrobe at the CF closet sale! Blogger Esther of Myconfashions came up with this idea and she has put so much effort in it. Really proud of her organizing the whole thing. Together with 7 fellow bloggers we hope to see many of you. Information about the location Continue Reading…