Outfit || Sepehr Maghsoudi

November 20, 2015



Hi sweethearts,

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and will have a wonderful WEEKEND! I had for sure! Went out twice and had the time of my life! From this week on, I have to focus a bit more on my studies. This weekend is already fully planned as well. On Saturday my bestie is going to cook for Continue Reading…


Outfit || Blue Wonder

November 12, 2015


Hi there sweethearts!

Hope everything is going well! I’m getting ready for warm cosy days and feeling the autumn vibes all over. Amsterdam is the most beautiful city to stroll/bike around these days. Surrounded by so many warm colors. I think I have never experienced such a good time during fall since the weather is more than good these days. We shouldn’t be very happy Continue Reading…


Outfit || Kraviech Adore

November 7, 2015


Hi there lovelies!

As it’s weekend and time to relax, a thought of a dreamy post for today. Knowing that it’s already way too cold for this outfit, doesn’t make an item less beautiful..some garments have something special and need to get more attention than others. I’m talking about Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Ocean

September 25, 2015


Hi lovelies,

It’s officially fall. And I guess I have to fall in love…with the transition of seasons. The days are getting colder, the hours of sunlight decrease every day. I never look forward to those days, however, it’s how nature works and life just isn’t always the way you would like it to be. At this point in my life, there are a lot of transformations going on. I have to embrace them and jump into an unknown ocean. A deep blue sea, as blue as the color of this beautiful coat from Oilily, which I’m wearing here. However, the sea exists of different shades of blue. Dark, light and everything in between. And the sea is unpredictable, just like life is. And wearing all these different shades of blue, I feel like swimming in a big ocean myself. And I jumped into that big deep ocean and I will get out of it stronger than ever. This beautiful baby blue jumper of Repeat Cashmere will keep me warm and keep the outfit bright while the days are getting darker. Repeat Cashmere is known for their outstanding quality and of course, their beautiful cashmere products. Now that I have experienced it myself, I’m hooked. And of course, when the beautiful Doutzen Kroes is the face of this brand, what else can you expect ;)?!

OH! Do you agree with me that a woman cannot have enough shoes AND bags?! I just added this beauty of Ralph Lauren to my collection of bags. The size is perfect for everyday things and the color is beautiful to wear with cosy outfits during fall. I got this bag from the premium collection of Zalando (check out the collection here!). A part of the webshop that is exclusive and makes me wanna buy everything! Let’s dream on, literally & figuratively! For now, I’m off to jump into that big deep ocean ;).

Bye bye dearies!

Love, F

What I’m wearing

Repeat Cashmere sweater

Oilily coat (here)

Ralph Lauren bag (via Zalando here)

Sperry shoes

Zara trousers

Forever 21 rings