Essentials || MIAMI

March 25, 2015


Hi lovelies!

When you’re reading this, I will be on my way to MIAMI!!! So excited! It will be a long long journey since we have a transfer in Madrid and from Madrid it’s a 12 hours flight! Wha! Of course, I brought some stuff with me to read but somehow I love to sleep when I’m on an airplane, haha :). I wanted to show you a peek of all the stuff I’m bringing with to Miami. It’s a lot! Packing is Continue Reading…


Outfit || Black Ripped

March 24, 2015


Hi there!

While writing this post, I’m running miles in my head thinking of all the work that still has to be done before I leave for Miami…tomorrow! Wha!!! I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow already! We booked this holiday half a year ago and now we’re actually going! TOMORROW. Also, I will see my lovely boyfriend again after almost 1.5 months! He will visit me in Miami for 5 days and after that he will be spending some time in LA as well for his work as a music producer. So many great things to happen! Since last week, I started to use Snapchat ( @formulafarah). Make sure to follow me there as I will be using it a lot! :D Continue Reading…


Accessoires ||Triwa World

March 23, 2015



Hi dearies!

Time is ticking! For me literally & figurally! First of all: happy nowrooz to all my Persian readers. I hope you all had a wonderful time with the family. I made sure to be back on time from Denmark to spend the night with my family. However, Continue Reading…


Accessories || Dutch Basics earrings

March 19, 2015

DSC_0461 small

Hi lovelies

Close to my heart is the brand Dutch Basics. A brand that stands for quality, craftsmanship and above all, has eye for the details. The first time I got in touch with this brand, I also fell in love with the necklace I showed you earlier here. I’ve been wearing this necklace almost every day since then and I’ve got so many compliments. Continue Reading…


Outfit || Ana Alcazar

March 14, 2015



Hi there sweethearts!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! The weather is gloomy but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your free time! I had a busy week filled with studies, work & events. However, during weekends I’m not free unfortunately. I think you actually have no real weekend as long as you’re a student. There is always something to do. In my case: writing my thesis. Everything they say about writing a thesis is true: it’s really hard to focus and not let yourself be distracted. As many other students (I’ve seen this during my 7 years of studying hihi) I grab every opportunity to NOT sit behind my laptop and focus on my thesis. Which is NOT good. I’m telling you this, so you can kick me and tell me to focus. Please do so :p Continue Reading…