Loafing around

augustus 15, 2012

Are you ready to experience being comfortable and chic at the same time? Meet my latest new love, loafers. Lately, loafers have moved from the standard penny variation into a shoe in many different materials and prints.  When I saw these loafers shining, I knew I would wear them till they were falling apart. The reason: no matter how much I love wearing heels, I often find myself fantasizing about getting home, kicking those heels off and slipping into my comfy slippers.  Of course, parading in high heels makes you feel sexy and feminine. The new loafer trend makes me feel like walking in slippers, while still getting the confident feeling I get from heels. Combined with this beautiful high-waisted Zara skirt and a sheer blouse I’m ready to go! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the beautiful two-toned earrings from Aldo!

Top: Koton  € 20
Skirt: Zara € 10
Loafers: H&M  €20 (now in stores)
Bag: Zara € 50 (now in stores)
Earrings: Aldo $ 12

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