Pleated Coral

augustus 22, 2012

A great combination of edginess and femininity, in my opinion a good description of the color coral .
NO wardrobe would be complete without a little bit pink in it, don’t you think? I combined this pleated skirt (which I found on a secondhand market for just 2 euro’s!) with a flower print body of Zara. I chose for some white high-heeled sandals to get this full summer look! To mention the bag, I just love that bag. Unfortunately, it’s not really handy since it doesnt have pockets in it. The start of a messy cluttered bag. I guess that it forces me  to be more organized instead of bringing a whole survival package with me. It helps me to find what I need in the blink of an eye (especially when you’re looking for your keys, you might recognize this problem;)
I visited a friend of mine in my parents’ hometown Purmerend. We chatted and sat the whole afternoon in front of the house, spending some quality time with each other! We laughed a lot, you can tell that from the pictures she made of me!

Skirt: second hand € 2
Body: Zara € 15
Sandals: gift
Bag: Vintage € 4

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  • Brenda van noort augustus 23, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Prachtig babe!

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