Peplum talk: flashback to the 80’s

september 11, 2012

Phts/ AnnisaGM

What is more feminine than a top that flows out at the hips? It’s called peplum. Peplum is one of the hottest trends right now.
Not only is it super flattering, it makes every outfit more feminine and flirty. It’s an all-round style that you can easily outfit from day to night.

I found my peplum top from the ‘go to’ spot  for trendy and budget-friendly pieces:  Forever 21. The shape and the material is so beautiful, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it.

At Zara’s final sale I saw this skirt hanging super lonely between other pieces and was wondering why it was still there (i.e. in a small size, not damaged etc.) The asymmetric shape gives the skirt a special look since it gives it a twist compared to a regular skirt. Since I felt so sorry for this skirt, I decided to adopt it and take good care of it. Good excuse don’t you think?  I combined the total outfit with my new sandals I told you about here.

Back to the peplum business!  What are you waiting for? Go out and get your hands on a super flattering peplum piece right now!

Top: Forever 21 € 16
Skirt: Zara € 5  (amazing huh?;)
Sandals: Invito €30
Sunglasses: Aldo $ 12

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