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november 2012

Lisbon Recap || Outfit 1

november 27, 2012

              The best pastel de nata in town, a Portuguese egg tart tastry which you must try!

Since you all know, the days are getting colder and darker. Which means: longing for summer.
Who doesn’t? Ok, I agree, iceskating and  having hot chocolat is not a torture but still..I rather feel the sun on my skin then being terrified to freeze my ass off.  I’m being dramatic right now, I totally agree with you. That’s why girl is my middle name 😀
A couple of months ago, when the sun was still shining, I visited Lisbon. What a beautiful city it is! I fell in love. The atmosphere, nice people, good food. I enjoyed every bit of it and would definitely visit this city again.

For this week I planned a Lisbon recap. I will show you 5 outfits I wore which never made it online on the blog!

I think now is the time to do so and the pictures will tell for themself!
Hope you’ll enjoy this Lisbon recap week!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Shorts: Zara €12
Bustier: Bershka €6
Shoes: DSW NYC $17


Outfit || Night shoot

november 25, 2012

So…here’s probably another reason why I got sick! Go out in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to take pictures!

This is the first time I did a shoot when it was already dark! My friend and photographer Annisa wanted to try it for a long time so we gave it a shot.

It’s very difficult and it was more about practising being a statue instead of focusing on outfit shots ;). Does anyone got tips to take night shots? Please let me know! 🙂

It got even more fun because suddenly a guy came to us with his whole photography equipment! This guy, named Bram, saw us taking pictures while he was biking home. When he got home, he grabbed his gear and approached us! We got a personal mini workshop! You can see some of his work here!
About the outfit: it’s warm, cute and it’s called a headband. Remember I bought some winteraccessories? I’ve used them in this shoot and they will definitely be something I will use a lot during the winter! It’s from the current collection of H&M and it comes in different colors! And this is the first time I wore my new shiny brogues!
It makes sure that you always shine..during day aaaaand night! 😀
Happy sunday!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Coat: Zara €60
Bag: Zara €40
Brogues: Van Haren €12,50
Headband: €6
Scarf: €13
Gloves: vintage €3

Comments || Outfit 1

november 24, 2012

Hi lovely people!

I have some exciting news to share with you!! The upcoming four weeks I will be blogging once a week for ‘Wat is de trend’ ! Every week I will be featured with an outfit! The very first outfit is now online! See it all for yourself right here!


Vintage webshop || Dreams of a Girl

november 22, 2012

Hi lovely people,
As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of vintage. Therefore I’m happy to announce this little cute cooperation with Maria, the owner of the facebook vintagewebshop :
‘Dreams of a Girl’Dreams of a girl is about that girl which is inspired by life, love and creativity; translating her dreams into her own style.
Style is an important form of self expression and communication.
It’s a fact that history repeats itself; fashion and clothing trends are no exception. Since fashion is cyclical, there is always some style from the past that has been made new again. This means that  there is a good chance you can find the original version of that style in a vintage item from that era. Finding it, can be difficult though. But, Dreams of a Girl can make your dreams come true! When you purchase and find your perfect vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited, if not one of a kind, item just for you.
People who wear vintage clothing have something to tell you..and so do I! You can buy these lovely items now at the webshop of Dreams of a girl which you can find right here!
Get yourself inspired by Dreams of a Girl and dare to be different!
PS: don’t forget to like the facebookpage so you won’t miss every new unique piece!
Voor de Nederlandse meiden onder ons: houd jij ook zo van vintage? Wacht niet langer en ontdek de vintage webshop van Dreams of a Girl waar je inspiratie op kan doen en waar je hele mooie en unieke items kan verkrijgen! Vergeet niet de facebookpagina te liken om altijd op de hoogte te blijven van de nieuwste, unieke vintage items!
Lots of Vintage Love,

Outfit || Ombre Green

november 19, 2012

Ph// AnnisaGM.

Aaaand it’s Monday again! I have been sick and still recovering. And the reason why I got sick…(look at my bare feet on these photos!!) can fill in the rest of the story right? My dear friend Annisa took these photo’s last Wednesday and believe it or not, it really was a warm and sunny day in Amsterdam! But..afterwards we biked home for about an half of hour..I admit my feet were f-r-o-z-e-n when we got at her place. But it was worth the trip: she made me a delicious three course (!) dinner!
The ones who follow me on Instagram (username: formulafarah) must have seen her appetizer!
About the outfit! Recognize the shoes I got for just 3 euros last week? And what about the knitted sweater? I just loveeee the color and the ombre! I bought this sweater for about two weeks ago at the C&A. It’s from the current collection and it comes in 3 colors: grey, blue and green. And it get’s even better…they only costs 12 euro each! (I wanted to make shopping easier for you guys, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a it in the online shop.) So babes, what are you waiting for? It’s time to do some shopping!!

PS:  It’s not only pretty, it’s warm as well:)

Another PS: did you already know that ASOS offers the Dutchies payment with IDEAL? That means that creditcards are not needed anymore! To celebrate this new facility they offer a 20 % discount on everything! Just enter the IDEAL20 code and you get 20% of your order until next Sunday the 25th of November!

What I’m wearing
Knit: C&A €12
Pants: Vanilia €80
Shoes: Primark €3
Bag: Primark €7
Necklace: vintage €15


Outfit || The classy red hat

november 17, 2012

Hi lovely people,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been sick for the last couple of days. I’m still sick in bed, but now I can at least sit and be active as far you can name it ‘active’ 😛 I will keep it short for today!
Have you ever been into a thriftstore? I don’t go often but when I did a while ago (where I saw and bought this hat), I will definitely visit thriftstores more often!
I bought this hat for just 1 euro (yep, that’s true: just one). Unbelievable.
The perfect item to give every outfit a classy touch. Combined with a lace dress (find a similar one here) and my beloved long maxi split skirt (find a similar one here).

Classy, the keyword for this outfit.

Have a lovely weekend!

What I’m wearing:
Lace dress: Asos £35
Skirt: Mango €15
Boots: Aldo $60
Coat: H&M €20
Hat: thriftstore €1


New in: shoes x 5

november 14, 2012
Oké, I confess. I’m a shoe addict, always have been. Don’t even have place for them in my little cozy house but still, it doesn’t stop me from buying them. But, those ridiculous prices make it even harder not too. Honestly, wouldn’t you have done the same ;)?

From right to left:
Primark: 3
Primark 3
Nelly: 37
Primark: 5
Van Haren: 12,50


Outfit || Vogue

november 12, 2012

The days are getting colder and darker. This is the very first time I did an outfit shoot inside!
One of my dear friends took this shoot in between classes at the uni.
This  is the view I have when I am doing an exam.
You must understand that this view sometimes disturbes me to concentrate on the exam. Especially when you’re a dreamer like I am. On the other hand, I love every view over Amsterdam.  Not only Amsterdam though, every view in every city has something special. Writing this makes me want to travel again!

About the outfit! A while ago, I went to the FNO in Amsterdam (see here). I brought a little souvenir home: a vogue t-shirt. Combined it with a long blazer, leather trousers and my new beloved metal pointed heels. The necklace gives an extra touch to the outfit. Aaand messy hair! I always try to combine an outfit with the hair – the finishing touch.

What I’m wearing:

Trousers: Topshop £15
Vogue tshirt: € 15
Blazer: Primark €35
Heels: Nelly €13
Necklace: Primark €5 (current collection)


New in: Pointed heels with Metal Toe Cap

november 11, 2012

Trend alert ladies! Oh wait! Actually, it really isn’t a trend at all; it’s the welcome return of a classic: the pointy-toed pumps. Do you still remember them? And did you also think that you would NEVER ever wear them again?!  And that you couldn’t imagine you ever liked them?! Welcome to my world. The good news is, (this is also the reason that I actually like them, I can’t believe it myself yet, but it is true) it’s all about pumps with toes that aren’t extended, but have a pointed or almond shape.
Of course, I wanted to show the world my returning love for the pointy-toed pumps so I bought these metal pointed cap heels which you can still see miles away. So I don’t have to scream it out loud ;):P. Isn’t that handy or what?!? 😉
Nelly: €13


Fall Florals // Astrum pants

november 9, 2012

Well hello! Meet my bike! My other big love 🙂

As a student living in Amsterdam, you just have to own a bike. I’m practically living with mine!
Cannot live without it. Therefore, I do not have one, but two! (and an old crappy one somewhere in the city for emergencies, so I actually have three!). If one has to be fixed, I always have another one. This confirms my love for bikes right? 😉 I bike for about an hour every single day, if it’s not more. Call me crazy!

About the outfit! Love these pants I got from Nelly. I got so many compliments on these pants. The cutest one was from an old man who came to me and said: ‘Can I say something personal to you?’, ‘your pants are so beautiful and it matches your bike!’. I didn’t give it a moment’s thought but when he said that, I came up with the idea to shoot this outfit with my beloved bike!

Have a lovely friday!

What I’m wearing:

Astrum pants: Nelly €17 ( an item of what I told about you here)
Vest: Topshop (IJhallen) €2,50
Jacket: H&M (IJhallen) €30
Boots: Zara € 90


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

november 8, 2012

The Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection, 15 November in the stores! Who didn’t hear about it yet?!
How to describe this collection in my opinion? I was curious how this dramatic designer would incorporate his work into a H&M collection. Dramatic it is!! But you probably think, what’s dramatic of these pieces you show us? Well, these are my favorite pieces and I’m not as dramatic as the king himself. Wanna see the whole collection? Take a look at the sneak preview right here!


October recap

november 5, 2012

1. Leather All Over

2. Fall Doll

3. The printed shirt of mama
4. Sporty Chic

5. Wedge sneakers

6. The Jackie skirt

 7. Falling Peplum

Outfits of October! Which one is your favorite one?

Love, Farah


New in: winter accessories

november 4, 2012

So what do you do if you think you have class untill 14.30 but it turns out that you have class untill 12:00? Yes sir! Shopping!!! But I decided to buy things I ‘need’, winter garments. Oke, except for the sunnies I did a great job right :D?!

Are you prepared for Winter?

Love, Farah

Headbands: H&M € 5,95
Scarf: H&M €12,92
Sunnies: Six €12,95


The turquoise dress

november 2, 2012

Hi lovely people,

How are you doing today? Right now I’m in Groningen, a city in the Netherlands I’ve rarely visited.
A good friend of mine lives here so we decided to stay over for the night and discover the city by going out and doing some shopping! We are 5 crazy girls (‘the fantastic five’ :D) together and we’re having a good time no matter where we are and what we do. Love you all!

This outfit shoot is right in front of the university I attend. I haven’t told you guys yet what I do/study everyday. It’s not common and definitely not ‘fashionable’ but it’s the job I have always dreamed of :
becoming a fashionable dentist! After years of trying to get it (which took me 3 years..) I finally had
the chance to study what I’ve always wanted. Now I’m in my second year and still have 4 years to go!

This is also the reason why I sometimes cannot post everyday. It’s a full-time study and the pressure is high. That was also the reason I often hesitated whether to start with a fashionblog. But until now, I didn’t regret it for a second.

Now something about the outfit! To find the dress I’m wearing wasn’t a easy job. When I was in New York last winter, I saw this dress in the color red. It’s a perfect item to have since it’s a dress with a beautiful cutout in the back aaaaand it has sleeves! Don’t have to worry about wearing something above it. So I brought it back home with me. But: In an other Zara department I found this color! And I liked it much more than the red one. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size. What could I do? Our next mission (me and the bf) was to go to all the Zara departments in the search of this dress. It seems crazy but it became a game. My bf was even more motivated to find the dress in my size. You won’t believe it but in the LAST Zara there it was: the dress in this color in my size. I couldn’t be happier, or my bf who had won the game:D

Aaaand now something about the hair!!! Do you like the bow bun? I felt like minnie mouse!:D It’s so so easy to make one yourself and it’s so cute! Search for a tutorial on youtube, you will find many!

Have a lovely friday!

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Coat: H&M € 20
Dress: Zara $40
Heels: Asos  £ 35
Gloves: Vintage   2
Necklace: Swarovski  90
Earrings: Swarovski  50



november 1, 2012

I’ve always loved the jewellery of Swarovski. It’s so elegant, subtle but still an impressive eye-catcher.
Which girl doesn’t like to have a beautiful piece of jewellery? If you have noticed, I do not
wear a lot of jewellery.  Less is more with regard to jewellery as far as I am concerned.

What’s your opinion?

PS: tomorrow I’ll post an outfit with these beautiful sparkling crystals!