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augustus 12, 2013
Cotton topTraditional Indonesian maxi skirt

Hi lovelies!
It has already been a couple of weeks that I went on holiday and I just can’t believe how fast time is passing by. It has been wonderful. Travelling with my bestie, who is Indonesian and speaks the language, makes it all even more special. We stayed at local places and went to places we would never have visited if we were just following the standard ‘touristic route’.
So many impressions, so many things to discover. I don’t wanna go home. Travelling is so addictive and it makes you want to see the entire world. There is so much to discover, so much to see.
Travelling in Indonesia also made me want to wear traditional Indonesian clothing. The fabrics, the colors, the prints. It’s so beautiful. When I fell in love with this skirt I knew that I didn’t have a matchy top with me since I didn’t bring my entire closet with me in my backpack. That makes sense right? But it didn’t stop me from buying it.
So I found a top in Singapore. Very happy..untill I discovered I lost it. Shoot me. So I ended up at Singapore’s airport shopping where I found this colorful blouse. Read: at the last shop 30 minutes before the flight. In a rush. Yes it was that important to find a replacement of course:p
I knew it would fit perfectly and I think the combination turned out quite well even though I was wearing flip flops, since I don’t have heels haha!
These outfit pictures were taken in Sumatra, while staying at Lake Toba. The way to get there was my worst trip ever, since they ride like crazy over there. Taking over while it’s just a matter of seconds is like drinking water over here. But we arrived safely and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. We got offered a trip back by a private car which made the trip even more worth it since we got to see another route, dreaming while we watched the beautiful nature of Sumatra.
I hope you’ll enjoy this outfit and some storytelling about my trip!
Lots of love from Indonesia

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  • Samantha Mariko augustus 12, 2013 at 3:41 am

    I am loving the combination of ethnic pieces! I would love to go to Singapore or Indonesia one day!


  • Simone augustus 26, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Erg mooi die rok!

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