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september 2013

Event || Dress Red Day

september 28, 2013

Ph //  Ka Wing Falkena

The 29th of September. Ladies, today is the day to wear RED! Why? 
Cardiovascular diseases remain the biggest cause of death worldwide. For women, these types of diseases are the number one death cause.  1 out of 3 women dies because of a heart disease. Did you expect this? Is the answer no? This is why we have to stand up and let the world know that we care! By wearing the color red today, you make sure that you pay attention to these diseases and show your sympathy to all the woman who are suffering from it. By having a healthy lifestyle, 
80% of all causes death can be prevented. Listen to your health and to the signs that your body gives you. And most importantly, don’t downplay them! 
I got the opportunity to attend the press event held for the Dress Red Day. The Dress Red Day is an initiative of the ‘Nederlandse Hartstichting’ (a Dutch science foundation for cardiovascular diseases).
We started the day with so called ‘supping’.  A new and fun exercise that I can recommend to everyone! As you might understand, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle. Any exercise is good. However, supping was great! Afterwards we were driven by Ugo drive Taxis to the Harbour Club where we enjoyed a healthy and delicious lunch while hearing everything about cardiovascular diseases. 
Watch the video to get a glimpse of the press event. Can you spot me? 

P.S. Today, UGO drive offers a credit of 25 euro! Get the Drive Ugo app (available in the App store) and use the code UGODRD to be driven around in red and in style ;).

Love, Farah



FASHjournal || The Big U VI

september 24, 2013


Click on read more for a huge FASHjournal!

I know, I know. It was amazing! That was already obvious right? My social media followers were spammed all day long! You can’t blame me. I was one lucky girl that day! Guess I can say that this was the best blogger event I have ever been to. There was so much to do, so much to see and so much creativity to inspire me! Oh, and not to mention the hospitality and the ‘gezelligheid’. Sorry, there is just no right translation for that Dutch word ;).
Aaaah I felt a like a kid in a candy shop! Or maybe, more suitable for this occasion, a girl in a HUGE shoe closet. Are you feeling it?!  I totally know right?!

Alrighty, time to show you some awesomeness!

Let me introduce you to Drykorn. Speaking about fashionable statements. Every single piece
was a statement that would make your closet worth a lot. I got the challenge to style the (I-want-you-sooo-badly!) coat with other lovely pieces. Leather and fall colors was the perfect combination a la Formula Farah to style this beautiful Grey Dust coat. I even put them on and took an outfit picture! Do you like it?

However, to make the look complete, make up is essential right? I love make up and I use a lot of MAC products. I do not know what I love more, my lipsticks or chocolate, says enough huh ūüėČ ? 
Aaaaaaaaaand guess what? I won a 60 min make up session by MAC! Can’t wait!

It was not only about being surrounded by beautiful fashion and make-up, hospitality was also all over the place! We were spoiled with yummy bites and drinks!

Seriously?! Yes! Seriously! Getting my own personalized UGGS with Swarovski Crystals!
Dear UGGS, I thank you before hand for keeping my  feet warm and dry during this coming winter. I promise to take care of you and treat you the best I can. Love, Farah

I am a witness. Put me on the stand and I will only speak the truth. The sound of these headphones was that good that I went totally into the music and didn’t even notice that I already won the game! We played bingo with songs. You had to recognize 4 songs in a row to win a headphone! So, imagine me standing over there enjoying the music without even noticing that I already had BINGO! Sennheiser, you proved your quality already to me!

P.S. Can you guess what color I’ve chosen?

Last but definitely not least, happy 40th anniversary dear Pepejeans!
Can it be more obvious that I was thrilled about the collection? You proved
that you made this girl happy! 
I hope you enjoyed this fashjournal and don’t forget to leave a fashionable comment!



Outfit || Tomboy

september 22, 2013
 Mango blazer //  Primark top // Bershka skirt //  Pedro Heels // Charles & Keith bag

Controversial. I like that word. I like it in fashion. A crop top with Tomboy written on it combined with nude and pink cuteness. Not a combination you would expect, but I like the way it turned out. It’s the outfit I wore on Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Amsterdam! Girlpower!

I’m very busy studying for an exam right now. I wish you all a happy weekend lovelies!
Love, Farah


Outfit || White & Blue

september 17, 2013
Mango blazer / Zara Skort / Pedro Bag / Nelly top / Primark heels / Vintage sunnies

Hi lovelies!
Sorry for the late update! I spent a long weekend in France with family enjoying good food (read: a lot of food, but mostly cheeeeeese!:D), playing games and driving around. We had so much fun together and it was a weekend to remember.  I also feel like I gained weight after eating all of the food. No cheese for me anymore this week haha :).
I didn’t shoot any outfits last weekend and knowing that fall is just around the corner, I planned to show you the last couple of summer outfits.
The combination of white & blue works as good as the combination of white & black. The ones who follow me on Instagram must have seen this blue beauty I bought in Singapore from the shop Pedro.
And since you all know that I do love matchy matchy outfits ones in a while, I combined the bag with blue pumps in exactly the same shade of blue.
Ooh! And I almost forget about my new favorite pair of sunnies I got at the Moderne Hippies Market which I told about you here!
Love, Farah

Outfit || Hippie

september 14, 2013

Vanilia top / Mango skirt / Hippe Schoenen boots / H&M head necklace / Indonesian bag

When visiting a hippies market, the outfit has to be hippie-like as well right ;).  When I think of hippie, the first thing that pops in my mind is color! Many colors! The second thing is comfy and loose. And you can find all of these elements in this outfit!

Luckily, the weather didn’t stop me from wearing this beautiful colorful strappy top I haven’t worn since I got it from the last Vanilia Sample Sale I visited. For this occasion it was the perfect top. Also, a new handbag from Indonesia to add even more color. But, to top off this outfit, I used my beloved head feather necklace from H&M!

So, what do you think? Do you like the hippie look a la Formula Farah?

Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Moderne Hippies Markt

september 12, 2013

Moderne Hippies Market. A place to wonder around. Feeling the hippie vibe all over the place at Amsterdam Roest. If you haven’t been there yet, check out their schedule here for more events!
It was an afternoon where I tried ‘tarwegras’ juice for the first time, where I finally found round sunnies I was looking for and where I bought lace pants. Yes! Lace see-through pants. It can’t get hippier can it?! Still have to get the right pair of high waisted shorts for under the pants. Unfortunately the festival season is over..Since it’s a vintage item, it doesn’t get old right :D?
I also met the lovely Sella. She got my attention immediately as soon as I saw her drawing people. I got curious and I got suprised! I love her ‘instant’ art work. Check out her work at her blog on She visits a lot of events, make sure to follow her and get your own fashion painting!
Tomorrow I will show you my outfit on the drawing!
Love, Farah


Fashjournal || River Island Christmas ’13

september 11, 2013

Do you feel like summer is almost over? Already getting your closet ready for the fall? Well, let me get you past the fall and bring you…Christmas! Let me introduce you to¬† the new Christmas collection of River Island!

Standing there, while it was plus 20 degrees (Celsius, Fahrenheit would be pretty darn cold) made it hard for me to get into the Christmas vibe. However, after a first glance at the elegant Christmas collection of River Island got me feeling the Christmas vibe for sure. The collection is filled with red, pink, emerald green colors and metallic fabrics. There were also a lot of other different fabrics such as velvet and, of course, jacquard couldn’t be left out of the collection.

When I think of Christmas, the first thing that pops in my mind is dresses. Beautiful gowns and pretty cocktail dresses. As a dress-lover, I love that time of the year during which you can walk in any kind of dress. You are never overdressed. River Island got you some pretty pretty statement dresses and those were definitely my favorites!
I can’t wait! Can you? If you don’t have a River Island store nearby, there is always the mighty internet! Check out their collection HERE!
Thanks to Oona PR!

Love, Farah

Outfit || INCA Shorts

september 8, 2013
 Paris2day shorts / H&M top / Zara bag / Pedro heels

ph// Annisa G.M

Our last days of summer. I feel sad. If it was up to me, summer would’ve been endless. Ok, one week of skiing is also very welcomed, but I wouldn’t mind to walk bare legged after that one week ;).

Summer means showing off beautiful clothing instead of hiding it beneath many layers. Such as these colorful shorts I received from Paris2day last week. For the ones who follow me on Instagram knew that I literaly couldn’t wait to wear them!

Even though I wear the shorts bare legged in this outfit, I already tried them with tights as well, which works out perfectly! The perfect shorts for the fall as well!

Get your own INCA shorts HERE!


Love, Farah

Outfit || Leather Love // F.A.L.L. Magazine

september 7, 2013
Mango blazer / Zara pants / Second Female top / Pedro heels / Charles & Keith Bag
photography by The Viewfinder

As I promised yesterday, here’s the whole shoot by the great photographer Kevin van Diest // The Viewfinder! For this¬†shoot, I chose to wear leather. First, I intended to go for something grunge, but it turned out to be everything except for grunge ;). Or shall we call it classy grunge a la¬†Formula Farah?
Ooh, and let me introduce you to my latest discovery while traveling last summer. I discovered the amazing shop Charles & Keith in Singapore. Of course, it wasn’t only Charles & Keith that made Singapore a shopping paradise, but you always have one shop that steels your heart right? For me, it was Charles & Keith. The very first shop I entered in Singapore. Love at first sight (sorry my dear bf). I just wanted to take the whole shop back home with me! But I was a good girl, I didn’t get lost in my lust and love for bags and shoes. I managed to buy just one bag and pair of shoes. White perfection. Beautiful and easy to combine, mix and match. And yes, I’m still in love with white. White, what else ūüėČ :D?
Let’s change the subject! Let’s talk about F.A.L.L. Magazine! As you might already know, I will write an article for F.A.L.L. Magazine¬†once a month¬†. ‘For now, I chose to write about an obsession I have had for over a year now: leather. Not a surprise is it?¬†Read about it more HERE!
Love, Farah

Sneak Preview || The Viewfinder x Formula Farah

september 5, 2013
photography by The Viewfinder

Hi lovelies!
I’m happy to announce that, every once in a while, I will be working together with the great streetstyle photographer Kevin van Diest known as The Viewfinder!
He has a very keen eye for fashion Рalways looking around to catch a picture of the right person at the right time, at the right place, and at the right angle. A true professional! I absolutely loved his work from the first moment I laid my eyes on it. 

 Photography is very personal and everybody has his or her own kind of taste. You can compare it to food. Well, I can tell you, that this is the kind of food I like ;).

We had a great time and I really love how the pictures turned out! For now, just a sneak peek. I will show you on the blog more tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Don’t forget to check out some awesome streetstyle photography on
Love, Farah



NEW IN || Nude

september 3, 2013
Singapore, a shopping paradise it was. If I would have lived there, I would be broke – for sure. Definitely. 100 %.
Malls are everywhere. And with everywhere, I don’t only mean the shops on the streets. I am talking about air-conditioned underground malls all over the place, especially around Orchard Road. Actually, the whole country is one big mall. I’ve said enough right?
After searching for nude heels for ages, I found a pair that I really liked. Pointy and textured. Pimping up the nude.
Fashion lovers and shopaholics, I think you now might know what your next holiday destination will be ;)!
Love, Farah

Recap || Summer Favs

september 1, 2013

Hello September! Summer is almost over. Can’t say that I’m ready for Autumn yet. Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. I can walk in dresses/shorts/skirts every single day. Which I did this summer! I chose my 10 favorite summer outfits.
Which summer outfit is your favorite one?
Love, Farah