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september 28, 2013

Ph //  Ka Wing Falkena

The 29th of September. Ladies, today is the day to wear RED! Why? 
Cardiovascular diseases remain the biggest cause of death worldwide. For women, these types of diseases are the number one death cause.  1 out of 3 women dies because of a heart disease. Did you expect this? Is the answer no? This is why we have to stand up and let the world know that we care! By wearing the color red today, you make sure that you pay attention to these diseases and show your sympathy to all the woman who are suffering from it. By having a healthy lifestyle, 
80% of all causes death can be prevented. Listen to your health and to the signs that your body gives you. And most importantly, don’t downplay them! 
I got the opportunity to attend the press event held for the Dress Red Day. The Dress Red Day is an initiative of the ‘Nederlandse Hartstichting’ (a Dutch science foundation for cardiovascular diseases).
We started the day with so called ‘supping’.  A new and fun exercise that I can recommend to everyone! As you might understand, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle. Any exercise is good. However, supping was great! Afterwards we were driven by Ugo drive Taxis to the Harbour Club where we enjoyed a healthy and delicious lunch while hearing everything about cardiovascular diseases. 
Watch the video to get a glimpse of the press event. Can you spot me? 

P.S. Today, UGO drive offers a credit of 25 euro! Get the Drive Ugo app (available in the App store) and use the code UGODRD to be driven around in red and in style ;).

Love, Farah


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