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september 24, 2013


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I know, I know. It was amazing! That was already obvious right? My social media followers were spammed all day long! You can’t blame me. I was one lucky girl that day! Guess I can say that this was the best blogger event I have ever been to. There was so much to do, so much to see and so much creativity to inspire me! Oh, and not to mention the hospitality and the ‘gezelligheid’. Sorry, there is just no right translation for that Dutch word ;).
Aaaah I felt a like a kid in a candy shop! Or maybe, more suitable for this occasion, a girl in a HUGE shoe closet. Are you feeling it?!  I totally know right?!

Alrighty, time to show you some awesomeness!

Let me introduce you to Drykorn. Speaking about fashionable statements. Every single piece
was a statement that would make your closet worth a lot. I got the challenge to style the (I-want-you-sooo-badly!) coat with other lovely pieces. Leather and fall colors was the perfect combination a la Formula Farah to style this beautiful Grey Dust coat. I even put them on and took an outfit picture! Do you like it?

However, to make the look complete, make up is essential right? I love make up and I use a lot of MAC products. I do not know what I love more, my lipsticks or chocolate, says enough huh 😉 ? 
Aaaaaaaaaand guess what? I won a 60 min make up session by MAC! Can’t wait!

It was not only about being surrounded by beautiful fashion and make-up, hospitality was also all over the place! We were spoiled with yummy bites and drinks!

Seriously?! Yes! Seriously! Getting my own personalized UGGS with Swarovski Crystals!
Dear UGGS, I thank you before hand for keeping my  feet warm and dry during this coming winter. I promise to take care of you and treat you the best I can. Love, Farah

I am a witness. Put me on the stand and I will only speak the truth. The sound of these headphones was that good that I went totally into the music and didn’t even notice that I already won the game! We played bingo with songs. You had to recognize 4 songs in a row to win a headphone! So, imagine me standing over there enjoying the music without even noticing that I already had BINGO! Sennheiser, you proved your quality already to me!

P.S. Can you guess what color I’ve chosen?

Last but definitely not least, happy 40th anniversary dear Pepejeans!
Can it be more obvious that I was thrilled about the collection? You proved
that you made this girl happy! 
I hope you enjoyed this fashjournal and don’t forget to leave a fashionable comment!


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