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juni 23, 2014

Hi lovelies!
How have you been? I am so sorry for my absence. Sometimes it’s just so hard to manage and balance everything that’s going on in your life. In this case, I had to decrease my blogging activity. However, I can already see the light at the end of this spinning tunnel! Within a week, I will be back and put all my energy and love into blogging again!

For now, I would love to share another beauty post with you. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved make up. Not that my parents allowed me to use it, haha, but I did admire all those pretty faces brushed with beautiful colors. Nowadays, I love all those colorful make up products even more. I like to try out bright and colorful lipstick, nail polish and even eyeliners, especially during spring and summer!
Let me introduce you to BE Creative Make Up. I discovered this brand last fall at the Grazia Masterclass. The wide range of colors and products immediately caught my eye. And do you know what surprised me even more? The very affordable prices. I couldn’t believe it myself at first. This makes it the perfect brand for me and it makes me want to buy and try out different kind of colors and products. The ones who are make up fans too know that putting make up on is something you have to learn, which is the only way to try it out and to find out what suits you best. BE wants to help everyone to be unique. And with all those beautiful and affordable prices they make it possible.
For their birthday, they released a limited edition of the Intense Lipstick 018 Chance. The deep and bright pink color is a party on the lips! I have tons of pink lipsticks, but this one is my favorite at the moment! And what about the colorful eyeshadow Daydream Quad? To shine bright on all summer nights. I love it! If don’t fancy make up that much, but you do love a bit of color, you have to try their nail polishes! The 023 Oxygen gives your nails a beautiful blue color that reminds you of a clear blue sky and the sea.
Were you already familiar with this make up brand? And what kind of colors do you like on the lips/eyes or nails? Would love to know!
Love, Farah

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