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juni 30, 2014

Hi dearies!
How was your weekend? Did you watch the football match last night? The Dutch soccer team is doing so well! Very proud of them!
For the first time in a long time, I went offline shopping on Saturday. After a very hectic week, I thought it was time to spend some quality time with me, myself and the stores. Sounds like a good plan right?! And it was! I succeeded in buying two items that I will show you on the blog soon. Take note: the sale season has already started for most of the stores!

Well, let’s talk beauty now! Beauty is not only about taking care of the facial area. That’s something to
remember. The body loves (and needs) to be treated well too ;). Cherish it. I can’t do that in a better way than with the magic touch of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk from Rituals. All natural ingredients that make the body feel silky soft due to the cherry blossom, the Japanese symbol of purity, and the rice milk.
I have been using Rituals’ shower foam for years now. It’s handy due to the gel-to-foam consistency, a small amount of gel is more than enough! Also, it’s very handy while traveling since there is no fear of damaging your baggage, if you know what I mean ;).
And even though I’m always in a rush in the early mornings, I try (though not always succeed) to make time to hydrate the body with a rich body cream. It’s so important and especially during the winter my skin is screaming for some. I have a dry skin in general (except for the face) and therefore a rich body cream is much needed. I prefer to use the same fragrances of shower foam/gel and the body cream.
This particular body cream  is a unique blend that containing antioxidants, Vitamin E and the ingredient Centella Asiatica, which helps strengthen your skin.
Do you also use the products of Rituals and what is your secret for a healthy skin?
Love, Farah

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