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september 27, 2014


 Hi sweethearts,

I wish you all a pleasant weekend. Spending time with your loved ones & friends during the weekend is something I like to do the most. I must admit that I have felt that I have an actual weekend because I always have things to do. Especially when you’re a student. So those little getaways are the best. Last week, I had the so-called VOC high tea at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

The Amstel hotel is known as the most luxurious & expensive hotel in Amsterdam. Having a high tea over there would be something that you’d just have to experience. My best friend Annisa always told me she really would like to have a high tea at the Amstel Hotel. When she graduated, I told her that I would treat her a high-tea at the Amstel Hotel as her graduation gift. She was very excited! We picked a date and wanted to make a reservation, which was actually pretty difficult. Somehow, the more expensive the place is, the harder everything gets. Do you recognize this? Fortunately, the weather that was beautiful, so we could dress up like ladies! Every excuse to dress up, is one I have to grab :D. As you can see, I took my newest Louis Vuitton bag with me! I still cannot believe that I actually won this bag at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out! I have been carrying this bag with me ever since. It’s so handy for my laptop! And why not bring a Louis Vuitton to class? 😀 Many thanks again to Designer Vintage & Vogue for this precious gift. My very first designer bag that I will treasure, always!

If you ever want to try this (i.e. the high tea), remember that you will have the best food & drinks. The lovely part of this high tea was that it was a high tea with a twist. We didn’t get ordinary ‘tea’, but they served us tea cocktails. They were absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, there was a lack of good service (it was terrible: they even forgot about us for an entire hour). More things were not ok than just this, but I don’t want to get in to the details & don’t like to spread negativity. The only thing I can say is  that I wouldn’t recommend you to have a high tea at the Amstel, or a drink for that matter. I’m being very honest with you lovelies!

But my dearest Annisa, even though we sat there for 4 hours instead of the planned 2, I had fun with you for 4 hours and I hope that I will have fun with you not only just for 4 hours, but for a lot of decades. From next week your #lastmonthoffreedom will be over since you will be a consultant at Ernst & Young! With a fresh haircut that you get on Monday (aaah I’m nervous for your haircut!) you start a new chapter in your life. I’m very excited for you and I’m already thinking about recipes to cook for you when you come out of work & being exhausted. Yes, from now on I will be cooking for you instead of the other way around! I don’t think I will ever be as good as you are, but with the ingredients love & friendship I will do my very very best!



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  • Reply Rougeuse september 27, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Het zijn in ieder geval heel mooie foto’s geworden! Altijd heel jammer om dit soort service mee te maken bij leuke plekken. Jammer genoeg gebeurt het steeds vaker in Amsterdam. Bedankt voor je eerlijke reactie! x


  • Reply Eni september 27, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I’m sorry for your wait, but glad you’re okay for 4 hours!!!! 😉
    Your green dress is really beautiful and your bag is amazing!!! Kisses,


  • Reply Dionne september 27, 2014 at 11:52 am

    Wat een prachtige jurk draag je!

  • Reply giientjeee september 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Mooie foto’s <3

  • Reply Anne september 28, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    prachtig jurkje!

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