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oktober 14, 2014


 Hi sweethearts,

Hope you all had a great kickstart of the week! My Monday mornings start very early. Have to get up at 6:30 am. Not funny at all. Even though I’m a student, I am convinced that my life will be a lot of easier when I’ll be working full-time haha :). Because…as we speak, I’m sitting at the library after having classes from 08:30 untill 18:30 ( included an exam). I have another two exams to go next week for which I have to study hard this week. Living in the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam and being a student, is not fun when it’s October. In the month of October, Amsterdam is having a big dance event every year. You might have heard of it: ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). And every year it’s exactly the week prior to exams. That’s everything except for fair right? Are you a student yourself living in the Netherlands and feeling the same? It asks for a lot of discipline. But I’m being a good girl and will spend all my time at the library instead of the dancefloor. A hard decision to make as you can imagine. I’ll join you after 4 years ADE, haha :)!

What do you think of this blouse with a bohemian touch? Perfect for a casual & simple look, it adds a bit of color and I put my hair in a messy bun. However, these pictures aren’t from this week, which explains the sandals :). And what do you think about wearing jeans more often? I realize that I barely wear jeans!

Love, Farah





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Lofty Manner blouse // Vanilia jeans // Shopwalhalla bag // Sacha heeled sandals

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