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november 2014

Accessories || MARC COBLEN

november 30, 2014


Hi sweeties,

I bet you like Sundays as much as I do. Although, for me, these next couple of lazy Sundays will  exist of studying. But I don’t mind, not at all. The fact that I can stay at home all day long is just pure bliss. Sundays are also days that people have the time to get some inspiration, thinking about new adventures, new ideas and plans. For me, Sundays are always like: it’s a brainstorm kind of a day :). Continue Reading…


Outfit || Shades of Grey

november 26, 2014


Hi dearies!

Did you guess it correctly? It’s a dress that I’m wearing! And yes, it’s too cold right now for bare legs, but you can wear this outfit with tights easily. From time to time, I like to go for a biker look. Grungy & dark. Continue Reading…


Peek || Shades of Grey

november 25, 2014



Hi lovelies!

I’m having busy day today! Exams are getting near and I have to prepare myself spending lots of hours at the library! Hope you will have a good day! Good luck with everything and I will speak to you soon! Excited to show you the full outfit tomorrow! Can you guess what I’m wearing ;)?

Love, F



Shopping || Designer Outlet Roermond

november 22, 2014


Hi dearies!

Last Wednesday, I went to the Designer Outlet Roermond for the very first time and I was as excited as a little kid.  A shopping paradise where you can shop designer products  for 30-70% less than their normal store prices. I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited for a day of  ‘gift-hunting’. I didn’t have to think twice before saying yes!

Back in the days, I loved the days when I went gift shopping together with my mom. Not only for Christmas, as we didn’t really celebrate that, but also for all other occasions. What I want to say is that I get warm feelings when I go gift shopping. Especially knowing that you will make your loved ones very happy.

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Outfit || Romance

november 20, 2014

DSC_1164 small

Hi lovelies!

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my couch, completely exhausted but content about my Christmas shopping spree at Designer Outlet Roermond. What a serene atmosphere and what a beautiful little village filled with beautiful brands. I spent a couple of hours strolling in the shops, but I could spend much more time! I spend time looking for Christmas presents (definitely a tip!) and spoiled myself buying a Samsonite suitcase as I live to travel around the world. Now I can do it in style.  I will dedicate a post about the designer outlet later this week! Continue Reading…


Details || Romance

november 19, 2014

DSC_1157 small

 Hi lovelies!

Today is an exciting day because I will be doing some Christmas shopping at Designer Outlet Roermond! I’ve never been there before (I know – shame on me) and I wonder what my spoils will be by the end of the day! Follow me on my social media channels to be updated on my favorite items! You might get inspired to do some Christmas (gift) shopping there as well!

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Beauty || Mane ‘n Tail

november 17, 2014


 Hi lovelies!

I wanted to start this Monday differently. Something you might be interested in and has nothing to do with fashion but with beauty. Once in a while, I like to share my favorite products with you and share some secrets. This is a secret I have never shared with you guys before. I assure you it’s one you’ll be surprised of.  The first time I heard of this shampoo I thought my friend was kidding with me. Seriously. I was like, are you serious? Continue Reading…


Outfit || Colmar Orginals

november 14, 2014


Well hello lovelies & hello Friday night!

Let’s say hello to the beginning of the weekend! Nothing better than wearing your most comfortable outfit after a full workweek for most of you I guess? Need some inspiration? Continue Reading…


Outfit || Parisian Glamour

november 9, 2014

DSC_1136 small

 Hi lovelies!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I went to the Vanilia Sample Sale yesterday and scored a lot! I announced the sample sale on my facebook page a couple of weeks ago and some of you bought a ticket for the sample sale! Hope you succeeded as well! Tomorrow is the last day! For the ones who missed out this time, make sure to get a ticket the next time in about half a year. Success guaranteed! Continue Reading…


Travel || Duo Paris

november 7, 2014

DSC_0940 small

Hi lovelies!

Oh I was so overwhelmed by all your likes on this picture on my Facebook page & Instagram page. Just as you loved the picture, I loved my stay in Paris. Last weekend, I traveled with my bestie to Paris by car to celebrate her birthday in Paris and to have a good time! Like I said before: Paris is always a good idea. And it’s even better when you’re stay is more than lovely. Continue Reading…


Outfit || Flared all black

november 4, 2014


 Hi sweethearts!

I feel so bad for not blogging for 5 days! Well..blame it on PARIS! Will dedicate a couple of posts after this outfit shoot about Paris! Also, my wordpress account got hacked. So unfortunate, but luckily Diederik helped me out today and solved the problem. I just have to learn html myself. Who is a good teacher? :p Continue Reading…