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november 30, 2014


Hi sweeties,

I bet you like Sundays as much as I do. Although, for me, these next couple of lazy Sundays will¬† exist of studying. But I don’t mind, not at all. The fact that I can stay at home all day long is just pure bliss. Sundays are also days that people have the time to get some inspiration, thinking about new adventures, new ideas and plans. For me, Sundays are always like: it’s a brainstorm kind of a day :).It’s about time. Time is your best friend. You have to use it the best you can. Not only by working your ass off, but also: filling it with precious moments. It sounds completely cheesy, but as the years pass by, I realize that more than ever. I always try to find time to get in touch with friends, spend time with my family and try to have a good time anywhere and anytime. Even when you have lots of things you have to do on a day. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t see my bestie as much as I wanted to when she started to work, but last week, when we’re talking about it, we realized that we saw each other even more! She drops by spontaneously so often to have diner together. Love it.

But hey, we check out what time it is so often right? And why do we do that? To make sure that we can do all the things that we want to do all day everyday. This makes a watch probably the most important accessory to have. (I know, you have a phone that tells you the time, but looking at my wrist once in a while, has a nice touch). A while ago I got in touch with Marc Coblen. A Dutch based watch brand that is upcoming and trending. It’s about personal luxury for him and her. Personal, because you can create your OWN personal watch! Mixing & combining in 3 easy steps to get your own personalized watch. Whether you go for a romantic, classy, colorful or trendy watch: it’s all up to you. An eye-catcher to fit with every outfit since the transformation cannot be easier:

1. Choose a base

2. Choose a bezel

3. Choose a strap

And voila! You have just created your own personalized watch. Try it yourself on the super high tech website (here) yourself. So much fun to do! I did it myself as well as you see. To be trendy in the fall/winter period, I opted for a black base & bezel. The dark green strap makes it an eye-catcher with my outfit. Perfect to use as a pop of color in your outfit for these dark days.

Check out my personalized Marc Coblen HERE!

Love, F

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