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november 22, 2014


Hi dearies!

Last Wednesday, I went to the Designer Outlet Roermond for the very first time and I was as excited as a little kid.  A shopping paradise where you can shop designer products  for 30-70% less than their normal store prices. I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited for a day of  ‘gift-hunting’. I didn’t have to think twice before saying yes!

Back in the days, I loved the days when I went gift shopping together with my mom. Not only for Christmas, as we didn’t really celebrate that, but also for all other occasions. What I want to say is that I get warm feelings when I go gift shopping. Especially knowing that you will make your loved ones very happy.

From Amsterdam, it’s a 2 hour ride to Roermond. When traveling by train, you can get a direct ride. The outlet is very near the station and also near the city center of Roermond. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to explore the city center of Roermond. Can you blame me? I could spend two more days at the outlet! The designer outlet consists of 139 stores representing more than 200 brands. It’s the biggest outlet centre of the BENELUX. You can find brands such as Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Prada, Furla and Michael Kors. But also jewellery brands such a Pandora and you can find all sorts of watches there. But there is even more. At Villeroy & Boch, you can find all kinds of dishes and silverware. I really loved the idyllic Christmas tableware.

Also, the outlet has all kinds of beauty products. We all know the bodyshop. It’s much cheaper than the normal shop. You can make every girl happy with their products. Oh, I can’t even describe the variety of the brands and the products. Click here to find the list of brands!

I could spend many more hours there. Lucky as I was, I got a giftcard of 250 euros to spend at the designer outlet. When strolling in the Prada store, my eyes fell on a pair of shoes (see my picture on instagram here). But I wasn’t lucky. They didn’t have my size anymore. But this would be a present just for myself. And the idea was to hunt for gifts. Later that day I found a better present. One present for all.

Since you all know I love travelling, I couldn’t make myself and my family happier with a gift that we could share whenever we’re planning to travel. I got a light weight Samsonite suitcase, the cosmolite. I always wanted to own a quality hardcase suitcase which is easy to use ( read: to roll hihi). So happy!  Especially knowing the price in stores is 399 euros!  The price at the outlet was only 279 euros. Score! And all my loved ones can borrow it! BIG score! I already lent out my backpack a few times, now I also have a good suitcase to lent out!

BUT, let me tell you a secret. The 6th of December the SALE at the outlet will start. Which means: sale on sale! This might be the date for you to plan a day at the Designer outlet Roermond. Did you know it’s also just a 30 min rides from Maastricht? I think I might plan a day shopping and a day Spa at the Thermea 2000 in Valkenburg. Or you can visit Dusseldorf which is also just a 30 minutes ride! The perfect get-a-way to get all your Christmas presents and to just have fun!

Designer Outlet Roermond is opened 363 days a year (Closed at Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). Opening hours: Monday until Friday 10 am – 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 8 pm. Between Christmas and New Year there will be longer opening hours. More info here.

Did you ever visit Designer Outlet Roermond or are you planning to?

Love, F



At the Pandora store you can shop for a bead starting from 15 euros! Do you know someone who’s collecting beads of Pandora? This is the place to recommend!


Beautiful dishes & inspiration at Villeroy & Boch


The Christmas tableware I was talking about! So loveable!


One of my favorites! I’ve been working at the Tommy Hilfiger showroom for a couple of years now ( not frequently though) so I’m really familiar with their designs. I own a lot of Tommy Hilfiger clothes, love their preppy style!


Watch hunting for your boyfriend, father, brother or a friend? 😉 There is so much to explore at the Outlet!


Christmas vibes all over the place! They have decorated the whole village. So cozy!


Together with fellow blogger babe Rowan! We had so much fun together and I really loved spending the day with her! We ended buying both the same suitcase! And we had the same taste for many things!


A glimpse of the products at The Body Shop. See the price difference 😉


Shopping like a boss at Designer Outlet Roermond 😀


I really liked these shoes!  So Christmas proof! Spotted them at Filippa K 😉  It’s not only a shopping paradise for women I can assure you!


Tadaaaa! The result of a day of happy gift hunting!  Well, my face is happiness all over 😀 that’s for sure!

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