december 22, 2014


Hi lovelies!

Let me RESCUE you! Have you already bought your Christmas presents?! No?! Didn’t have time yet?! Or don’t feel like going into the busy crowd in the city center?! Well let me tell you something: it’s just you and the laptop you need to get your last-minute Christmas presents in time! How? Well…

A web shop where I can find anything in any color, shape, size or sort is Zalando. It’s a rescue when you don’t know where to go or what to choose. Zalando offers so much that I always succeed in finding an item. So when it comes to Christmas, instead of offline shopping between all those thousands of people, you might prefer sitting at home buying your Christmas presents and festive outfits for these days online. Knowing that it will be delivered the next day. Which makes this your rescue for the Christmas days to buy your last minute gifts! ( I bet a lot of you have to buy gifts yes..:D).

Zalando makes it so easy to shop (yes, even for you guys!). You can put your selected item into your wishlist ( ‘verlanglijstje’). This wishlist will be remembered so the next time you visit Zalando, you can still see the items you’ve found before. Make sure to register first and let the web shop guide you through the shopping. At the end you can even e-mail or share this wishlist ( hint to the family/boyfriend/girlfriend/anyone whom you expecting a present from hihi).  Oh, there are even more benefits cause when an item on your wishlist is on sale, you’ll get an e-mail! There are only benefits to it and I love to use it. It takes a lot of time to find items and with this wishlist you never have to think about ‘on which page ( of the many) was that particular item’. I just look it up on my “verlanglijstje” :D. A couple of weeks ago I was looking at Zalando and my eye caught this Picard beauty. I shared this item immediately with you on facebook because I was so enthusiastic! And from the wishlist I clicked it home. Santa came early this year at my place hihi:).

Welll…..time for action! Let’s get started HERE!




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