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december 15, 2014

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Hello lovelies!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Lots of you were probably in a Christmas shopping mood am, I right? Christmas is getting close and we all want to give our loved ones very special gifts. Hunting is a must and weekends are the best moments to find that one precious gift. Speaking about gifts: have you thought about giving jewelry? And I love about giving jewelry, is that it’s very personal, it’s like giving a beautiful piece to someone who you love and they can wear it close to the heart. Literally and figuratively. I fell in love with Ti Sento jewelry. And I already know what I’ll be gifting ;). Last week, I was honored to speak in front of groups of women who signed up for the Ti Sento styling workshop. I got the chance to tell my story and tell about my own experiences in styling Ti Sento jewelry. I love working together with Ti Sento because I can relate myself to the brand. I had a lovely time with Carine and Eleen, the ladies behind Ti Sento marketing and the organizers of the workshop. They gave me really good insights to the brand.

We were privileged enough to use the special boardroom of  the department house de Bijenkorf to give the workshop. The boardroom was beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations and of course with all the sparkles from the Ti Sento jewelry. What happens when you put about 20 women in a space filled with beautiful jewelry and yummy bites and drinks? Exactly: a cozy, warm (and loud as well, hihi) atmosphere. Everyone was chatting to each other, telling the other about their own taste of jewelry and exchanging experiences with each other. The workshop was about finding out what they didn’t know about Ti Sento (yet) and even more important: what kind of jewelry type they were. It was also about exploring the unknown. Trying out jewelry by combining different pieces you wouldn’t think of putting together in the first place. It was an ultimate styling workshop. It was so lovely to see all the ladies so happy and content after the workshop. They found out what fitted them the most, which made the styling workshop a success. I loved sharing my own experiences and to have a voice.

I took lots of pictures! Sit back and relax! It’s still Monday: you’re probably still recovering from the weekend :).

Love, F.


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This time it wasn’t about the clothes: it’s was about complementing your clothes. Jewelry is the key.

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The beautiful decorations at the boardroom table. A luxurious & fashionable ‘meeting’ it was for sure. 😉

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Mixing and matching with different textures and sizes. It’s all possible. It’s all up to you.

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I adore these bold jewellery pieces of Ti Sento. Perfect  to spice up a casual look!

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An Italian brand means Italian bites! Yum!

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And no, they didn’t forget about the drinks. Everything in style. Of course. 😀

DSC_1931 small

The first guest arriving and the sweetest Eleen is being helpful.

DSC_1944 small

Carine doing a great job talking about Ti Sento and lots more! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me presenting my part, but that would only have made me more nervous so I didn’t mind that at all hihi :).

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Time for trying on all the jewelry! Loved to see the reactions and hear the opinions!

DSC_1948 small

I love this Ti Sento ring!  With one ring you make a statement. And nothing more is needed. I might get this one for myself :). Let’s make a statement!


DSC_1987 small

After the workshop, we all went to the Ti Sento shop to see and try on the full collection.

DSC_1985 small

And yes! It looks fantastic on you! How could it not?

DSC_1981 small

Such a small piece of art and oh so pretty! We women just love our diamonds right?

DSC_1992 small

Is someones getting married?! Gotta love it!

DSC_1978 small

And we keep the best part for the very end: the Goodiebag 😀

I hope that all the participants enjoyed the workshop as much as I did and that you brought a bunch of inspiration and knowledge back home with you!

Have a great kickstart of the week!

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  • Anouk december 15, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    The workshop was great
    I ´ve learned so much about the jewelry

  • wendy december 15, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Wat leuk Farah dat je dit mocht doen! <3


  • alexa december 19, 2014 at 10:11 am

    wat ziet het event er prachtig uit! een goodiebag is altijd leuk om te krijgen!

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