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januari 25, 2015


Hi lovelies!

I’m still so excited about yesterday that I wanted to share my story A.S.A.P.! Don’t you feel like working out this Sunday? Maybe I will inspire you why you should go and hit the gym! (or get your yoga mat at home and start doing core exercises. ;)) I can tell you that I’m sore and I won’t be working out today, but the adrenaline is still in my body! Earlier this week I told you about this event hosted by ELLE Magazine together with Nike at Amsterdam newest gym: the Vondelgym. Its owner is the one & only Arie Boomsma (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, Google the guy and you won’t be disappointed).

The ones who follow Arie Boomsma, must have read about the opening of his new gym in Amsterdam. A dream that has come true for him. As I am a true fan (read: not-so-silent worshipper) of Arie Boomsma, I was more than excited to train at his new gym with him present there too. I must say that I have been a huge fan for years now. And not only because of his appearances, but also for what he does for society and his genuine kindness. His programs on television always have a meaning and I’m sure that he has been an example & inspiration for many people.  And now, he opened his new gym where he motivates people to pursuit a healthy lifestyle. And I was able to experience a tiny piece of his accomplishments.

Together with lots of other motivated girls, we got a training, also called a Nike Training Experience, by Larz, a trainer from Nike. And hell, an experience it was for sure! Although I have been body pumping for months now, I realize that I have been neglecting my cardio (sort of on purpose, ’cause I HATE cardio). Yesterday’s training, though, motivated me to train harder and to add cardio to my weekly program as well. I felt so good afterwards! I’m really getting into a new journey in my life. Training with a goal is so much more rewarding than just going to the gym whenever you find time. I couldn’t do a couple of  pushups on my toes a few months ago and now I can do multiple of them easily. I got so much stronger, which gives me the motivation to go on and see where this journey ends (if it ever ends!). Working out has been so helpful to keep my mind together in my busy schedule. It releases your thoughts and makes you feel you can conquer the world afterwards. I can recommend everyone to start a healthy lifestyle and to choose for something you like. Whether it’s crossfit, bodypump or, for example, dancing. We are all individuals and it’s up to you to find out what suits you the best and what gives you the strenght and motivation to reach your goal.

The Vondelgym in Amsterdam is definitely the prettiest gym I’ve seen so. And, as a true follower, I know that they have the best trainers in house. So I’m thinking about changing my gym and start at the Vondelgym. 🙂 I got really inspired yesterday. The atmosphere was great and I’m sure that I will reach my goals with the help of their professionals.

As you have probably noticed, whenever I’m excited about a subject, I can go on and go on and on….  Let’s move on! Get inspired by the pictures and get started now. 😉 Literally! 🙂



Surrounded by new and pretty attributes. Working on those muscles will be more fun for sure!


See the juicy (read: sweaty) pictures yourself on Instagram 😀 #teamelle

Thank you ELLE for having me!


We got spoiled by Nike big time! Got these beautiful training shoes and a top! A colorful workout is a fact from now on! Thank you! Very happy with my new sports gear! 🙂


Ok, from now on, I will always add pomegranate to my salads. Thank you Juice & Salad!


Bought my outfit at H&M! (Except for the top, which I got from Nike: thank you!). Shall we all strive for more color at the gym? Let’s make it a happy place where it’s all about laughter, motivation and colors!


And of course I saved the best photo for last and to end this story. 😉 Thank you again Arie Boomsma for the warming up and the cool ‘speeltuinoefeningen’-cooling down. I must confess that I haven’t tried a hand stand since the age of 10. And indeed, the worst thing that can happen is to fall. But who cares right? It’s about getting up after you fall. And as long as you will keep that in mind, you will get there! Thank you Arie for being such an inspirational person! I wish you all the best and luck with everything you pursuit in life! And also big thanks to Larz! You kept me going dude, real hard!

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  • Reply diana januari 26, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    hele mooie foto’s zeg. en idd er zou meer kleur in de sportschool gedragen moeten worden! mooi die legging!
    X diana

  • Reply Daniëlle februari 17, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Leuke foto’s! In mijn sportschool zie je ook steeds meer kleur verschijnen, erg leuk!

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