Outfit || Copenhagen part 1

februari 23, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

What a hectic week! I had so little sleep that I got sick yesterday! But it was SO worth it! Spending 24 hours in Copenhagen was crazy and so enjoyable! Together with my babes Wendy & Larissa, I had such a fun time! Time management was very important because we didn’t have a lot of it, but we did a great job I think. Rushing and chilling at the right moments. I will post a diary with lots of cool pictures soon, but first an outfit post! Being bloggers, we have to do a shoot (or two hihi) when traveling right?

I received some cool items from the Vero Moda online shop just in time for my trip and I’m very fond of my new leather trousers. What you don’t see on this pictures, are the zippers on the front parts of the pants (see here). An edgy touch is always a good idea ;). I combined these pants with a denim shirt dress (see here), because yes, it’s that kind of a dress you can wear on pants, but also with bare legs during summer. Can’t wait to wear it with white sneakers! Speaking of which, still have to get my hands on a pair :). Still getting used to the idea of wearing sneakers all day long and not only at the gym. Butttt, I’m getting there. Slowly :D.

So, how was your weekend lovelies? Saturday night, I went to a big dance party called Don’t Let Daddy Know with a BUNCH of friends! Danced until 6 o’clock in the morning and now I lost my voice! Got up after 4 hours of sleep and rushed to a birthday brunch my bestie’s sister! I could eat all the food at the restaurant haha :). For the ones who fancy an ‘all you can eat brunch’: go to Restaurant VANDAAG ( in Amsterdam or Utrecht)! They have a chocolate fountain. Enough said!

I will tell you about all the ins & outs of my stay in Copenhagen in my next post: the travel diary!

Love, F.





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  • Wendy februari 25, 2015 at 1:24 am

    De foto’s zijn mooi geworden babe! Love it! De broek zit perfect <3


  • Rowan februari 28, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Heb jullie avontuur gevolgd, hoor! Looked like you had so much fun!
    En je outfit is on point! x Rowan

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