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april 2015


april 28, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

It’s official! I have moved! From now on living with my love in a cute place in Amsterdam! What a hectic week it was! Sneaked out to Copenhagen as well for the last trip with Vero Moda. Now I’m living in between boxes and I haven’t packed out everything yet. My boyfriend is making me a Continue Reading…


A Moving Birthday in a Yellow Hue

april 18, 2015

DSC_0171 small

 Hi lovelies!

Another year has passed by and the number 26 is a fact! I can’t believe it. Maybe because I don’t feel/act like a 26 year-old (except for the fact that I LOVE sleeping for HOURS and skip parties to get my sleep), or maybe I just don’t want to get older.  I always have to get used to the idea that years pass by so fast. Or just the fact that I’m already Continue Reading…


Accessories || POLETTE EYEWEAR

april 11, 2015


Hi lovelies!

I’m back from gone again and have lots of outfits posts to share with you! I’m still very jet-lagged but hey, in this case it makes me active during late nights writing blogposts. You might have seen me wearing all of these 3 sunnies on my social media posts. Just in time before my trip I got these 3 awesome sunnies from Continue Reading…



april 2, 2015


 Hi all!

So excited to share this post with you! Together with my girls Larissa & Wendy  we went to Denmark 2 weeks ago to visit the headquarters of Vero Moda in Aarhus. We had a fully day planned with Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || A Golden Touch

april 1, 2015


Holaaaa lovelies!
I wished I could share my Ultra Miami Music Festival outfits earlier with you but time is going by so fast and it’s so hard to find a moment to sit behind the laptop. But, as we speak, I got a bit sick ( blame it on being a party animal haha) and now I had no choice! Words cannot describe the experience that’s called Continue Reading…