A Moving Birthday in a Yellow Hue

april 18, 2015

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 Hi lovelies!

Another year has passed by and the number 26 is a fact! I can’t believe it. Maybe because I don’t feel/act like a 26 year-old (except for the fact that I LOVE sleeping for HOURS and skip parties to get my sleep), or maybe I just don’t want to get older.  I always have to get used to the idea that years pass by so fast. Or just the fact that I’m already 26. The 30 is getting close haha :). Am I the only one that suffers from this or do you recognize this too?

This all sounds very negative, but getting older actually isn’t. I appreciate the fact that the years pass by so fast. It means that I have the most loving people around me and that I am getting as much out of life as I can. By spending time with my loved ones, spending every euro I have to travel around the world and enjoy all the little things in life. Biking in the city with my love, spontaneous get-togethers with my friends, enjoying what I do in life with my blog & study and working for a bright future. The thing I learned from the past year is that I shouldn’t worry too much about the far future but live the moment as if the moment is everything you have ever wished for. And that’s my motto from now on.

Speaking about birthday gifts, I already got the most precious gift I could ever wish for. And I got it around 6 years ago: I met my sweetest love Diederik. We met in college. I forgot my notebook. There was a tall, friendly boy sitting next to me. I felt comfortable to ask him whether he could give me a piece of paper of his notebook. The rest is history.  I believe that our power is the fact that we let each other live the way we want, develop ourselves individually but share all great moments with each other. That also means that I had/have to miss him once in a while for a couple of months. Although he graduated in Law last year, his passion is music. And of course it was/is difficult when we’re separated from each other when he’s is New York, LA or Paris. And it was/is not easy for me. But I will & do support him for the full 100 % to pursuit his dream. Even if that means that I have to move with him to another country after a couple of years. I got 26 years old today, which is not only a number. It’s being wiser, more mature & realizing every day more & more that love is the only necessity in life. Whether it’s from your partner, parents and/or friends. And even though it sounds so cliche, it’s true. Love doesn’t have boundaries.

And I have the most exciting news/gift I could get for my birthday this year: a place together with my love to settle down. On my birthday (as we speak), we will be doing various jobs in our new home with our friends & family and I love it! Something we can laugh & think about years later. We do not have a lot of furniture but it will come by time. The fact that we will live together under 1 roof is all we need. Materials are only materials. Nothing more.

Love, Farah

PS. How cute is this dress I got from Oilily’s latest collection! The bright yellow color is screaming happiness, a word that suits perfectly in this post. This dress makes you shine and stand out from miles away! I got really surprised by their latest SS15 collection by their new design team and couldn’t be happier to get my hands on this beautiful dress for my birthday!


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  • Charissa april 18, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Happy Birthday sweetie! You look absolutely amazing. I don’t know why, but your story about you and your boyfriend gave me the chills. You two are made for each other 🙂 X

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