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juni 9, 2015


Hi there sweethearts!

This post is about sharing. Sharing is caring, as a wise person said once upon a time. In this case, it’s about Claudia Sträter that has (re)opened their new store in Amsterdam with a special feature.  Claudia Sträter came up with a concept called ‘share your clothes’. All loyal customers of  Claudia Sträter were asked to bring their vintage Claudia Sträter items. Then, they displayed them together in the store where others can buy them (for a reduced price) revive those special goods. Now, we love the concept of sharing is caring right? So does Claudia Sträter. All the proceeds form the vintage sales go to the Claudia Sträter Foundation. And the clothes that are not sold, go to women in Ukraine. I support this beautiful concept of sharing. I got myself a bright orange vintage  Claudia Sträter top which is such an eyecatcher! I combined the top with a dress of the newest Claudia Sträter collection. I love the fact that this dress is very elegant and playful with those press-studs on the sides. You choose which way to go ;)!

When old meets new, when sharing becomes caring, it’s all possible. Make sure to pay a visit to the new  ‘share your clothes’ vintage store of  Claudia Sträter in Amsterdam!

Love, F.

What I’m wearing

 Claudia Sträter dress & vintage top

Tommy Hilfiger shoes







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