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juli 29, 2015



Hi there lovelies,

I bet you’re enjoying the weather to the fullest aren’t you haha:). Well..I got soaked a couple of times already since the only vehicle I own is a bike. And I even got a flat tire yesterday. Fortunately, a sweet guy from a bar had a first aid kit for tires! At the age of 26, I learned to fix a flat tire. Not something I should be proud of haha:).

However, although the weather isn’t making us smile, we shouldn’t complain. Last month was more than beautiful. I can’t say it often, but there is no place like Amsterdam during Summer. Saying this, reminds of the day I was wearing this outfit. Even though the weather can be great, I always make sure to have a jacket/coat with me since it always gets chilly by night. I wore this beautiful cardigan of Ana Alcazar during winter often, and now even during summer. It completes this casual yet bohemian summer look. I’m totally in love with the shoes I got from Invito. The fringes literally dance on your feet while you’re walking. It’s that I’m not wearing heels to a festival but if I would, these sandals would fit perfectly!

What do you think about the shorts? Remember the event of Everyday.counts.official hosted by Anna Rike?! Well, these jeans are actually jeans for men, cut off the way I wanted them to be cutted off! So, now you can just create your own cutted shorts just the way you like it. And it only costs you 29.99 euros. I wanted the pockets to sneak out from the bottom of the shorts and a I went for a straight cut. To create a double denim look I matched the shorts with a new favorite: a denim blouse from Pepejeans.  What do you think?!

Love, F.

What I’m wearing

Topshop hat

Pepejeans sunnies & blouse

Everyday.counts.official shorts

Invito heels





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