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juli 22, 2015



Tourner la page, a song which I’m completely obsessed with. It’s about ‘turning a page’. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. I think it totally fits in with what I achieved this past couple of years. It were years of hard work/ studying, but also with blogging and all kinds of activities such as salsa dancing (speaking of which, I’m going tonight again wha!) and playing the piano ( which I really miss nowadays since I haven’t had a piano at home for such a long time now). People who know me, know that I barely see my place. I love to live outside, surrounded by people and the things I love to do. And true friends accept that we might not have all the time we would love to spend together. That’s also a lesson I learned in the past few years. To cherish true friendships and stay connected with the people I love. However, I always find it difficult to divide my time. Sounds familiar to you as well?

Tourner la page, it’s time to turn the page. Stepping into the last part of my studies. Another 3 year to go to get my masters in Dentistry. In the meantime I hope to go on with this whole blogging experience which has enriched my life in so many ways. I’ve met so many lovely people and got to experience so many things. And also, to travel as much as I can. Every penny I earn I want to spend to travel the world. To live is to travel. That will be my motto. And now,

let’s turn the page đŸ˜‰

Love, F

What I’m wearing

Tommy Hilfiger dress

 Charles & Keith clutch (thank you ba poppy!)







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