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augustus 23, 2015


Hi there lovelies!

How are you doing?! As we speak (actually, as you are reading this), I am  in B R A Z I L ! How amazing is that?! I’m going to travel through this amazing country for the next three weeks :). I’ve never been here, so it’s really exciting for me. I have backpacked before, but only in Asia. This is going to be my first travels to South-America! If you have any tips or recommendations on what to see/do and where to sleep/eat/party/lie in the sun, please let me know!

Now, something about this photo shoot. My bestie just moved to the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam and lives just around the corner of Flevopark, where we shot this outfit. Because the weather was so nice, we decided to have a picnic after the shoot. Great idea right?? After we sat down, laid out the mat and our food, and were about to prepare our sandwich, that swan that you see on the photos approached us! And not the nice hey-how-are-you-humans-? approach, no it was the what-you-want-humans-?-getting-down-on-my-territory-! type of approach! Opening up his wings, standing tall (yes, they can do that apparently) and threatening us. So we moved our mat a bit, and he got even closer!!! That’s when we really decided to pack up our stuff and move to another spot. Haha, can you imagine?! We were terrorized by a swan!! After we moved to our new spot, we were surrounded by a bunch of mini-flies. *sigh* Seriously, we just wanted to have a picnic. In the end, we packed up our stuff, went to my bestie’s house to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a little piece of cake :).

And now about the outfit! Since I’m in Brazil at the moment, I’m wearing bikinis and shorts and as many color as I can. So I didn’t bring this ah-may-zing boots with me. However, when I’m back home, knowing that fall is around the corner, I’ll make sure to make up with these boots and they will be loved a lot. Overknee boots are a special key item that every woman should have. I know it’s an item that is hard to find. Because every woman’s legs are different. And those who tried on boots and/or are wearing lots of (high) boots, know the problem of the fit at the height of your calfs. And for every problem there is a solution. That’s the type of positive thinking you should go for (I really try to do so). And for this particular problem, there really is a solution! I recently got to discover a brand called Ted & Muffy which offers you your own perfectly fitting tailored boots. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! The only thing you have to do is to measure the widest part of your calfs.

Ted & Muffy is a shoe and bag design boutique where all the designs are created by their own designers. They use the finest and most luxurious Italian leather and the softest suede fabrics. When wearing my own tailored pair of overknees, I feel that they are very special and I know that these boots are something special. You feel it when wearing them and I’m not exaggerating.You just have to take a look at their website. The website is already an experience. So beautiful!

There are many ways to combine overknees. I like wearing them with a skirt or a dress. I got this dress from every.day.counts official. (check it out here!) The print and the design are cool aren’t they?! It’s a bit longer at the back. You can wear it loose or, like in this case, choose to put the accent on the waist with a waist belt. The dress is so light & comfy, I love it!

Lovelies, I don’t have another post anymore until I come back from my holidays. I didn’t bring my DSLR camera with me either. For the first time, I decided not to take outfit pictures on my holiday. I truly want to experience the whole trip without worrying about outfit pictures etc. I do take a lot of pictures with my (new) cell phone I got the day before I left (did I tell you mine got stolen?!). So make sure to follow me on my social media channels for a lot of content straight from BRAZIL!


What I’m wearing

Every.day.counts official dress

Vanilia belt

Ted & Muffy boots (here)






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