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augustus 11, 2015



Hi there beautiful people,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I enjoyed every bit of Loveland festival! The scenery & atmosphere was more than great. It truly was about spreading love. I had never been there before, but it’s definitely a festival to remember! I want to see more and discover festivals I have never been to. However, Loveland is a keeper! The thing I love about fashion is that it has noboundaries. I love to wear different styles, but always the Formula Farah way ;). What I love to wear when going to a festival vary greatly. I enjoy midi skirts and a classy style as well. This summer, I have been obsessing about wedges. Where comforts meets beauty. I feel more ‘Farah’ wearing heels, however, it’s not always comfortable. Wedges make it all a bit easier and why make it yourself hard if you can also choose the easy and beautiful way? I bet you agree with me :). These wedges are from Invito and only 39,99 euros (check them out here) This skirt was on sale at H&M and I got it the day I printed my thesis! Haha, I told myself I deserved it, but I guess that’s just an excuse, hihi:).

Love, F.






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