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oktober 2, 2016



”When the luxury is in each detail”

Take a look and be inspired by the beautiful new collection of Uzurii Luxury Footwear , founded and designed by the beautiful Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos. 

The story behind:


 Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos was born in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest and moved to the slums Rio de Janeiro at the age of five. She had three big wishes:

1. having her own pair of shoes

2. dance like a samba queen on a float in a carnaval parade

3. sleeping in one of the most beautiful hotels in Rio de Janeiro.

As a 13 year old girl she moved to the Netherlands where now, thirty years later, all of her wishes have been fulfilled. As the founder and designer of this beautiful & succesfull brand, she has achieved her dreams.   An important detail is also that Shieglee is never denying her roots. She supports charities like Unicef to help disadventaged youth. I met her in person and I was amazed by this beautiful woman. A true inspiration.

I was privileged to get to see the new SS’17 Uzurii Luxury Footwear collection at one of the most beautiful locations of Amsterdam: the A’dam Toren. They couldn’t have organised this event better. Even the treats were extraordinary. ( see the pictures below!)

You might not expect this but…Uzurii is not only about footwear. Clutches, bags, keychains, belt aaaaaand:  sequined homewear/pillows ( I’m not kidding you!). It’s a true world of glitter and glamour.

I was in love ..


You can find their beautiful designs all over the globe (find your nearest store here) or get your own Uzurii item online at UZURII.COM 












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