F R O N T R O W // with Samsung

januari 30, 2017

”When virtual reality meets Fashion: welcome to the front row”

Never thought this would be possible: sitting front row watching fashion shows while being home, on your couch and in your comfy PJs at the same time. It sounds too good to be true right? I can tell you something: it is GOOD as well as TRUE! 

Yesterday, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, I got the chance to discover virtual reality myself at the Samsung VR booth. It was my very first time so I was told to take a seat, though I was too eager to try it while standing. However, you can get dizzy because the experience is that real. And – it – was. It felt like I could touch the models in front of me! It’s so surreal! How this is even possible?! I hope that’s you’ll get to try it yourself one day and then you will definitely be amazed. The scarriest/funniest part was that you forget you’re wearing VR goggles, I could wear those glasses for hours and probably not even noticing it. And even though you’re an outsider, it’s funny to see how people move their heads and actually see them enjoying the experience. 

I’m not done yet! I also tried the Samsung gear 360. A camera that can capture high-resolution content with a 360 degrees view! As big as the size of a tennis bal, you can easily take it with you where ever you go and take 360 degrees photos and videos. I went to see the Edwin Oudshoorn exhibition (see the beautiful collection below) and I tested the camera. Curious? Check it out yourself on my facebook page www.facebook.com/formulafarah where 360 degree photos are supported. Many thanks to Samsung for letting me experience another level of fashion! 

So…from now on, you’ll always be sitting front row! 😉





Photo credits Edwin Oudshoorn // Melody Lieftink


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