A Fashionable Ride with Formula Farah X Mercedes Benz

juli 23, 2017



”Come and get a fashionable ride with me ”

Look like a princess, ride like a PRO! With a beautiful Mercedes Benz that’s not a difficult task if you would ask me! In collaboration with Mercedes Benz, I went for a test ride for a full (!) day and went to explore my new favorite city in the Netherlands: Rotterdam. And of course, girls won’t be girls if it wouldn’t be about shopping and dancing in the car.

So dear lovely women, I hope I inspired you to ‘look like a princess, ride like a pro’ as well!

Cause why should this be a guy thing?

Cause YES, I’m a woman and YES I ride a Mercedes Benz!

Try out a test ride yourself! Life is a journey, enjoy the ride 😉

Get all the information on the website of Mercedes Benz here






Video & photography by Naomi Rader

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