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Amsterdam Fashion Week

Outfit || Ankle High Blacks

juli 26, 2014

Hi dearies,

I’m back from Budapest! Spent 6 days with my friends having fun, enjoying quality time after a hectic period and loving the city of Budapest. Budapest was beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the city. Surrounded by beautiful buildings, the Danube and a good atmosphere. I absolutely recommend this city for a short citytrip. And also, the thermal spas that Budapest has to offer are something that you don’t want to skip. Feeling totally energized again and ready for a new fresh period. I don’t have other holiday plans (yet). Maybe Ibiza will be calling at the end of August but that’s a maybe. However, it is good to have something to look forward too even it’s a maybe!

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FASHjournal & Diary || MBFWA – Let’s go fishin’!

februari 1, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Still have to show you some shots of Ilja Visser’s show during MBFWA! Loose fits, natural colors, synthetic materials. The collection is elegant, but has an edgy touch. Yfke Sturm kicked off the show, she was ready to fish and gurl, she definitely caught some fish! 😉 She knows how to get all the attention. Is it her perfect walk on the runway or the designs of Ilja Visser she wore? You tell me. 😉
But it’s also about some after show fun! Taking pictures. More pictures. Even more pictures. Have we already taken some pictures? Haha, social media, chatting, taking pictures, welcome to the blogosphere. 
Many thanks to Kevin of the Viewfinder and his lovely wife Aniek of Fabuliciousgirl for the after show pictures!
The beautiful fellow blogger Larissa of fromhattoheels made a cool video that gives you an impression of Fashion Week! Make sure to check it out here!
Oh, and I even designed my own designer piece that night haha. 😉 It was raining so badly that I literally pulled a garbage bag over my head to prevent me from getting soaking wet (seriously! Find the evidence on my Instagram;)!
 Am I crazy? Maybe. Whether we laughed? Definitely! 
Love, Farah

Outfit || A White Pearl for MBFWA

januari 30, 2014

Hi lovelies! 
Most of you have already seen this outfit on my social media pages. Aaand you liked it! Thank you for that! 🙂 It’s always a struggle to figure out what to wear to Fashion Week, a place where you see the most beautiful fashion and also most crazy combinations in fashion. I decided to go for classy and chic. A style that I adore. Very Formula Farah. The best way to represent my style and of course my blog! I found these two treasures two weeks ago on sale! Gotta love Zara! The ‘new’ (after being closed for a lifetime, the newly renovated store openened last fall) Zara in Amsterdam is ginormos, the same goes for their collection! There are so many small sizes left and that makes my sale shopping a lot easier and more fun! It’s the last week of the sale season, so if you haven’t shopped yet, make sure you do!
About the white coat, I was freezing! It was waaay too cold to wear such a coat with this weather but hey, it was Fashion Week so there are no regrets! The suffering was for a good cause :D. Another fun part, while taking these pictures, I took off my gloves. And suddenly I saw one of them flying into the water! Oh no! My bf tried to pick it up and even went to the other side of the canal to see if it ended up there. So sweet but, unfortunately, with no results. The weather wasn’t cooperating with Fashion Week at all!
Last but not least, to complete the look and make it more special, I curled my hair and wore these beautiful extensions of Luxury for Princess.
 Have a lovely day!

Love, Farah


FASHjournal || MBFWA – MaryMe-JimmyPaul

januari 26, 2014

Hi dearies!
As you’ve seen on my social media accounts, I went to two shows during the 2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week yesterday! It’s always such a great experience to see all those beautiful designs and creations on the runway worn by those super duper beautiful models! It’s a place where I get so much inspiration. And it’s not just the models, it’s also the people attending the shows who look stunning! It makes my mind go wild and it makes me wanna design and make my own clothing. I wish I had awesome sewing skills!
I tried to get some nice shots and I hope you like them! I really wanted to share a bit of the feeling and atmosphere of Fashion Week! 
MaryMe-JimmyPaul, the French/Dutch designer duo knows how to draw all the attention! The show was absolutely spectacular! It was all about faux fur, feathers, prints, metallics, crazy sweaters, and so on. It was BIG! They know how to stand out. This show definitely exceeded every fantasy!
I will show you the second fashion report tomorrow!
Love, Farah

AFW || Dreaming Tulle

januari 6, 2014
Read all about my perfect and dreamy outfit for Amsterdam Fashion Week behind the door…

As a little girl I danced the days away, dreaming about becoming a princess one day and wearing the most beautiful dresses…
…Making plans and dreams with my best friend on how to conquer the world of fashion and find a little spot in a big world of beauty…
…Wrapped in yards of the most beautiful tulle, I dream about designing my own perfect tulle skirt for the red carpet at Amsterdam Fashion Week…

…Drawing sketches of the perfect tulle skirt that I’ll be wearing –  one day, at Amsterdam Fashion Week…

…It isn’t easy to make or find the perfect tulle skirt..that’s because I want it to be perfect all the way. I want the fabric to shine, just as I will shine while wearing my perfect tulle skirt at Amsterdam Fashion Week…
…And that drives me crazy sometimes, turning me upside down! However….
…I found it! The bigger the better, lifting it up to the max, ’cause that’s the goal you have to reach for. And now all that’s left is…

..packing for fashion week!  That will be the easiest thing as I’ll be wearing my ultimate maxi tulle skirt. Even if it gets to the point where the skirt makes it hard to switch gears, it will all be worth it. 

And these are the items that will complete the look, the perfect look for Amsterdam Fashion Week! It’s about making the look classy, feminine, sophisticated and above all, elegant. Pearls and crystals are my secret…*shhhh*

It all began with a little girl’s dream. Touching, feeling, and talking fashion. And what would be a better place than the place where all of that comes together? It’s called the paradise of Fashion Week – Amsterdam Fashion Week. I used to be that little girl. The little girl who was dancing the days away and always in the search for the right tulle skirt for that one special moment. The moment that she would wear it at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Not to forget that her favorite color back in the days was pink. But now, as a grown woman, she remembers and honors that time by incorporating the color in beautiful and classy pink items covered with pearls and crystals…

Dear Fashion Chick, you can make the dream of this little girl become reality!


Outfit || Cropping Amsterdam Fashion Week

juli 25, 2013
 Sacha heelsTommy Hilfiger blazer Mango skirt Primark  topNelly clutch

Amsterdam Fashion Week, how can you miss it! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the whole week filled with upcoming and inspirational fashion since I had to prepare my trip to Indonesia! However, I did manage to go to the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week to see the show of Spijkers en Spijkers. My camera wasn’t cooperating with me that evening, which resulted in bad pictures :(. So sorry that I cannot share some pictures of the show with you but I did some research for you guys! Get an impression here!
About my outfit! The outfit is a very important part of attending the Amsterdam Fashion Week! The first thing that pops into your mind: what to wear? Dilemmas – dilemmas – dilemmas. I love to be overdressed and Amsterdam Fashion Week is the place where being overdressed is key! PERFECT!
For this occasion, I decided to wear a notorious trend: crop tops. I combined it with my high waisted leather skirt and my beloved long blazer from Tommy Hilfiger. A perfect blazer to keep yourself warm while giving the outfit a special effect instead of covering it up. The theme for the night was ‘a touch of red‘, but I didn’t know that! Shame on me! Fortunately, I just followed my gut and ended up with an outfit that had an actual touch of red. My outfit couldn’t have turned out better after all!
I also have great news to share with you guys! From now on I will be blogging for F.A.L.L. Magazine once a month! The second post is now online! (I wrote my first post back in February already: see it here).
For now, I wrote an article about the new trend of cropped tops. See it HERE!
Love, Farah