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december 22, 2014


Hi lovelies!

Let me RESCUE you! Have you already bought your Christmas presents?! No?! Didn’t have time yet?! Or don’t feel like going into the busy crowd in the city center?! Well let me tell you something: it’s just you and the laptop you need to get your last-minute Christmas presents in time! How? Well… Continue Reading…


Outfit || Goosecraft X B.Loved

maart 14, 2013


I’ve got some exciting news to share with you guys! I’m participating in the Goosecraft x B.Loved Female-Blogathon Style Contest 2013 together with 4 other bloggers ! The Dutch brands Goosecraft and B.Loved sent me two beautiful items which I have to style my own way. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (Marieke Berg designer at Goosecraft and a team from B.Loved). And your opinion matters too of course! They will be counted by your likes on Facebook!
The coral suede bag (GC028) is from the SS 2013 collection by Goosecraft, which is available in multiple sorbet colors. Oh, and it’s not only very pretty from the outside. Just take a look at the inside and your eyes will be treated with beautiful colorful aztec linings!
The rose golden necklace with the orange charm is from the SS 2013 collection of  B.Loved!
You can imagine that its details and its simplicity make this piece a beautiful item for spring and summer! The perfect combination of edgy and elegance, that’s how you can describe the must-haves of B.Loved!
So…what are my thoughts behind this outfit?
Spring means color to me. Color means happiness. And happiness, you just have to express. The way I do that is by wearing colorful clothes! Even people around you will brighten up when you look like a flower who is blooming after a cold cold winter. 
My outfit turned me into a colorful flower. Who is ready to bloom like a beautiful one?!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Bag: Goosecraft
Necklace: B.Loved
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Nelly
Shoes: Primark
Ring: Sibin


New in || Zara Shopper

januari 13, 2013

Hi lovelies!
How was your weekend? Last week was a busy and emotional week for me. Normally I’m not that kinda person that talks/says alot about my personal life but sometimes is a good thing to do.
Last week I took care of my mother. My mother did a spinal surgery last week. After 10 months of laying in bed after a fall and a broken vertebra she’s is finally released from all the pain. I’m so glad that the surgery went well. I have been at home at my parent’s place the whole week.  Cooking, cleaning and taking care of my mom. I was acting as a good housewife for sure haha!
 But.. do housewifes also do some onlineshopping? Well, I did for sure! Since I couldn’t shop at the stores during sale, I did at home. Not a problem at all! Maybe it’s even better. It’s not a mess, you know what sizes are left over and you have a great overview.
So..thank you for this pretty shopper! It’s waiting for me at the store!
PS: yes, I really really needed one because my old one is falling apart. Hihi 🙂
Shopper: Zara 30 (link!)

Handmade leather bags

oktober 22, 2012


How amazing is this? My mother-in-law (to be:D) has made all these bags! The textures, the colors, the shapes..for all mankind! Don’t you think that’s incredible? the best part of it: she sells them for amazing prices, all between the 10 and 20 euros! You can buy these bags this upcoming wednesday at the Storm Space in Amsterdam! (see the flyer here below!).
There are more bags than shown here…this is just an impression!  Don’t miss this great deal!

PS: the last one is my newest buy! What do you think of it?:D

Here we go again..studying! Bye bye for now and let me know if you go to the Storm space!


ZARA Craving

september 17, 2012

Burgundy, the color trend for fall 2012. Is it even possible to NOT love this color? I literally and figurally fell in love with this burgundy shopper of the ZARA.
Burgundy is a perfect color to wear with varied shades of black, gray and denim. What do you think about this color trend?