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Outfit || Classy & Comfy

april 27, 2014

Hi lovelies!
For a day of shopping, I wanted to be comfy and look classy. These bordeaux red Pepe Jeans boots are perfect for that! Easy to combine with bright colors and the cut outs with the golden details make them very sophisticated. Above that, you all know that you can get very warm while changing clothes in the fitting rooms right? To avoid that, I went for this very light and fresh blouse from the current WE Fashion collection. The pattern on the blouse is screaming spring and is very pretty, if you ask me! Also, the fabric is flowy and it  follows the curves of your body and makes your silhouette look pretty.
However,  it is that one accessory with the golden clip that gets a lot of attention AND it’s another vintage find! 

When you visit Berlin, make sure that you go to Mauerpark. That whole area is awesome and when the weather is good, all people come together, which makes it look like a festival! And there’s even live music by talented street musicians. Their performances are spread throughout the park. Besides that, there is also a market where you can find beautiful vintage items and loads of handmade stuff. Definitely a must to visit when in Berlin!

Have a lovely day!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing

WE Fashionblouse
Pepe Jeansboots
Cotton Onsunnies
Vintage bag

Outfit || Come Fly With Me…

april 13, 2014

Imagine, an open airport and its open airstrip. Open for the public. No fences, no security, nothing! Just imagine! That’s how cool Berlin is. There is an actual airport that is turned into a park in 2008. (Check it out here!) It’s gigantic and so open. Never could have imagined that I would walk over an airstrip. How cool is that?!  
Children’s fantasies come true visiting this place (mine did!) and my mind was working over time to pick the perfect outfit for a shoot here! How would I look like / style myself if I were a pilot? Just like this! Feminine, powerful and with a pop of color.
What do you think?
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Zara top
H&Mmirror sunnies

Outfit || Conversing in Berlin

april 11, 2014
Read about what can make me so happy after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
You’ll probably understand me when I say I was hooked on this backpack. So easy to use and very handy! But, to make the whole look complete, I went for a classic pair of Converse All Stars! I can’t believe that I love them so much, since you all know I’m a heels kinda girl. But these All Stars stole my heart. Not only my heart, also my feet. Ha! My feet love them and they are the perfect pair of shoes to bring with you on a city trip. So perfect when you’re out all day not knowing how much you’re going to walk. All Stars won’t let you down!

OH! And another reason why these shoes make me happy: I can jump with them! That’s way more difficult with my heels :p. So, you can’t blame me for loving them right 😉 Whoop whoop!

Now, I want to have them in multiple colors! I’m thinking about getting one of these at Proshoes!
Do you have All Stars and in what colors and/or shapes?
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing
Forever 21skirt
Mango top


Outfit || A Berliner Hipster

april 9, 2014

Hi lovelies!

When I’m traveling, I always want to integrate with the people/county I visit. One of the things I loved so much about the Berliners is their sense of fashion! Vintage galore! I styled most of my outfits to feel like a hipster in Berlin and become one of them instead of a tourist walking/cycling around with a map haha
I totally felt a Berliner in this outfit. First of all, the ones who follow me on my social media channels (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) must have seen the pictures of me ripping my jeans in the middle of the night with the help of my kitchen scissors. Not the most ideal scissor to cut jeans, but hey, that’s what creativity is about right?! I was always scared to rip my jeans by myself, but with this old pair I didn’t care at all! A small cut on the knees (where you want it to be ripped) is all you have to do! After that, get into the jeans and get into the crouching position. The jeans will rip automatically and that what makes it look natural! That’s the trick! And of course, the cut will get bigger in time, but that shouldn’t be a problem! 😉 Going to Berlin made me want to bring a pair of ripped jeans so badly that I just did it! And now I love it, so someone has to stop me from demolishing ALL my jeans, hihi!
Secondly! I couldn’t be happier with this vintage find! How cool is this bag?! I can actually use it for my weekend trips. Berlin is theplace to find vintage treasures. It sure was for me! I had to stop myself from buying a lot of stuff, but I couldn’t ignore this one. I can even use it to decorate my place! To get the total hipster look, my vintage sweater couldn’t miss out! I love this outfit I must say! Hipster all over, am I Berliner enough or what? 😉

Have you ripped your jeans as well and what do you think of this trend? 
I would love to know!

Love, Farah
What I’m wearing
Vintage bag & sweater
Zara jeans (DIY rip)
Pepe jeansboots
H&Mleather jacket


april 7, 2014

Hi lovelies!
I think I have to switch the photo diary from Sunday to Monday! Hope you guys don’t mind!
The first collage consists photos from my Berlin travels! Aah can’t believe I’m already back for a week!

1. Taking my converse for a stroll at Mauerpark! You should definitely visit Mauerpark on Sunday when you’re in Berlin! 

2. BBQ at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin! Airport?! YES! I will show you an epic outfit shoot soon! Lots of history here, make sure to check it out!

3. Shopping day in Berlin! Brought my newest vintage find that I discovered at the vintage market at  Mauerpark!

4. When we get hangry 😉 (can you guess which two words are combined in that one?)

5. KaDeWe, where I visited the Chanel shop and ‘tested’ the Chanel Boy Bag. Oh boy..

6. Spending the night with my bestie on the evening I came back from Berlin with those delicious chocolate covered strawberries. And cheese snacks! Treat yo’ self huh 😉 Nomnomnom!

1. On Wednesday, it was time for some action again! Had some meetings and brought cutest dress ever home! Aaah can’t wait to show it to you!

2. Coming home to packages, especially these beautiful ones can make me happy as a child on Christmas day!

3. Sneak peek of the dress! It’s for a special occasion! Stay tuned!!

4. Bought my love a chocolate bar with the text ‘Ik vind je lief’/’I like you’.  He kept the heart for me. How sweet and cheesy! :p

5. What do you think of these sandals? I liked them but didn’t buy them (yet :p)!

6. After the annual international pillow fight in Amsterdam on Dam Square! I didn’t fight myself though 😉 

Alright sweeties! Hope you enjoyed the photo diary!!
Love to hear about your weekend. So tell me please ;).

Outfit || Backpackin’ Berlin

april 5, 2014

Hi dearies!
I’m back in the Netherlands again! Time flies! I had a great great time with some lovely company and weather was incredible! Berlin is such a great city! I couldn’t ask for more, honestly. We biked about 75 kilometers and I actually have the feeling that I saw every part of the city! (Probably not, but it did feel that way :p). Biking is such an ideal way of transportation. Easy, fast and it’s good for your health! I have to admit, though, that there aren’t that many hills in that city. If that would have been the case, it would be a whole other story of course. 

Berlin has a true history with deep wounds and being in this city makes you realize over and over again that we have to embrace our freedom. Discussing history on a fashion blog might not be the ideal spot to do it, but sometimes it’s good to share your thoughts and feelings.

I love the way the people, and especially the guys, dress themselves. They put a lot of effort in it and I’m not used to that in the Netherlands (sorry guys :p). To be a little hipster as well, I brought the coolest backpack I ever for this trip! This beauty made of soft leather joined me the whole trip and was a very good buddy, since I’m not used to the fact that you can put so much stuff in it! Well, made the boy happy as well since he didn’t have to carry everything, haha!

BUT! Not only this backpack is cool, what about those awesome leather pants I showed you earlier on social media?! You guys absolutely LOVED it! Well, so do I! I’m totally hooked and they fit perfectly! You must recognize the problem with pants, ’cause there just always something with them that you just don’t like (even hate). Well, this one hasn’t! I’m even considering to get another one since I’m already afraid for the day that it will get damaged! I shared the link on my Facebook page earlier for the ones who asked for it but in case you missed it, you can get a pair of your own here!
Have a lovely day!

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing

Paris2day pants
New Looksweater
Charles & Keith loafers
Cotton On  Sunnies