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Travel || The Keys

juni 3, 2015



Hi there sweethearts,

After a week of radio silence I’m back on track again. After a week of focusing on my thesis for the full 100 %, I feel like going on another adventure again. This made me think of my last trip to Continue Reading…


Travel Diary || Noordwijk aan Zee

februari 17, 2015


Hi dearies,

I wanted to share a piece of beautiful Holland. Whenever I think of a getaway, a spot right here in the Netherlands never pops up in my mind. But 2 weeks ago, my love took me away for two days to Noordwijk aan Zee. That’s a town near the ocean (technically, the North Sea) that has some very nice beaches.

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Diary || Life

oktober 25, 2014



Hi sweethearts,

Sorry for my absence the past few days. First, many thanks for your wishes prior to my exams. I hope they went well because good grades are important to me. Now I can only wait for the results to come. Continue Reading…



juni 9, 2014
Hi sweethearts!
I bet you all had a SUPER weekend!  The Dutchies sure did because of the beautifullll weather! And that’s also the reason that this diary is posted today! (instead of yesterday, oops :p)

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mei 31, 2014
Hi lovelies!
How was your week?  Are you longing for the summer holidays? What are your plans? Speaking about it, I can’t wait to get my rest and focus a bit more on my blog during the summer holidays. Looking forward to it, that’s for sure! For now, I have to work hard another month because I have to pass all my exams. Many of you guys asked me ‘how’ I do it. How I combine studying, blogging and maintaining a social life. I think it has a lot to do with planning and looking forward. And also, blogging/events are my getaways. I study hard before an event to make up for the hours I spend on chitchatting, hihi. Work hard, play hard, right? 😉

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mei 25, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Sorry for my absence, but I have been so busy! I tried to keep you up to date on social media, though! But for the ones who don’t have all those social media accounts, I made a diary post just for you! Well, it’s a fact, social media can drive you crazy! This week is going to be hectic with my studies! I’m trying to post as much as possible! Ah can’t wait for Summer!

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mei 18, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had an amazing weekend! The weather was incredible and I can’t believe I have already spent two days in Stockholm! What started as an invite for’s 10 year anniversary party, ended up in a romantic weekend with my love. We celebrated our own anniversary here. I have been together with the love of my life for five years! <3 This weekend has been a bliss. I really wanted to write a diary post so I found some time in between to sneak behind my laptop :). Hope you’ll enjoy this post!

1. Last week at the IJhallen in Amsterdam! I sold so much stuff so cheaply! I hope that all my clothes are happy with their new owners! It’s not about the money, it’s about giving them a second life ;).

2. Modelboard shot their very first pictures – with me! They asked me to be their model! A new online platform that is upcoming and very promising!

3. I just discovered this beauty drink called Ocóo! Do you know it?

4. Yeah! Arrived in Stockholm! I love traveling in comfy clothes and believe it or not, this dress is very comfy! Combined with those chunky boots, I can handle every suitcase! 

5. We were so pleased to stay at Hotell Kung Carl. A sneak peek of the room! 

6. Persians be like: I wanna eat Persian food no matter where I am, haha! And I’m not the only one, it was my love who longed for it too! Well, he has become a Persian Dutch guy during the past five years, hihi.

1. Morning rituals, make up and coffee is all I need! 

2. Breakfast in the most cozy ambiance at Hotel Kung Carl! Yoghurt with everything-you-can-think-of on top is my favorite breakfast these days!

3. Do you remember that I went to the Tommy Hilfiger sample sale two weeks ago? Well, let me introduce you thesee new babies that I got there! Aren’t they pretty?

4. Outfit of the day! The amazing weather made it possible to stroll around in this ensemble. 

5 & 6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand let’s get the party started!!!’s 10 year anniversary celebration party at the Lydmar Hotel! Don’t worry, I’ll post an elaborate report on this very extravagant celebration ;). 

Alright darlings, I hope you’ve enjoyed this diary post! Let me know what you did this weekend! Did you enjoy the beautiful weather in the Netherlands? Or do you live somewhere else? I would love to know!


mei 11, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Had such a busy week filled with exams and events! Work hard play hard right? 😉 Today, I will be selling a lot of stuff at the IJhallen in Amsterdam! Make sure to stop by!
1 & 2 Last week Friday at the launch of Bloggernet! 
3. At Unlimited PR’s  blogger event! I struck a crazy pose with a skateboard and with that white beauty. 😉 What do you think of Swatch watches?
4. Sample sale shopping! At Tommy Hilfiger! For the first time in my life, it wasn’t me that bought so much stuff. Instead, it was my sweetest boyfriend! He was so happy with his purchases!
5. Lunch at Homemade in Amsterdam. Definitely a hotspot where you have to take a break when you are shopping.
6. The sweetest picture of me and the sweetest Bradley!
1 & 2 Do already know Ani Ani Beachwear? Ani was the sweetest and I she gave me a beautiful and classy bathing suit. More about that soon on the blog!
3. Several minutes before a presentation! I’m always so nervous to speak in front of public, haha. 🙂
4. This whole week was raining like crazy! But my rainfest makes me look cute and keeps me dry!
5. After my exams: it’s shopping time haha! That’s very easy though since my uni is just a couple of blocks away from the city center…oops. 
6. Finally! Went to see ‘ The other woman’ with my bestie and OH my! I loved that movie! Have you seen it yet?

I love you have had a lovely week too!! I’d like to know all about it ;).




april 20, 2014


Read all about Justin Timberlake & my birthday after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
First of all, I want to thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! I had the most amazing 25th birthday! The 2 and the 5 is now a fact!

1. Press sneak peek of Forever21! The official opening was yesterday! Make sure to stop by when you’re in Amsterdam!

2. When the clock striked 00.00 my sweetest love rang the bell where he was standing in my front door with white tulips (gosh I love those so much) and a cake with a candle. How sweet!

3. On my birthday, I came home and there were these cool Noisymay jeans waiting for me! Of course I decided to wear them immediately to ….

4 & 5 & 6. the concert of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Oh he was so so so good! My bestie brought me to this concert for my birthday! How cool is that?! Thank you so much dear! We were with a group of 16 people and we had such a good time! Everybody was totally into Justin, who else ;).

Aaah and my birthday didn’t end on the 18th of April! I had a birthday bash at Café Du Cap in Amsterdam on the 19th yeah! Afterwards we danced the night away at Encore (at Melkweg)! I just LOVE my friends! Thank you all for coming! I enjoyed every single moment and I love you all!

1.My dreamcake made by my bestie! Oh gosh, doesn’t it look fantastic?! And to even speak about the taste! I loved it! 

2. One of my dearest friends I have been missing so much! 

3. Even the bloggerbabes stopped by! How sweet! 

4. Birthday cake with my picture on it as a surprise by my love after we had dinner at a Persian restaurant with the family! Family & friends in one evening, I couldn’t ask for more!

Needless to say that I had an AMAZING week!! Thank you so so much!
How was your week sweethearts? Hope you had an amazing one too!

BIRTHDAY || Celebrating Forever 25!!!

april 17, 2014


My sweetest readers, 

TODAY is the day! The day that I turn 25! 
The 2 and the 5. O M G! I cannot believe that I’m actually 25! I’m so happy to celebrate my birthday a little bit with you! Let me tell you a story…
I remember the day that I was a little girl. I loved wearing pink dresses and everything else that was cute. Now, as a 25 year-old woman, nothing has changed! I hope that I will always stay that little girl that can enjoy the little things in life and see the world through the eyes of a kid: positive and full of energy. But besides that, it’s also a moment to realize that I’m a grown up woman. Looking back on the years, I always sought out to reach my goals and my dreams. After years of struggle, I got into the program I have always dreamed of: dental school. Why am I telling you this? It’s because every year when I blew out a candle for my birthday, I wished for getting admitted to the dental program. Without exaggerating, I did this ever since the year I turned 7. 
I believe in those wishes. I believe in dreams. 
And until you get there, it will be a path of falling (hard) and making sure that you get back up again and go for it — again. It is you who has to have the confidence and faith, and to go on. And remember, age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you are a little kid or a granny. And here I am, already 25, not a kid anymore, but a young adult who still has a lot of dreams to reach for. I will blow out a candle on my birthday every year, and every year I will believe in my wish.
 I want to thank all of my loved ones who have been supporting me in any kind of way. And of course, my sweetest readers, without you this all wouldn’t be possible. I’m so grateful for all of you and I hope you will stay by me forever!
Just the way like I will stay forever 25 ;).

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Rinascimento dress
River Island heels



april 14, 2014
Read about my busy & fun schedule of last week after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
Mondays are for my weekly diaries about my previous week! Perfect start of the week by looking back, and maybe even a look into the new week ;). Gives me positive energy!
I had an awesomeee week with lots of meetings, events & fun!
1. Daddy time! Eating ice creams and while surrounded by these little cuties! How I love farm-life. One of my dreams is to own a small farm with my own chickens walking around. Does it surprise you? 😉
2 & 3 Had this delicious lunch made by my lovely friend who owns a puppy since last week! Because they are a working couple I took care of this lovelyyyyy little baby named Sol for a day.
4. I was already thrilled to be Blogger of the month at and it got even better: I got a spot on the homepage! So grateful!
5. It’s always so much fun at SO Pr! I had a lovely time with Thijs Willekes and, since both our jeans were worthy of a photo, strike a pose!
6. This yummy breakfast was organized by the sweet Yasmin and Laura of SO Pr! The atmosphere was lovely and bloggers came togheter to get to know even better!;)
1. I love this new brand that I discovered at the press day of OONA Pr! Definitely something to remember!
2. Let’s get personal! A peek into my little cosy studio! Never showed it before! And wearing my new beloved trench coat. Stay tuned for an outfit post very soon!
3 & 4. Member of the Skylounge Society! Y’all know I’m a regular at the Double Tree by Hilton Skylounge! And now I’m very grateful to be a member with lots of advantages! Thanks to SO Pr for making this happen and for the lovely event with amazing & inspiring people!
I got the opportunity to stay at Van der Valk hotel Assen and I went with my bestie to have some quality time pampering ourselves. Perfectly timed as it can be seen as a pre-birthday gift! 😀 (My birthday is this Friday! *shhhhhh* ;))
I had such a great time, I think these pictures speak more than a thousand words! A full report with beautful images will be on the blog very soon. 
I think I never ate so much for breakfast hihi.. 😉
Many thanks to Ilovefashionbloggers & Van der Valk hotel Assen!

Alright darlings, I hope you enjoyed this diary post! I have prepared a lot of new outfit post for you this week. So stay tuned!





april 7, 2014

Hi lovelies!
I think I have to switch the photo diary from Sunday to Monday! Hope you guys don’t mind!
The first collage consists photos from my Berlin travels! Aah can’t believe I’m already back for a week!

1. Taking my converse for a stroll at Mauerpark! You should definitely visit Mauerpark on Sunday when you’re in Berlin! 

2. BBQ at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin! Airport?! YES! I will show you an epic outfit shoot soon! Lots of history here, make sure to check it out!

3. Shopping day in Berlin! Brought my newest vintage find that I discovered at the vintage market at  Mauerpark!

4. When we get hangry 😉 (can you guess which two words are combined in that one?)

5. KaDeWe, where I visited the Chanel shop and ‘tested’ the Chanel Boy Bag. Oh boy..

6. Spending the night with my bestie on the evening I came back from Berlin with those delicious chocolate covered strawberries. And cheese snacks! Treat yo’ self huh 😉 Nomnomnom!

1. On Wednesday, it was time for some action again! Had some meetings and brought cutest dress ever home! Aaah can’t wait to show it to you!

2. Coming home to packages, especially these beautiful ones can make me happy as a child on Christmas day!

3. Sneak peek of the dress! It’s for a special occasion! Stay tuned!!

4. Bought my love a chocolate bar with the text ‘Ik vind je lief’/’I like you’.  He kept the heart for me. How sweet and cheesy! :p

5. What do you think of these sandals? I liked them but didn’t buy them (yet :p)!

6. After the annual international pillow fight in Amsterdam on Dam Square! I didn’t fight myself though 😉 

Alright sweeties! Hope you enjoyed the photo diary!!
Love to hear about your weekend. So tell me please ;).


maart 31, 2014

Hi lovelies!

It’s time for the weekly photo diary again! Hope you had a great week and I would love to hear what the best thing was you did/happened to you last week! 
Let me tell you something about my week!

First collage

1.Last week, my bestie surprised me at home with these beautifulllll tulips! She also brought me a bar of Toblerone (my favorite chocolate!) en some nuts because I was studying like crazy! These tulips made me happy every time I came home!
2. Snack during a study session! Biscuits with Nutella and banana! I came up with this idea when I didn’t have anything sweet in the house. Oh, I’m such a sweet-tooth!
3. Finally! I overcame my fear of failing big time! I just did it! Ripping jeans with kitchen scissors. They turned out great! I never wore these jeans anymore and now they have a new ripped life!
4. The morning before my exam! I got so much love on Instagram and Facebook! Thank you so much for that!

Second collage

1 & 2 A special shoot for Mexx occupied the whole morning! Excited to tell you more about it soon!

3 & 4 After a long day, it was time to head to Berlin by train! The perfect place to work a little bit  more until it was time for a long weekend of fun!


Third collage
1. Vintage shopping in Berlin! So many hipsters and cool people around here! Can’t get enough of them/it!

2. Exploring the city by bike, my favorite means of transportation!

3. A part of the Berlin Wall. So absorbing and unbelievable that it’s just 25 years ago that east and west Berlin were separated.

4. Club-mate! A German drink that I discovered and love! My sweet readers told me where to get this one in Amsterdam, yeey! 😀

That’s it for now, but I will share much more with you!
For now, I’m going to enjoy the last day in this lovely city by shoppinggg!!
 Have a good one lovelies!




maart 23, 2014
  So much happened in one week! Read all about it after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
Better late than never, right ;). I’m sorry I’m a day late with posting about my week. It’s just that so much happened this week and I was fully scheduled! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this three-tier diary post!

The first collage:

Last Tuesday ,I was invited to a press breakfast (always the best) of Men at Work! I was driven by Uber and I discovered the most awesome boyfriend jeans ever! An outfit post + video & pictures and more storytelling about Men at Work will follow soon!


The second collage:

  1.  This entire week evolved around Persian New Year! We celebrate new year on the first day of spring. And it all starts with a fun tradition: jumping over fire! Read more about the meaning of that tradition here
  2. New beginnings come with a new hair cut as well ;). And the eyebrows of course!
  3. Sitting at a table with actor Kees Boot and a UN-expert and chatting about each other’s expertise. We were invited by students who are working on this project for their minor in the making of television. I got to talk about my fashion blog and it was such a good and fun experience. I was happy when they shout that it was a wrap, though! (Since I was completely nerves, however I did come one step closer to managing my nerves in front of video cameras!!)
  4. Group photo with the entire student crew!
  5. The outfit I wore for the talkshow!
  6. Having a yummy lunch with my bestie after the talkshow, while enjoying the weather that was amazing on the first day of spring! 


The third collage:

1. My look for the celebration of Persian New Year. Will be on the blog soon!
2. New red sandals that I just L O V E! (and they were only 12 euros! :p)
3.  It’s not a Christmas tree nor Easter decorations, it’s sofre haft sin 😉
4. Fish & rice, the traditional meal on the day of new years. 
5. My sweetest love went to Paris for a quick business trip and I love this picture of him being so  handsome behind the piano! 
6. Had the most amazinggg time with my lovely and beautiful Persian babies at a Persian music  concert in Oberhausen, Germany. Road tripping with the five of us. Love you all!

I hope you enjoyed it! How was your week? Just as hectic as mine, or did you have a relaxed one? 🙂

DIARY || INSTA Formula Farah

maart 16, 2014
Hi all lovely weekend-lovers!
(’cause who isn’t one :p)Yeah! I decided to do a weekly diary post with some of my Instagram pictures aaaaand pictures I haven’t shown you before! It was great to see that you guys liked last weeks diary post! So now I’m going to try to keep it up and make a weekly thing.

1. Lunch made by yours truly! A typical Dutch uitsmijter 😀
2. Spring is in the air! Or in the water?
3. Who doesn’t love to receive packages/mail? Wrapped inside is the perfect festival bag! Will show it to you soon!
4. Trying to eat more healthy in the morning! But now I discovered that granola isn’t that healthy at all! :p
5. Juicin’ on my way to work. With flat shoes. Yap, it’s not always about heels!
6. The wind was driving my hair crazy hihi 🙂
1. It was a crazy week with a lot of mail and packages! I can’t complain! Got so many beautiful items! And my love was so sweet to help me get rid of cardboard boxes! Yeay!
2. My sweet mommy and I spending some quality time together.
3. Breakfast for champions!
4. Spent Thursday evening with my family enjoying a traditional Persian music concert.
5. Denim Blue Ridge event at WE! More about that on the blog very soon! 😉
6. Lemonade! My favorite drink during sunny days! And a new bag I got from Paris2day that I love!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love, Farah


Diary || INSTA Formula Farah

maart 9, 2014
Read and see more daily pictures after the jump!

Hi sweeties!
For the first time, in ages, I decided to do a weekly instadiary post on Sunday! I will show you pictures of my Instagram account (for the ones who don’t have an Instagram account: you can also follow me online on BUT! I will also show you pictures I haven’t showed before! Makes it more special I think :)!
What are you looking at?
1. Me, having a delicious and healthy breakfast at my parent’s place!
2. Bought a blender for my bestie since she loves to cook! P.S. read #3
3. Confession: I just wanted her to cook me a delicious brocolli soup (the secret: cheddar 
    cheese :D)
4. And she made me homemade tiramisu! Served in a wineglass, isn’t that a great idea?
5. Sleepover at my bestie: life is too short to find matching socks, right? 😀
6. Nerdy Farah at the University library!
7. You guys loved this combo!
8. The cutest drawing of me ever made!
9. Guilty pleasures in the weekend! American pancakes with nutella topped with banana slices  
    & blueberries!
10. The most healthy and delicious breakfast ever at the press release of Eleonora Carisi for Zalando
11. Probably the most comfy heels I own, gotta love brogues!
12. My sweet daddy brought me just one piece of baklava while studying. Because it has too many 
      calories hihi. Daddyies are wise 😉

Enjoy your Sunday darlings!



Outfit || Body Language

november 15, 2013

 Zara dress (similar) // Maidenform Shapewear // Pedro heels 

Hi lovelies!
It’s so strange to see a bare legged outfit in November right? But let me tell you a secret. The weather in New York was strange: on one day it was 20+ degrees and the next the temperature could decrease down to 10 degrees! Crazy! So I walked bare legged and I walked around feeling very cold! That’s strange isn’t it ;). 
This dress. Those colors. Those flowers. It’s called perfection for an outfit for those warm autumn days. The length and the turtleneck make it perfect for fall, whereas it’s not really suitable for summer.
This dress is speaking body language to the max. I think I have never worn a dress as tight as this one. Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and be proud of your curves!
A while ago, I got the opportunity to try out Maidenform shape wear. I had never worn/used shape wear before but it was a great discovery after wearing it with this dress. First of all, the fabric is very luxurious. It’s seamless and very soft. But most importantly, it’s comfortable. There is no extreme compression but it’s all about toning. After wearing this I couldn’t believe I never wore it before. I think that every woman should own one of these shape wear dresses. No matter how fit you are, it boosts your confidence and charisma that make every tight dress you’re wearing even more sexy.
Love, Farah
PS. You have to try the delicious cakes of the Magnolia Bakery (those who have watched Sex and the City know what I’m talking about:)! Believe me, wear your Maidenform shapewear and there is no guilty feeling at all hihi 🙂

Outfit || DARK ANGEL in NYC

november 4, 2013
Topshop skirt // Sans-online boots // Vanilia top  

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had a blast this weekend! I had a blast for sure! Last Saturday, we had a Halloween party at the Brooklyn apartment. It was my first American house party ever, which included punch, rummy bears (gummy bears soaked in rum),  funny (and/or sexy) Halloween outfits and playing games (beer pong, flip cup and such). You Americans are so funny haha! 🙂
It was my first Halloween in the States ever, so I did some research on the internet for some outfit inspiration. In the Netherlands, we go for ‘scary‘, but over here, it’s more about wearing either sexy/hot costumes and/or dressing up as a character. (Have you seen Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus’ outfits?!? Oh my… 0_0). I’m not good with painting the face, so in the end I chose a practical and classy outfit, a Halloween la Formula Farah outfit! I was a dark angel with black angel wings, a beautiful black masque and dark lipstick. We took the pictures on the rooftop of the apartment at sunset with an amazing view of Manhattan. Picture perfect.

Have a lovely Monday (evening) lovelies! I’m leaving today already! So sad but all good things come to an end.. Hope to show you more pictures of New York very soon!
Love, Farah


Outfit || Shopping in SOHO NYC

november 1, 2013

H&M hat & jacket // dress // Pazzion bag // Mango belt // Hippeschoenen boots

Read everything about shopping in Soho after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
Let me start this one off by thanking you for all the sweet responses. I loved to share my story with you and it was great to see that you guys liked it as well!
It’s  my fourth day in New York already. Time is flying by so fast when you’re having fun! Yesterday, I spent the day walking around aaaaand shopping in Soho, the place for a shopping spree. Next to all the regular shops, you can find all kinds of boutiques and brands you’re searching for. It’s my favorite place to shop in New York! My boyfriend asked me what I liked to do on the second day of arrival and of course I was dying to shop! And this all resulted in: some good damage. The ones who follow me on Instagram must have seen the plaid suit I was wearing. One of yesterday’s purchases! An outfit post with all the details will follow soon!
Now concerning the outfit! What’s important for a day of shopping is you have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, moreover it has to be easy. And with easy I mean that it has to be easy to take them off and put them back on again. ‘Cause that’s what you’re constantly doing when you’re trying on clothes in the fitting rooms. Last week, I got this lovely dress with beautiful details on the arms and the shoulders. Spiced it up with my beloved hat and I was good to go!
After a day of shopping my boyfriend (read: after a day of suffering for my boyfriend) came up with the idea of a so called ‘boyfriend zone’ in shops. A place made for the guys to relax while the girls are doing their thing. That sounded more than good to me!
Hope you enjoyed this second post from New York! Will get back to you soon!
Love, Farah


oktober 30, 2013

Mango blazer & top // Zara beanie & leather pants // cardigan // Pazzion bag // Pepejeans London boots // Vintage sunnies

Read all about how I surprised my boyfriend in New York City after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
I couldn’t wait to share my story with you! Last weekend, I told you about my boyfriend staying in New York (see the post here). At that moment, you all didn’t know what I was planning…neither did he.
One month ago, I thought about how crazy it would be to surprise him in New York. Once the idea was in my head, I really couldn’t get rid of it anymore. So for me, there was no way back. I made sure I made enough hours last month to get all the finances together, while my studies and blogging were going strong too. I just had to make sure that I’d save all the money I had to be able to travel to the Big Apple and to make this surprise the best surprise ever. I must say, I am quite the romantic person and the days up to the surprise, my mind was racing with all these ideas about the best ways to surprise him. My friends and family knew about the surprise and they were just as excited as I was! This is my third time in New York (I came to visit him the last two times too) and this time it’s all about spending time together and reminiscing about our last visits to this incredible city.
The trip didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped it would. It all began with the weather forecast last Sunday (I left last Monday morning). For those of you in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK know what I am talking about. They predicted that one of the worst fall storms ever would hit the area. I was so scared that my flight would be cancelled! How awful would that be?! However, I kept my hopes up and stayed positive. In the end, my flight was delayed but everything went well and I arrived at JFK safe and sound. The next step was to get to my boyfriend’s place in Brooklyn! I contacted his roommates beforehand so they were the ones who let me in. And when my boyfriend finally saw me… the expression on his face… absolutely priceless. He was in shock, with a capital S! Completely frozen. So no jumping in the air or something, he just didn’t move! But as soon as it him that I was actually there, he was so intensely happy! His face, his smile, that happiness. It was so worth it!
My boyfriend’s place here in New York is so amazing. He lives with a few roommates and they have a huge apartment with a studio on the top floor. They also have an amazing rooftop with an even more incredible view of the Manhattan skyline (see my picture on instagram and/or facebook). So enough space for me as well hihi :). 
Yesterday, we spent the day strolling around Central Park. I have seen Central Park during the winter and spring once before, but Central Park during the fall is STUNNING. It’s soooooo beautiful! I have never seen leafs with so many different and beautiful colors! It felt like a walk in fairyland. After a long walk, I couldn’t resist to get some of my all time favorite burger: a Shack Stack at the Shake Shack! If you haven’t had one yet, make sure you get one when you’re in New York!
I have seen all the important landmarks already the last two times I was in New York, so no pressure anymore this week! It’s going to be a week of doing whatever we feel like doing! My boyfriend’s music-life of course continues even though I’m here as he has a lot of responsibilities and appointments, which makes it perfect for me to share my stories and pictures with you!
Hope you enjoy the first outfit pictures shot here in New York and the whole storytelling that came with it! Make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook where I will share pictures with you daily! And let me know if you have also done something crazy for someone you love! 


Outfit || Leap of Faith

oktober 25, 2013


Roostercat shirt // Levis jeans

Hi lovelies!
Suprise suprise! For the first time it’s not me on the blog. It’s my biggest love and best friend. At the moment, I have been missing him for almost a month since he’s in New York for two months working on his music career. Oh, how I miss him. So much. Love means sharing so many things in a lot of ways. But love is also about giving each other space to pursue dreams. As long as your hearts are close, no distance can break that. It may sounds cheesy but after missing him for about 8 months last year, I know how it’s like to be apart from each other.  In the end, seeing his smile and happiness with what he is doing in life, makes it all so worth it.
Speaking about pursuing dreams. This t-shirt has a special meaning and it shows how fashion can have a meaning to life. I loved sharing this with you and my love wrote a piece about his thoughts behind the shirt (see below). A story from both sides to fill in all the little parts of the puzzle.
Love, Farah


D: When scrolling through the t-shirts on the Roostercat webshop this one immediately caught my attention. I love their designs, but I related to this shirt particularly, aptly titled “Leap of faith”. Its design relates to the way I look at life: the importance of nurturing certain qualities you possess as a child. In this design, this is depicted (according to my interpretation) as the belief that, although the world may try to tell you otherwise, once you let go of that swing there really may be the possibility of flight.


Outfit || Borobudur

augustus 27, 2013
  Indonesian topskirt


The journey in Indonesia led me to the most beautiful architecture, monuments, nature and places I have ever seen. One of these is the 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple Borobudur (read more about it here) in Magelang on the island of Java. Pictures cannot capture how impressive and beautiful this temple is. It really is not a surprise that the Borobudur is the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. You cannot miss this when you visit this country!
For me, I just had to shoot an outfit at this beautiful and mighty place. For this occasion, I decided to take on some traditional Indonesian clothing: batik (read more about it here). I bought this piece the day after I arrived in Jakarta. Like I already said before: I love to wear domestic clothes while traveling.

I will never forget about this place and the time I spent there. Memories as beautiful as the details on the batik.

Love, Farah



Diary || Precious Gift

juli 21, 2013

I’ve been thinking about sharing this present with you for a while now, because it’s one of the most special ones I’ve ever gotten. I got many presents for my birthday, with a very unique one: my dearest, sweetest boyfriend made me my own FormulaFarah book with all my 2012 outfits!
With his creativity and his patience (I can imagine that putting something like this together takes a lot of time and preciseness!), he made a lovely compilation of my very first outfits. The lay out, the pictures he selected, the details…it was perfect. He gave me the best gift I could’ve ever wished for. This book records the first moments of one of the most exciting things I have decided to do: create my own fashion blog. The most precious thing about it, what I appreciate the most, is the love he put into this artwork that he made for me.
So what do you think, did he do a good job or the best thing ever?!
P.S. I love you