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FASHjournal || Denim Blue Ridge Event by WE Fashion

maart 17, 2014

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Well hello dearies!
How have you been? I have such a busy week ahead! It’s Persian New Year this week and this comes with a lot of festivities! We celebrate new year at the beginning of spring! Family gatherings, parties and loads of food! On the other hand, I also have an exam next week for which I have to study hard! So wish me luck to combine these two things, haha :).
Last week, I got the chance to explore the Denim Blue Ridge collection of WE fashion, a clothing brand originated in Amsterdam, and nowadays based internationally with over 250 stores worldwide. We got a very interesting presentation of how the use of denim is started and what it means nowadays by the stylist Maartje van den Broek. Afterwards, we chose an item with which we created three different looks. Oh boy, I’m so picky and such a perfectionist that it cost me so much time! Haha, I guess I don’t perform well under pressure! But I had so much fun and in the end I found so many cool denim items! Unfortunately, though, the items I picked were sold out in my size. So there’s a significant chance I wasn’t the only one who had discovered WE’s denim collection and loved those items!!

This is the best excuse to go back very soon! Thank you WE fashion for the interesting and informative afternoon!

Check out all the pictures of the event down below!

Love, Farah

Ph // De Fotomeisjes

Enjoying stylist Maartje van den Broek’s story about denim

Having fun with the lovely Lucie!

Helicopter view of the cool setting and the lovely company at WE! 
Yummy bites in denim style , how can one resist?

The beautiful Maartje van den Broek!
And the whole group together in WE clothing! Fabulous!


FASHjournal || Eleonora Carisi for Zalando

maart 8, 2014

Read all about the Eleonora Carisi for Zalando collection after the jump!

Hi lovelies,
Last Tuesday, I was invited for the press release of an exclusive collection designed by blogger and designer Eleonora Carisi for Zalando. It exists of 9 high quality pieces and very piece is made of a special fabric such as organza and silk. Inspired by nature, she concentrated on romantic and creative designs. The prints stand for great times and positive energy. Therefore, she used green, blue and yellow colors.
I had the chance to see the designs and touch the fabrics and I must say that every single one of them are special. A joyful collection that is screaming spring out loud! 
While enjoying a lovely breakfast by the Culinaire werkplaats, which was inspired by the collection and plated in the cutest way, it was a morning to remember! 
The collection is now online available on the Zalando website (here).
Enjoy the weekend and the a m a z i n g weather!
 Love, Farah

The nine pieces of the collection (see for a full look of the designs here)

 My favorite piece! 

 Isn’t this the cutest drawing ever?! Love it!

Feature || STYLEFRUITS Calendar

februari 3, 2014
Check out which month is dedicated to Formula Farah after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
I’m happy to show you this amazing calendar that features yours truly! I’m so blessed that it’s my second feature in one week! I can say that I’m a bloggerbabe on the Stylefruits calendar! How cool is that?! I got my favorite month: April. The month that I was born in! That makes it my month!  Especially because of the lovely weather, the season, the colors, the smell of flowers and so on. 😀
I chose one of my favorite looks so far that suits April very well. The quote I wrote was inspired by this look:
“Strong and powerful women are like the flowers that bloom in spring: beauty and strength go hand in hand after a long and cold winter”.

The sun is shining on this Monday morning and there is no better way to kick off this week with this quote in the back of your head! 😉
I can give away 2 of these hard-copy calendars to my lovely followers! Just drop your email address in a comment and the month you’re born in and I will randomly pick out 2 winners at the end of this week!
Love, Farah

P.S. Although I can only give away two calendars, you can download your own copy here!


Feature || BLOGazine by Fashionista

januari 28, 2014

Hi lovelies!
I’m veryyy happy and proud to announce that I’m featured in the BLOGazine by Fashionista Magazine! The magazine for bloggers and bloglovers! You get to know all the ins and outs of the bloghospere. So the magazine doesn’t only feature fashion bloggers, but also those who blog about food, lifestyle, interiors and so on.You can find me on the spread with an interview with me and Diederik (my lovely love ^_^) and in two more sections!! So read about how Diederik and I work together and lots more!

It’s available in stores for just EUR 4,99 or you can order it online right here without shipping costs! Cannot be easier right? 😉 Make sure you get your own copy and tell me what you think!
Love, Farah



Events || Swarovski SS 2014

december 2, 2013

Would it surprise if I told you I was very excited for this event?! The ones who have followed me for a longer time know that I love Swarovski! I have done some serious Swarovski talk earlier on the blog (see for example here)!
The Summer/Spring collection is stunning with beautiful statement pieces and beautiful colors. It’s  the first time that Swarovski brings a tribute to art. Native culture and art comes together, which results in beautiful items based on earthy colors and primary bright colors. The collection draws her inspiration also from nature depicted by pure and intense blue tints.
 Even the drinks and the bites were in classy Swarovski style. An atmosphere I could hang around for hours.
And of course Swarovski didn’t let us go home without giving us our own piece of beautiful crystal. See my Instagram/Facebook account to see the beautiful gift!
Love, Farah

Fashjournal || PUUR PR bloggersevent

juni 16, 2013

The most cozy office I’ve have ever seen. The perfect atmosphere to work in. Puur PR has a lovely place where they show beautiful pieces of AMATØR, ANECDOTE and many more brands. I got the chance to see the collection and to meet other bloggers at their bloggersevent. Another good part of the evening was a rack of clothes which we could try on. Their very first Magazine with the outfit pictures of the bloggers and more is now online! See it HERE! Can you spot me?

What I’m wearing:
Top: Mango

Fashjournal || PIOGG Fashion show

mei 6, 2013

Tackling the Dutch weather with your raincoat, the must-have in your closet! You probably have the same problem as I have: you don’t own a fashionable raincoat. Is that right? 😉 And no, I’m not talking about the ponchos you own in various colors and shapes, haha! 😉
But, the solution is against the non-fashionable ponchos/two-piece-raincoats/being-soaking-wet is here! Let me introduce you to PIOGG, founded by Daphne Gerritse (see the last picture). This is where fashionable and functional comes together. A collection that is inspired by Italian elegance (hence the name, pioggia means rain in Italian). It’s all about elegance. Not only for women, but also for men. I got the chance to see the collection and if…if I just wasn’t a student anymore… this would be a great investment in a timeless piece of elegance and functionality!
You can see the whole collection on! Check it out!
Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Fred de la Bretonière A/W’13 / Store opening Fretons

april 15, 2013

Three brands with one vision: Fred de la Bretonière, Shabbies Amsterdam, Fretons = affordable quality. Last week, I got the chance to see the new A/W’13 collection! What a day! Besides the surprisingly beautiful shoes (they look and feel amazing in real life), me and Annisa (my bff/photographer) had such a good time with the master himself, his wife and other people we met and spoke to!
Comfy, quality, and good-looking, three keywords I think apply to Fred de la Bretonière. The three brands are totally different so every person can find his or her perfect leather item. Which means not only items for our feet, but also accessories and bags that make your outfit even more beautiful!
After chatting about an hour with everybody, we had to go. Back to uni! Buuuut since we had such a good time, we decided to visit the store opening of the Fretons collection in the afternoon as well. Yap, where the party was! A new shop with lots of Fretons in many kinds of shapes, materials, textures and prints. I really recommend you to visit the store in the Jacob Obrechtstraat in Amsterdam and get yourself some quality and good looking sneakers!
Thank you Fred de la Bretonière and Puur PR (especially many thanks to Marloes of Stylesandwhich!) for the invite!
Love, Farah

Fash News || Stylight

maart 31, 2013

Stylight, the newest and most trending online fashion concept! If you haven’t heard about it yet, make sure you discover Stylight for yourself! Click on read more for more information!

Let me introduce you to Stylight! Stylight is an online shop with over 4000 brands and
more then 500,000 items. By creating ‘boards’ ( see my creation here!) and by hearting items you love, you can connect with other fashion lovers and bloggers and see/discover what’s trending!
You can fill in the moodboards with pictures, items from the shop, music and even quotes! Inspirational and creativity all over! By following other bloggers and searching on the webshop, you’ll find items which you probably wouldn’t find if it wasn’t gathered all in one place.
I made a collection of some of my ‘hearted’ items! Hope you like it! Well, what are you waiting for?;) Discover Stylight  your self and make an account here!