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Fashjournal || My Dark Passenger by Sepehr Maghsoudi

februari 19, 2014
 Click READ MORE to see more pictures and read about the designer Sepehr Maghsoudi after the jump!

Finally! A post about the Sepehr Maghsoudi haute couture show. It was such a blast and I had a lovely time with my fellow bloggers Virgit and Larissa! I wanted to show you pictures of the show way earlier, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any proper pictures. Luckily Sepehr Maghsoudi published photos of the show, taken by professional photographers, on his website! So, all credits to them and a great chance for me to share of my favorite designs of his collection!

My Dark Passenger. It’s already his the 10th couture collection. This time filled with dark colors. A very impressive collection packed with big sculptures, interesting linings, the use of different fabrics and embellishments. But the women’s collection had a soft side as well. White and pink colors on silk fabrics decorated with jewels. Very refreshing and surprising at the same time.
I must say that that the styling was more than perfect. The wigs, the accessories, the make-up, hairstyling and the music. It was more than just a regular fashion show. It was a true storytelling, a play, a ballet of colors. Like the man himself told me, this collection refers to his fear of a memory of him as a child being attacked by a dog.
I enjoyed the show a lot and I wish Sepehr Maghsoudi all the best! I’m a big fan! 🙂
Make sure to take a look on his website here to see more of his inspiring work!
PS. Of course I had to dress for the occasion ;). I went for dark colors as well and a beautiful maxi dress with a split to get the haute couture feeling ;). Dark & haute couture, the keywords of this show.


Fashjournal || PIOGG Fashion show

mei 6, 2013

Tackling the Dutch weather with your raincoat, the must-have in your closet! You probably have the same problem as I have: you don’t own a fashionable raincoat. Is that right? 😉 And no, I’m not talking about the ponchos you own in various colors and shapes, haha! 😉
But, the solution is against the non-fashionable ponchos/two-piece-raincoats/being-soaking-wet is here! Let me introduce you to PIOGG, founded by Daphne Gerritse (see the last picture). This is where fashionable and functional comes together. A collection that is inspired by Italian elegance (hence the name, pioggia means rain in Italian). It’s all about elegance. Not only for women, but also for men. I got the chance to see the collection and if…if I just wasn’t a student anymore… this would be a great investment in a timeless piece of elegance and functionality!
You can see the whole collection on! Check it out!
Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Nikki Plessen Fashion show

februari 10, 2013

           I met the lovely Wendy and we spent the whole evening together! (fabulousstylews)
 Many thanks to Charlotte for this opportunity!
Lots of fur..Love for fur
          It was all about green!
  A big YAY for flared trousers!
   A lot of leather in the collection, this skirt was definitely my favorite piece!
 Classiness all over..
 Black and white, Nikki knows everything about it!
   Dear skirt, can you find your way to my closet?
            P.S. I know everything about you, beautiful clutch.  You’re perfectly see through. 
Still haven’t found the perfect leather pants? You probably have now… 😉
  Afterparty with the one and only Valerio Zeno ( DJ Phalerieau)
    A perfect location for the fashion show
Thanks to Vogue exclusive for this goodiebag!
   Last but not least, many thanks to Nikki Plessen for a wonderful evening and a spectaculair show!

Fashion show || Addy van den Krommenacker

december 29, 2012

Ph// AnnisaGM

Oh my, can you imagine me being stunned and amazed by this fashion show which only featured dresses, and not just ‘dresses’ but too good to be true dresses?! Unfortunately, I can’t really afford these dresses (now/ever)…but they definitely are some high fashion inspiration!

Addy van den Krommenacker: you’ve blown me away.

P.S. There might be a picture overload…sorry for that…It’s not what you are used to with me, but I just couldn’t choose! Though the last one is definitely my favorite!
Have a lovely Sunday..the last Sunday of the year!

Love, Farah