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Fashjournal|| BeJeweled // Ti Sento & JAN Styling Workshop

december 15, 2014

DSC_1940 small


Hello lovelies!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Lots of you were probably in a Christmas shopping mood am, I right? Christmas is getting close and we all want to give our loved ones very special gifts. Hunting is a must and weekends are the best moments to find that one precious gift. Speaking about gifts: have you thought about giving jewelry? And I love about giving jewelry, is that it’s very personal, it’s like giving a beautiful piece to someone who you love and they can wear it close to the heart. Literally and figuratively. I fell in love with Ti Sento jewelry. And I already know what I’ll be gifting ;). Last week, I was honored to speak in front of groups of women who signed up for the Ti Sento styling workshop. I got the chance to tell my story and tell about my own experiences in styling Ti Sento jewelry. I love working together with Ti Sento because I can relate myself to the brand. I had a lovely time with Carine and Eleen, the ladies behind Ti Sento marketing and the organizers of the workshop. They gave me really good insights to the brand.

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Fashjournal || Events

mei 4, 2014
 Read about all the events I went to last April, after the jump!

Hi lovelies! 
I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the events I had the pleasure to go to! And I’ll share some pictures to give you an impression of the events and of course some fun stories. You might have noticed that I didn’t post a diary last week (nor did I this Sunday). And the reason for that is that my phone had been stolen (again, unfortunately) and I haven’t been able to take nice pictures with the phone I have right now. Fingers crossed that I will get a proper new phone! Enough negativity, let’s stay positive and be happy that it’s just a phone ;). I hope you’ll like this event diary! Scroll down to the pictures and get to know more!

Most of you know that I’m a frequent guest of the Skylounge in Amsterdam. Thanks to SO PR I got to become a Skylounge Society member which offers a lot of adventages! But not only this, I met wonderful people at the event and of them is Toprak Yalçiner!

Since the beginning of my blog, you have often seen me wear clothes from Nelly! Well, I recently had the privilege to see the newest collection along with great company and the most delicious breakfast (see my instagram account!) 

I fell in love with these sandals! What do you think about the golden heels?

A sneak peek of the newest Nelly collection. 

At OONA PR’s press day, I discovered a new Belgian brand named Magdalena. I instantly was attracted to their clothing and I got the chance to speak with the designer duo and hear about their story. Check out more here. 

Aaaand last but not least, the launch of the a boho chic shoe collection of Fashionchick with Sacha! The founder of Fashionchick, Ellen Snijder, designed this beautiful collection and  Kim Feenstra got the pleasure to receive the first pair! And I got to see this supermodel in real life, she is stunning! I took such a cool instagram picture but I never got the chance to post them since my phone got stolen that night. But Kevin of The Viewfinder shot these amazing pictures, which makes it all possible to show you a glimpse of the lovely evening!


FASHjournal || EOS101 by Canon

april 30, 2014

Ph far right//NewsLab

Hi all,
You’ve probably already seen it on social media, I went to a how-to-use-a-DSLR-camera-101 workshop by Canon! But, we have a confession to make. The I doesn’t stand for Farah, but for me: Annisa! Farah, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the workshop, so she asked whether I could go instead. Fortunately, of course I wanted to! Plus, as I, together with her boyfriend, am the one behind the camera, the workshop would benefit me more than the one in front of the camera. Even though I have already done several courses in photography, I did learn a thing or too. So read all about this lovely afternoon below!
First, after an introduction by Canon about their EOS 1200D, Negin Mirsalehi and her boyfriend showed their results after using the camera for a week. Great quality for this entry-level model! After that, we had the opportunity to test the camera ourselves! 
And here I am talking to this lovely couple about the EOS 1200D. 

During the first workshop, I learned how to spice up simple product photography. The things you need: an aquarium filled with water, an airpump, a thin transparent wire, a background, a white light and a colored light (in this case, it’s blue). And look how awesome a simple bottle of nail polish can be!
Then I learned about the different types of light and working with models.
Lastly, the one and only Remko Kraaijeveld (culinary photography extraordinaire) taught us how to take photos from a close range of food! You can play with focus and depth to focus the viewer on a certain part. Like in this case, I tried to focus on the tiny blueberries in the back to distract our eyes from those delicious looking muffins ;).

My workshop group for the afternoon! Had a lot of fun with these beautiful ladies! 

Well, that was the first post written by me! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoy Farah’s posts ;). Let me know in case you have any questions about photography! I’ll try to answer them ;). 



Photos are by Formula Farah unless stated otherwise 


FASHjournal || Denim Blue Ridge Event by WE Fashion

maart 17, 2014

See & read more after the jump!

Well hello dearies!
How have you been? I have such a busy week ahead! It’s Persian New Year this week and this comes with a lot of festivities! We celebrate new year at the beginning of spring! Family gatherings, parties and loads of food! On the other hand, I also have an exam next week for which I have to study hard! So wish me luck to combine these two things, haha :).
Last week, I got the chance to explore the Denim Blue Ridge collection of WE fashion, a clothing brand originated in Amsterdam, and nowadays based internationally with over 250 stores worldwide. We got a very interesting presentation of how the use of denim is started and what it means nowadays by the stylist Maartje van den Broek. Afterwards, we chose an item with which we created three different looks. Oh boy, I’m so picky and such a perfectionist that it cost me so much time! Haha, I guess I don’t perform well under pressure! But I had so much fun and in the end I found so many cool denim items! Unfortunately, though, the items I picked were sold out in my size. So there’s a significant chance I wasn’t the only one who had discovered WE’s denim collection and loved those items!!

This is the best excuse to go back very soon! Thank you WE fashion for the interesting and informative afternoon!

Check out all the pictures of the event down below!

Love, Farah

Ph // De Fotomeisjes

Enjoying stylist Maartje van den Broek’s story about denim

Having fun with the lovely Lucie!

Helicopter view of the cool setting and the lovely company at WE! 
Yummy bites in denim style , how can one resist?

The beautiful Maartje van den Broek!
And the whole group together in WE clothing! Fabulous!


FASHjournal || Eleonora Carisi for Zalando

maart 8, 2014

Read all about the Eleonora Carisi for Zalando collection after the jump!

Hi lovelies,
Last Tuesday, I was invited for the press release of an exclusive collection designed by blogger and designer Eleonora Carisi for Zalando. It exists of 9 high quality pieces and very piece is made of a special fabric such as organza and silk. Inspired by nature, she concentrated on romantic and creative designs. The prints stand for great times and positive energy. Therefore, she used green, blue and yellow colors.
I had the chance to see the designs and touch the fabrics and I must say that every single one of them are special. A joyful collection that is screaming spring out loud! 
While enjoying a lovely breakfast by the Culinaire werkplaats, which was inspired by the collection and plated in the cutest way, it was a morning to remember! 
The collection is now online available on the Zalando website (here).
Enjoy the weekend and the a m a z i n g weather!
 Love, Farah

The nine pieces of the collection (see for a full look of the designs here)

 My favorite piece! 

 Isn’t this the cutest drawing ever?! Love it!

Fashjournal || My Dark Passenger by Sepehr Maghsoudi

februari 19, 2014
 Click READ MORE to see more pictures and read about the designer Sepehr Maghsoudi after the jump!

Finally! A post about the Sepehr Maghsoudi haute couture show. It was such a blast and I had a lovely time with my fellow bloggers Virgit and Larissa! I wanted to show you pictures of the show way earlier, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any proper pictures. Luckily Sepehr Maghsoudi published photos of the show, taken by professional photographers, on his website! So, all credits to them and a great chance for me to share of my favorite designs of his collection!

My Dark Passenger. It’s already his the 10th couture collection. This time filled with dark colors. A very impressive collection packed with big sculptures, interesting linings, the use of different fabrics and embellishments. But the women’s collection had a soft side as well. White and pink colors on silk fabrics decorated with jewels. Very refreshing and surprising at the same time.
I must say that that the styling was more than perfect. The wigs, the accessories, the make-up, hairstyling and the music. It was more than just a regular fashion show. It was a true storytelling, a play, a ballet of colors. Like the man himself told me, this collection refers to his fear of a memory of him as a child being attacked by a dog.
I enjoyed the show a lot and I wish Sepehr Maghsoudi all the best! I’m a big fan! 🙂
Make sure to take a look on his website here to see more of his inspiring work!
PS. Of course I had to dress for the occasion ;). I went for dark colors as well and a beautiful maxi dress with a split to get the haute couture feeling ;). Dark & haute couture, the keywords of this show.


FASHjournal || Fashiolista x YSL

februari 14, 2014

Read all about a magic stick after the jump!

Hello lovelies!
I’m back on track and glad to share the Fashiolista x YSL event with y’all!
Even though I mostly share my outfits and thoughts on fashion with you, I’m also a makeup lover! Always have been. But I have to admit, make up isn’t my profession and I do not know all the ins and outs. Therefore, I was really fortunate that I could attend this event where the Yves Saint Laurent makeup artists told us about some magic keys ;).
Chances are that you’re familiar with those bags under the eyes (don’t we all want to sleep for 8 hours a night;)), and that you just can’t manage to get rid of them. Well, I can tell you about this magic stick that can actually help you out! I’ve seen with my own eyes, on my own skin! Let me introduce you to the Touche Eclat, a concealer designed to correct signs of fatigue, to highlight facial features and to improve the skin’s radiance.
This magic stick does not only camouflage, better yet, it illuminates. You can use it under the eyes, on your eyelids, along the edge of your lips, on the middle of your forehead and on the bridge of your nose.

A special limited edition is available in stores in this month, in panther print packaging. Go wild ladies!

After the correct shade was tested on my face, I was hooked! Make sure to get advice about what number suits you best. I must admit that I had never used a concealer before, but from now on, the Touche Eclat will be part of my beauty essentials!
Beside the make up talk, I must say that Fashiolista and YSL took really good care of us! They spoiled us with many drinks, bites and sweets (those macarons..).
Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know what your beauty trick is! 
Love, Farah

Great atmosphere at club ABE 

Drinks served by handsome guys!

How cute are these goodiebags?!

The magic stick, the Touche Eclat by YSL
Presentation by YSL

No one can resist this 🙂 it’s all about the details!

                                           With the beautiful fellow blogger Nathalie!


Can’t wait to use these products! A foundation and the Touche Eclat by YSL.

Photography by de fotomeisjes

FASHjournal || Bloggernet Walk

februari 8, 2014

Hi lovelies!
It’s weekend! Even though there is nothing fun about the weather, I hope you will enjoy every bit of it! Those who follow me on my social media channels must have seen some pictures of the bloggerwalk! Bloggernet invited some bloggers to meet up and get to know other (foreign) bloggers and people in the fashion industry during a walk with quick visits at Amsterdam’s hotspots! We started the day with coffee and some sweets at Wannemakers (definitely a place to go for a break during a shopping spree!)
The crew of Badmanor was so nice to capture every moment of beautiful Amsterdam. There is still a video coming! I will share that one with you as well!
 Have a lovely weekend!
Love, Farah


FASHjournal & Diary || MBFWA – Let’s go fishin’!

februari 1, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Still have to show you some shots of Ilja Visser’s show during MBFWA! Loose fits, natural colors, synthetic materials. The collection is elegant, but has an edgy touch. Yfke Sturm kicked off the show, she was ready to fish and gurl, she definitely caught some fish! 😉 She knows how to get all the attention. Is it her perfect walk on the runway or the designs of Ilja Visser she wore? You tell me. 😉
But it’s also about some after show fun! Taking pictures. More pictures. Even more pictures. Have we already taken some pictures? Haha, social media, chatting, taking pictures, welcome to the blogosphere. 
Many thanks to Kevin of the Viewfinder and his lovely wife Aniek of Fabuliciousgirl for the after show pictures!
The beautiful fellow blogger Larissa of fromhattoheels made a cool video that gives you an impression of Fashion Week! Make sure to check it out here!
Oh, and I even designed my own designer piece that night haha. 😉 It was raining so badly that I literally pulled a garbage bag over my head to prevent me from getting soaking wet (seriously! Find the evidence on my Instagram;)!
 Am I crazy? Maybe. Whether we laughed? Definitely! 
Love, Farah

FASHjournal || MBFWA – MaryMe-JimmyPaul

januari 26, 2014

Hi dearies!
As you’ve seen on my social media accounts, I went to two shows during the 2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week yesterday! It’s always such a great experience to see all those beautiful designs and creations on the runway worn by those super duper beautiful models! It’s a place where I get so much inspiration. And it’s not just the models, it’s also the people attending the shows who look stunning! It makes my mind go wild and it makes me wanna design and make my own clothing. I wish I had awesome sewing skills!
I tried to get some nice shots and I hope you like them! I really wanted to share a bit of the feeling and atmosphere of Fashion Week! 
MaryMe-JimmyPaul, the French/Dutch designer duo knows how to draw all the attention! The show was absolutely spectacular! It was all about faux fur, feathers, prints, metallics, crazy sweaters, and so on. It was BIG! They know how to stand out. This show definitely exceeded every fantasy!
I will show you the second fashion report tomorrow!
Love, Farah

Events || Swarovski SS 2014

december 2, 2013

Would it surprise if I told you I was very excited for this event?! The ones who have followed me for a longer time know that I love Swarovski! I have done some serious Swarovski talk earlier on the blog (see for example here)!
The Summer/Spring collection is stunning with beautiful statement pieces and beautiful colors. It’s  the first time that Swarovski brings a tribute to art. Native culture and art comes together, which results in beautiful items based on earthy colors and primary bright colors. The collection draws her inspiration also from nature depicted by pure and intense blue tints.
 Even the drinks and the bites were in classy Swarovski style. An atmosphere I could hang around for hours.
And of course Swarovski didn’t let us go home without giving us our own piece of beautiful crystal. See my Instagram/Facebook account to see the beautiful gift!
Love, Farah

FASHjournal || The Big U VI

september 24, 2013


Click on read more for a huge FASHjournal!

I know, I know. It was amazing! That was already obvious right? My social media followers were spammed all day long! You can’t blame me. I was one lucky girl that day! Guess I can say that this was the best blogger event I have ever been to. There was so much to do, so much to see and so much creativity to inspire me! Oh, and not to mention the hospitality and the ‘gezelligheid’. Sorry, there is just no right translation for that Dutch word ;).
Aaaah I felt a like a kid in a candy shop! Or maybe, more suitable for this occasion, a girl in a HUGE shoe closet. Are you feeling it?!  I totally know right?!

Alrighty, time to show you some awesomeness!

Let me introduce you to Drykorn. Speaking about fashionable statements. Every single piece
was a statement that would make your closet worth a lot. I got the challenge to style the (I-want-you-sooo-badly!) coat with other lovely pieces. Leather and fall colors was the perfect combination a la Formula Farah to style this beautiful Grey Dust coat. I even put them on and took an outfit picture! Do you like it?

However, to make the look complete, make up is essential right? I love make up and I use a lot of MAC products. I do not know what I love more, my lipsticks or chocolate, says enough huh 😉 ? 
Aaaaaaaaaand guess what? I won a 60 min make up session by MAC! Can’t wait!

It was not only about being surrounded by beautiful fashion and make-up, hospitality was also all over the place! We were spoiled with yummy bites and drinks!

Seriously?! Yes! Seriously! Getting my own personalized UGGS with Swarovski Crystals!
Dear UGGS, I thank you before hand for keeping my  feet warm and dry during this coming winter. I promise to take care of you and treat you the best I can. Love, Farah

I am a witness. Put me on the stand and I will only speak the truth. The sound of these headphones was that good that I went totally into the music and didn’t even notice that I already won the game! We played bingo with songs. You had to recognize 4 songs in a row to win a headphone! So, imagine me standing over there enjoying the music without even noticing that I already had BINGO! Sennheiser, you proved your quality already to me!

P.S. Can you guess what color I’ve chosen?

Last but definitely not least, happy 40th anniversary dear Pepejeans!
Can it be more obvious that I was thrilled about the collection? You proved
that you made this girl happy! 
I hope you enjoyed this fashjournal and don’t forget to leave a fashionable comment!



Fashjournal || Moderne Hippies Markt

september 12, 2013

Moderne Hippies Market. A place to wonder around. Feeling the hippie vibe all over the place at Amsterdam Roest. If you haven’t been there yet, check out their schedule here for more events!
It was an afternoon where I tried ‘tarwegras’ juice for the first time, where I finally found round sunnies I was looking for and where I bought lace pants. Yes! Lace see-through pants. It can’t get hippier can it?! Still have to get the right pair of high waisted shorts for under the pants. Unfortunately the festival season is over..Since it’s a vintage item, it doesn’t get old right :D?
I also met the lovely Sella. She got my attention immediately as soon as I saw her drawing people. I got curious and I got suprised! I love her ‘instant’ art work. Check out her work at her blog on She visits a lot of events, make sure to follow her and get your own fashion painting!
Tomorrow I will show you my outfit on the drawing!
Love, Farah


Fashjournal || River Island Christmas ’13

september 11, 2013

Do you feel like summer is almost over? Already getting your closet ready for the fall? Well, let me get you past the fall and bring you…Christmas! Let me introduce you to  the new Christmas collection of River Island!

Standing there, while it was plus 20 degrees (Celsius, Fahrenheit would be pretty darn cold) made it hard for me to get into the Christmas vibe. However, after a first glance at the elegant Christmas collection of River Island got me feeling the Christmas vibe for sure. The collection is filled with red, pink, emerald green colors and metallic fabrics. There were also a lot of other different fabrics such as velvet and, of course, jacquard couldn’t be left out of the collection.

When I think of Christmas, the first thing that pops in my mind is dresses. Beautiful gowns and pretty cocktail dresses. As a dress-lover, I love that time of the year during which you can walk in any kind of dress. You are never overdressed. River Island got you some pretty pretty statement dresses and those were definitely my favorites!
I can’t wait! Can you? If you don’t have a River Island store nearby, there is always the mighty internet! Check out their collection HERE!
Thanks to Oona PR!

Love, Farah

Fashjournal || PUUR PR bloggersevent

juni 16, 2013

The most cozy office I’ve have ever seen. The perfect atmosphere to work in. Puur PR has a lovely place where they show beautiful pieces of AMATØR, ANECDOTE and many more brands. I got the chance to see the collection and to meet other bloggers at their bloggersevent. Another good part of the evening was a rack of clothes which we could try on. Their very first Magazine with the outfit pictures of the bloggers and more is now online! See it HERE! Can you spot me?

What I’m wearing:
Top: Mango

Fashjournal || PIOGG Fashion show

mei 6, 2013

Tackling the Dutch weather with your raincoat, the must-have in your closet! You probably have the same problem as I have: you don’t own a fashionable raincoat. Is that right? 😉 And no, I’m not talking about the ponchos you own in various colors and shapes, haha! 😉
But, the solution is against the non-fashionable ponchos/two-piece-raincoats/being-soaking-wet is here! Let me introduce you to PIOGG, founded by Daphne Gerritse (see the last picture). This is where fashionable and functional comes together. A collection that is inspired by Italian elegance (hence the name, pioggia means rain in Italian). It’s all about elegance. Not only for women, but also for men. I got the chance to see the collection and if…if I just wasn’t a student anymore… this would be a great investment in a timeless piece of elegance and functionality!
You can see the whole collection on! Check it out!
Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Fred de la Bretonière A/W’13 / Store opening Fretons

april 15, 2013

Three brands with one vision: Fred de la Bretonière, Shabbies Amsterdam, Fretons = affordable quality. Last week, I got the chance to see the new A/W’13 collection! What a day! Besides the surprisingly beautiful shoes (they look and feel amazing in real life), me and Annisa (my bff/photographer) had such a good time with the master himself, his wife and other people we met and spoke to!
Comfy, quality, and good-looking, three keywords I think apply to Fred de la Bretonière. The three brands are totally different so every person can find his or her perfect leather item. Which means not only items for our feet, but also accessories and bags that make your outfit even more beautiful!
After chatting about an hour with everybody, we had to go. Back to uni! Buuuut since we had such a good time, we decided to visit the store opening of the Fretons collection in the afternoon as well. Yap, where the party was! A new shop with lots of Fretons in many kinds of shapes, materials, textures and prints. I really recommend you to visit the store in the Jacob Obrechtstraat in Amsterdam and get yourself some quality and good looking sneakers!
Thank you Fred de la Bretonière and Puur PR (especially many thanks to Marloes of Stylesandwhich!) for the invite!
Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Hippe-schoenen

april 12, 2013

Ph// AnnisaGM
And it’s time for a fashjournal! Hippe-schoenen it is! Have you ever heard about them? Hippe schoenen is a website where you can buy fashionable shoes for a maximum price of 50 euros! Well, isn’t that a good deal? Last week, I was invited to see their 2013 spring/summer collection which is imported from Brazil, the United States and France. This makes the collection unique in the Netherlands! I was suprised and escpecially loved their sandals!  
Lucky for us, we got 50 euros to spend on the website! Shoes, we can’t have/get enough of them 😉
There was more to have a look at than shoes. Priscilla van der Meer from Beautysalon La Piu Bella presented her clothes, bag and accessories. Her webshop will be online soon!
It was a lovely afternoon… 


Event || Launch F.A.L.L. Magazine

maart 1, 2013

 With the youngest and most beautiful owner and editor in Chief, Milou Verbeke!

 photos by AnnisaGM
last 2  photo’s by Hizkia & Abigail
F.A.L.L. Magazine, a brand new international magazine which combines the world of Fashion, Art, Literature and Lifestyle. It’s a platform for (unknown) young and talented people who are given an voice by F.A.L.L. Magazine!

I’m proud that I can be a small part of that as a fashionblogger! (for more info click here).
Wednesday last week was the day that the first issue was launched in Foam Concept Store. Between all the photos, books, drinks and lovely people was the perfect setting to launch the magazine.
The magazine is founded by the 24 year old Milou Verbeke (also the Owner and Editor in Chief), who couldn’t be more proud! The magazine is now available in various stores! Search for your nearest store here!

Speaking about young talents, are you one of them or do you know someone? Think of writers, artists, photographers, fashionbloggers, stylists, models and so on. This might be your chance to show the world your name in the next issue of F.A.L.L Magazine! You can also support F.A.L.L. by spending 25 euros and buy yourself a little piece in the magazine!
See all the information about that here!
P.S. You also can stay up-to-
date on their online-magazine for which I will be blogging once every couple of weeks!

Love, Farah

Fashjournal || Nikki Plessen Fashion show

februari 10, 2013

           I met the lovely Wendy and we spent the whole evening together! (fabulousstylews)
 Many thanks to Charlotte for this opportunity!
Lots of fur..Love for fur
          It was all about green!
  A big YAY for flared trousers!
   A lot of leather in the collection, this skirt was definitely my favorite piece!
 Classiness all over..
 Black and white, Nikki knows everything about it!
   Dear skirt, can you find your way to my closet?
            P.S. I know everything about you, beautiful clutch.  You’re perfectly see through. 
Still haven’t found the perfect leather pants? You probably have now… 😉
  Afterparty with the one and only Valerio Zeno ( DJ Phalerieau)
    A perfect location for the fashion show
Thanks to Vogue exclusive for this goodiebag!
   Last but not least, many thanks to Nikki Plessen for a wonderful evening and a spectaculair show!

Fashion show || Addy van den Krommenacker

december 29, 2012

Ph// AnnisaGM

Oh my, can you imagine me being stunned and amazed by this fashion show which only featured dresses, and not just ‘dresses’ but too good to be true dresses?! Unfortunately, I can’t really afford these dresses (now/ever)…but they definitely are some high fashion inspiration!

Addy van den Krommenacker: you’ve blown me away.

P.S. There might be a picture overload…sorry for that…It’s not what you are used to with me, but I just couldn’t choose! Though the last one is definitely my favorite!
Have a lovely Sunday..the last Sunday of the year!

Love, Farah

Vintage webshop || Dreams of a Girl

november 22, 2012

Hi lovely people,
As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of vintage. Therefore I’m happy to announce this little cute cooperation with Maria, the owner of the facebook vintagewebshop :
‘Dreams of a Girl’Dreams of a girl is about that girl which is inspired by life, love and creativity; translating her dreams into her own style.
Style is an important form of self expression and communication.
It’s a fact that history repeats itself; fashion and clothing trends are no exception. Since fashion is cyclical, there is always some style from the past that has been made new again. This means that  there is a good chance you can find the original version of that style in a vintage item from that era. Finding it, can be difficult though. But, Dreams of a Girl can make your dreams come true! When you purchase and find your perfect vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited, if not one of a kind, item just for you.
People who wear vintage clothing have something to tell you..and so do I! You can buy these lovely items now at the webshop of Dreams of a girl which you can find right here!
Get yourself inspired by Dreams of a Girl and dare to be different!
PS: don’t forget to like the facebookpage so you won’t miss every new unique piece!
Voor de Nederlandse meiden onder ons: houd jij ook zo van vintage? Wacht niet langer en ontdek de vintage webshop van Dreams of a Girl waar je inspiratie op kan doen en waar je hele mooie en unieke items kan verkrijgen! Vergeet niet de facebookpagina te liken om altijd op de hoogte te blijven van de nieuwste, unieke vintage items!
Lots of Vintage Love,

FASHjournal: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Amsterdam

september 16, 2012


What a great evening it was! You will definitely agree if you visited the FNO as well!
We started at 18:00 at the Bijenkorf and we planned to go to the van Baerlestraat and the PC Hooftstraat afterwards. There was so much to see and to do at the Bijenkorf that we lost time!
Aaargh! So I didn’t visit the other two streets anymore! Did I miss something? Was it as fun as it was at the Bijenkorf? I’m so curious, let me know!:)
Do you see those heels? You could try them on! I didn’t, too scared that I would fall (definitely something I would do). Designers: Iris van Herpen (first picture) and Jan Taminiau.

See you next year at FNO!

Coat: Zara € 50
Dress: Zara € 20
Heels: Aldo $ 60
Bag: Zara €40 (Zara in Portugal is cheaper! More on this later!)
Necklace:  Stradivarius € 8



The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

september 12, 2012

Finally! The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is being held in Amsterdam for the very first time.
The first edition, you can’t miss it! Dress up and come to celebrate fashion! There are many great things to see and to discover!Your ticket is the September issue of Vogue.
For more information about this fabulous night of shopping click here

Interested in the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in your own country? Check out the website of your national Vogue.