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Outfit || DARK ANGEL in NYC

november 4, 2013
Topshop skirt // Sans-online boots // Vanilia top  

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had a blast this weekend! I had a blast for sure! Last Saturday, we had a Halloween party at the Brooklyn apartment. It was my first American house party ever, which included punch, rummy bears (gummy bears soaked in rum),  funny (and/or sexy) Halloween outfits and playing games (beer pong, flip cup and such). You Americans are so funny haha! 🙂
It was my first Halloween in the States ever, so I did some research on the internet for some outfit inspiration. In the Netherlands, we go for ‘scary‘, but over here, it’s more about wearing either sexy/hot costumes and/or dressing up as a character. (Have you seen Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus’ outfits?!? Oh my… 0_0). I’m not good with painting the face, so in the end I chose a practical and classy outfit, a Halloween la Formula Farah outfit! I was a dark angel with black angel wings, a beautiful black masque and dark lipstick. We took the pictures on the rooftop of the apartment at sunset with an amazing view of Manhattan. Picture perfect.

Have a lovely Monday (evening) lovelies! I’m leaving today already! So sad but all good things come to an end.. Hope to show you more pictures of New York very soon!
Love, Farah