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september 8, 2015



Hi there lovelies!

Straight from the Netherlands again! Back at it and excited for the next fashion season! Starting this week with Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, one of my favorite events of the year. Get to see & be inspired all night long by all the stylish people walking around me. Speaking of inspiration: something we all need, we all look for. Something to give us great ideas to develop your own style. And whatever we achieve, we tend to share this with others to connect, and come closer to one another. Continue Reading…


Health || Absolute Yoga Amsterdam

juni 18, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

I have something totally different planned for you today! Something I’m very excited about personally and would love to share with you!

We live in a world in which we’re rushing all the time. From one place to another. Every day, I get so many impressions, I plan so many activities, I do so much socializing. I enjoy all of that.  However, how often do we take some time to breathe and come to ourselves? I hardly ever do. Every ‘free’ minute has to be spent in a profitable manner. And that’s something I really want to get rid off. In my busy schedule, I had to make time to relax and take care of my body. As you might know, I go to the gym a couple of times a week, but I noticed I was getting less lean each day. That’s because I work out with weights. Stretching after working out with weights is very important (and I admit I don’t take enough time to stretch after my work out). Weight training exercises hav been very good to me. However, it’s time to bring my work outs to another level. Continue Reading…



april 28, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

It’s official! I have moved! From now on living with my love in a cute place in Amsterdam! What a hectic week it was! Sneaked out to Copenhagen as well for the last trip with Vero Moda. Now I’m living in between boxes and I haven’t packed out everything yet. My boyfriend is making me a Continue Reading…


Outfit || Christmas Sparkles

december 12, 2014


 Hi lovelies,

Are you already feeling those Christmas vibes? The streets are covered with decorations and lights. This is the only month that I don’t mind the fact that it’s dark when the clock turns 5 in the afternoon. It’s because the city turns into a fairytale world. Even though it’s cold, biking through the city is such a pleasure. And this time of the month, it’s not only about decorating the streets and house, why not decorate yourself too?Inline image 1 Continue Reading…


Inspiration || TI SENTO MILANO

december 5, 2014


Hi lovelies!

Today I have a special shoot waiting for you guys. I will show you 4 outfits for 4 occasions combined with beautiful TI SENTO MILANO  jewelry. First I would like to introduce you to the brand. I have known TI SENTO MILANO for a couple of years now since a good friend of mine loves their jewelry. But now I got the chance to collaborate with this beautiful brand which I’m very grateful for. As I love fine, feminine & elegant jewelry, TI SENTO MILANO fits perfectly in my style and in my love for special jewelry. Also, I got the opportunity to be the style advisor of TI SENTO MILANO at the BeJeweled workshop at the department store de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam next week (the 10th en 12th of December).

TI SENTO MILANO, the name says it all: an Italian brand that stands for wearability & versatility. Their jewelry is all made out of silver which has a luxurious appearance.

Let the storytelling begin…

  Continue Reading…


Accessories || MARC COBLEN

november 30, 2014


Hi sweeties,

I bet you like Sundays as much as I do. Although, for me, these next couple of lazy Sundays will  exist of studying. But I don’t mind, not at all. The fact that I can stay at home all day long is just pure bliss. Sundays are also days that people have the time to get some inspiration, thinking about new adventures, new ideas and plans. For me, Sundays are always like: it’s a brainstorm kind of a day :). Continue Reading…


Details || Daniel Wellington

augustus 31, 2014
Always on time in a classy way. Daniel Wellington knows how to do that. 
A classy touch to wear anytime and anywhere. 
A classy friend that helps you to not be fashionably late 
PS. Get 15 % off with the code ‘formulafarah’ on an order on!


Outfit || Rainfest

augustus 25, 2014

 Hi dearies!
Yes, we have to protect ourselves from this awful weather! BUT, it doesn’t have to be in a non-fashionable way right? After showing you my sweet rain equipment on my social media channels, it was time to give this baby a worthy outfit shoot!

Continue Reading…


Inspiration || You Sock

juni 25, 2014

Hi lovelies!
A well-known problem to all women worldwide: your partner’s sock drawer that exists of pairs that are randomly put together and just do not match. Does this sound familiar to you? And does this bother you? Well…it shouldn’t! It’s cool to mix and combine socks, it really is! BUT, then again, you
have socks and socks. The socks themselves have to be cool right?! So let me introduce you to You Sock by Jarvis Pursuit.

Continue Reading…


FASHjournal || EOS101 by Canon

april 30, 2014

Ph far right//NewsLab

Hi all,
You’ve probably already seen it on social media, I went to a how-to-use-a-DSLR-camera-101 workshop by Canon! But, we have a confession to make. The I doesn’t stand for Farah, but for me: Annisa! Farah, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the workshop, so she asked whether I could go instead. Fortunately, of course I wanted to! Plus, as I, together with her boyfriend, am the one behind the camera, the workshop would benefit me more than the one in front of the camera. Even though I have already done several courses in photography, I did learn a thing or too. So read all about this lovely afternoon below!
First, after an introduction by Canon about their EOS 1200D, Negin Mirsalehi and her boyfriend showed their results after using the camera for a week. Great quality for this entry-level model! After that, we had the opportunity to test the camera ourselves! 
And here I am talking to this lovely couple about the EOS 1200D. 

During the first workshop, I learned how to spice up simple product photography. The things you need: an aquarium filled with water, an airpump, a thin transparent wire, a background, a white light and a colored light (in this case, it’s blue). And look how awesome a simple bottle of nail polish can be!
Then I learned about the different types of light and working with models.
Lastly, the one and only Remko Kraaijeveld (culinary photography extraordinaire) taught us how to take photos from a close range of food! You can play with focus and depth to focus the viewer on a certain part. Like in this case, I tried to focus on the tiny blueberries in the back to distract our eyes from those delicious looking muffins ;).

My workshop group for the afternoon! Had a lot of fun with these beautiful ladies! 

Well, that was the first post written by me! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoy Farah’s posts ;). Let me know in case you have any questions about photography! I’ll try to answer them ;). 



Photos are by Formula Farah unless stated otherwise 


Diary || A Sunday Away in Luxury

april 28, 2014
 Read about a dreamy day & night out at Hotel van der Valk Assen after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
Let me show you a place (or call it heaven), where you can have the most dreamy time ever..

Whether it’s in the golden jacuzzi..

On the golden chair..

In front of the beamer…

Lying on that gigantic bed..

Going into that sauna..

Lying in front of the fire place..

Sipping drinks at your own private bar..

And have the most delicious breakfast in bed the morning after..
I had the most relaxing day and night in the Royal Suite at Hotel van der Valk Assen with my bestie Annisa! 
Honestly, if you are looking for a romantic and quite getaway, hotel and suite are just perfect for just that. Or, like I did, a relaxing getaway with your best friend! Watching movies all night long while pampering ourselves! Loved every single moment!
Many thanks to Ilovefashionbloggers & Hotel Van der Valk Assen for making this happen!
Enjoy the pictures! 
I’m wearing
Nelly trend Flower kimono (here)
H&M dress
Paris2day heels (here)


Outfit || Royal Blue and Orange Blossoms for Kingsday

april 16, 2014
Find out about my perfect Kingsday outfit after the jump!

Hi lovelies!

It’s almost that time of the year again: when The Netherlands turn into one big party and the crowd is dressed in orange and/or red, blue and white (i.e. the colors of the Dutch flag).  I can actually say that it’s one of my favorite days of the year. I always make sure that I’m not away on a holiday! And for all my readers who are not from the Netherlands, you just have to visit Amsterdam on Kingsday to feel the incredible atmosphere and party with all the other thousands of people! 
I always love to dress up in the Kingsdag-theme. Orange, red, blue & white are the main colors to mix & match with. 
This year, I’ve chosen a classy look with an orange & blue pop of color in this beautiful jumpsuitCombined with these beautiful white shoes of Ted Baker with a golden sole, which gives it a royal and clean touch. And what about the triple colored bag? Doesn’t it match perfectly with the rest of the look?

To be able to make this perfect match I shopped at Zalando! The perfect place where you have a huge choice and can filter very easily on colors, brands, products and sizes! What do you want more? 🙂 You can’t blame me for loving this as they make the mixing & matching very easy and fun right? 😉
What will you be wearing on Kingsday? Well..I got a little something special for you guys! Head over to this page where you can combine YOUR perfect Zalando Kingsday outfit! BUT! I’m not finished yet! It get’s even better! You can WIN your outfit of 250 euros! How cool would that be?! Don’t wait any longer and start creating your outfit HERE!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing
Wal G Playsuit (via Zalando here)
Dune bag (via Zalando here)
Ted Baker shoes (via Zalando here)


Outfit || Come Fly With Me…

april 13, 2014

Imagine, an open airport and its open airstrip. Open for the public. No fences, no security, nothing! Just imagine! That’s how cool Berlin is. There is an actual airport that is turned into a park in 2008. (Check it out here!) It’s gigantic and so open. Never could have imagined that I would walk over an airstrip. How cool is that?!  
Children’s fantasies come true visiting this place (mine did!) and my mind was working over time to pick the perfect outfit for a shoot here! How would I look like / style myself if I were a pilot? Just like this! Feminine, powerful and with a pop of color.
What do you think?
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Zara top
H&Mmirror sunnies

FASHjournal || Denim Blue Ridge Event by WE Fashion

maart 17, 2014

See & read more after the jump!

Well hello dearies!
How have you been? I have such a busy week ahead! It’s Persian New Year this week and this comes with a lot of festivities! We celebrate new year at the beginning of spring! Family gatherings, parties and loads of food! On the other hand, I also have an exam next week for which I have to study hard! So wish me luck to combine these two things, haha :).
Last week, I got the chance to explore the Denim Blue Ridge collection of WE fashion, a clothing brand originated in Amsterdam, and nowadays based internationally with over 250 stores worldwide. We got a very interesting presentation of how the use of denim is started and what it means nowadays by the stylist Maartje van den Broek. Afterwards, we chose an item with which we created three different looks. Oh boy, I’m so picky and such a perfectionist that it cost me so much time! Haha, I guess I don’t perform well under pressure! But I had so much fun and in the end I found so many cool denim items! Unfortunately, though, the items I picked were sold out in my size. So there’s a significant chance I wasn’t the only one who had discovered WE’s denim collection and loved those items!!

This is the best excuse to go back very soon! Thank you WE fashion for the interesting and informative afternoon!

Check out all the pictures of the event down below!

Love, Farah

Ph // De Fotomeisjes

Enjoying stylist Maartje van den Broek’s story about denim

Having fun with the lovely Lucie!

Helicopter view of the cool setting and the lovely company at WE! 
Yummy bites in denim style , how can one resist?

The beautiful Maartje van den Broek!
And the whole group together in WE clothing! Fabulous!


FASHjournal || Eleonora Carisi for Zalando

maart 8, 2014

Read all about the Eleonora Carisi for Zalando collection after the jump!

Hi lovelies,
Last Tuesday, I was invited for the press release of an exclusive collection designed by blogger and designer Eleonora Carisi for Zalando. It exists of 9 high quality pieces and very piece is made of a special fabric such as organza and silk. Inspired by nature, she concentrated on romantic and creative designs. The prints stand for great times and positive energy. Therefore, she used green, blue and yellow colors.
I had the chance to see the designs and touch the fabrics and I must say that every single one of them are special. A joyful collection that is screaming spring out loud! 
While enjoying a lovely breakfast by the Culinaire werkplaats, which was inspired by the collection and plated in the cutest way, it was a morning to remember! 
The collection is now online available on the Zalando website (here).
Enjoy the weekend and the a m a z i n g weather!
 Love, Farah

The nine pieces of the collection (see for a full look of the designs here)

 My favorite piece! 

 Isn’t this the cutest drawing ever?! Love it!

Outfit || Blue Muffin

maart 1, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Here it is! My baby blue muffin outfit hihi :). You either love or hate this look. I must admit that I turned a lot of heads while wearing this outfit! Of course, I look like a muffin, but in my opinion in a sweet way!
You must have noticed it, baby blue is the it-color of the moment. When I saw these tights last week in V&D’s sale for just 3 euros, I just had to get them. Lately, I’ve been grabbing everything that is in baby blue. So even these tights, yes. And not only because they made my wallet happy, mostly because they’re in baby blue. Feeling blue in a good way ;).
What I’m wearing
H&M Scuba skirt & heels
Primark cardigan
Pazzion bag
V&D tights


Wish list || Sale buys

januari 10, 2014
Check out my wishlist after the jump! Just click on READ MORE![398577|398560]&bi=41&ps=20[398590|398560]&bi=41&ps=20 
Hi dearies!
As you all know, I loveeee the sale season! But my wallet doesnt, that’s for sure haha :). Not only my wallet, my time schedule isn’t happy with it as well. I can scroll around for hours on webshops in the hopes of finding some treasures. For the first time in quite a while, actually, I wanted to share my favourite sale items with you guys! Some of these are high on my wish list ( I just have to order that COS sheer top and what about that long blue coat?!)  and I hope you enjoy my sale finds too!
Love, Farah

P.S. Can you figure out the brand just from looking at them? 😉
Click on the pictures for their sources! 


AFW || Dreaming Tulle

januari 6, 2014
Read all about my perfect and dreamy outfit for Amsterdam Fashion Week behind the door…

As a little girl I danced the days away, dreaming about becoming a princess one day and wearing the most beautiful dresses…
…Making plans and dreams with my best friend on how to conquer the world of fashion and find a little spot in a big world of beauty…
…Wrapped in yards of the most beautiful tulle, I dream about designing my own perfect tulle skirt for the red carpet at Amsterdam Fashion Week…

…Drawing sketches of the perfect tulle skirt that I’ll be wearing –  one day, at Amsterdam Fashion Week…

…It isn’t easy to make or find the perfect tulle skirt..that’s because I want it to be perfect all the way. I want the fabric to shine, just as I will shine while wearing my perfect tulle skirt at Amsterdam Fashion Week…
…And that drives me crazy sometimes, turning me upside down! However….
…I found it! The bigger the better, lifting it up to the max, ’cause that’s the goal you have to reach for. And now all that’s left is…

..packing for fashion week!  That will be the easiest thing as I’ll be wearing my ultimate maxi tulle skirt. Even if it gets to the point where the skirt makes it hard to switch gears, it will all be worth it. 

And these are the items that will complete the look, the perfect look for Amsterdam Fashion Week! It’s about making the look classy, feminine, sophisticated and above all, elegant. Pearls and crystals are my secret…*shhhh*

It all began with a little girl’s dream. Touching, feeling, and talking fashion. And what would be a better place than the place where all of that comes together? It’s called the paradise of Fashion Week – Amsterdam Fashion Week. I used to be that little girl. The little girl who was dancing the days away and always in the search for the right tulle skirt for that one special moment. The moment that she would wear it at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Not to forget that her favorite color back in the days was pink. But now, as a grown woman, she remembers and honors that time by incorporating the color in beautiful and classy pink items covered with pearls and crystals…

Dear Fashion Chick, you can make the dream of this little girl become reality!


NEW IN || River Island Metalics

november 25, 2013

Hi dearies!
Figuring that these are my fourth(!) new pair of shoes this month, you probably wonder where in the world I keep them. Well, just like a lot of people: in my hallway. Only issue is, I can’t open my front door properly anymore! I’ve got so (/too) many now! A little while back, my closet was featured on the website I Love Fashion News, and I showed a little bit of my shoe collection. What you don’t see on the photo is that the entire floor is covered with shoes as well!
Anyways, that doesn’t stop me from expanding my collection though! Here’s a (another) new pair of boots that I can be worn everyday to survive the cold Dutch winter – in style
At the moment, I’m at the Starbucks at the Double Tree Hilton hotel, brainstorming about Formula Farah 2.0 with my bestie! If you have any ideas and/or suggestions, please let me know! I would love to hear about them and incorporate them to my blog. Comment me on Facebook, Instagram or just leave a message down here! Thanks so much, really appreciate it!
River Island boots (here)

Inspiration || Hi Heel Hosiery

oktober 22, 2013

Ph//Marks & Spencer

How is it possible that this idea didn’t come earlier? I was so enthusiastic when I read about these hosieries! The British brains at Marks & Spencer  came up with this idea to ease the pain caused by wearing high heels. Simple but very smart: pads at the bottom front of the feet where the center of the pressure is.
I cannot wait to get my hands (feet actually) on one these stockings and finding out whether they really help to walk on my high heels, all day long, without being tortured by the pain at the end of the day. (Yes, every girl suffers from that, no one gets out of it, just so that you know! 😉 )
They are available in multiple prints and colors and the prices vary from 5 to 15 euros.
Sounds good to me!
Love, Farah


Trend || Pinky Promise

oktober 10, 2013
Pinky Promise

PINK! A promise I made to the color pink when I was a little girl: I will always love you! It’s the color of this season. What?! Yes! LIKE! For me it’s a beautiful trend that I will embrace and not by only sticking to that one pink coat – like many fashionlovers and trendsetters do.  Rather, I can image me wearing pink skirts, dresses, heels, bags and everything else! Ok, maybe not everything such as pink pants but there are definitely a lot of items I would like to wear (read: have)! Looking forward to looking as cute as pink! 😀

Love, Farah

P.S. See for the source of the coats my Polyvore account here!