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OUTFIT || Lincoln Ave MIAMI

mei 8, 2015


 Hi sweethearts,

One of the very last posts to reveal my last day in Miami. The weather was extremely hot and we had a couple of hours to kill before flying back to the Netherlands. We decided to spend the day shopping, eating our last burger at Shake Shack (you have to try their Continue Reading…



mei 4, 2015



Hi sweethearts!

It’s a beautiful day. Liberation day. A day that is engraved in the Dutch history. I grew up in freedom. But my people in Iran don’t. From the bottom of my heart I hope that one can every single person in this world can live in freedom. The biggest gift in life you can have besides the love of your loved ones. I appreciate the fact that I got the chance to grew up and study in the Netherlands so much. That might be the reason that I grab Continue Reading…



mei 1, 2015



Hi there sweethearts!

Hope you’re all doing just fine! I’m still living in between boxes. I’ve embraced their beauty like I said before haha:) But we’re getting there. Slowly:D.

These few weeks were so hectic, that I almost forget Continue Reading…



april 28, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

It’s official! I have moved! From now on living with my love in a cute place in Amsterdam! What a hectic week it was! Sneaked out to Copenhagen as well for the last trip with Vero Moda. Now I’m living in between boxes and I haven’t packed out everything yet. My boyfriend is making me a Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || A Golden Touch

april 1, 2015


Holaaaa lovelies!
I wished I could share my Ultra Miami Music Festival outfits earlier with you but time is going by so fast and it’s so hard to find a moment to sit behind the laptop. But, as we speak, I got a bit sick ( blame it on being a party animal haha) and now I had no choice! Words cannot describe the experience that’s called Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Boho Ultra Music Festival Miami

maart 28, 2015



Hi lovelies!

WHA I’m in MIAMI baby!!! Wanderlust it is! The bohotat says it all. After a veryyy long flight we arrived on Wednesday and went explore the streets immediately! Thursday was a relaxing day walking around South Beach and chillin’ at the beach. We we’re all SO excited to Friday: the first day of Continue Reading…


Essentials || MIAMI

maart 25, 2015


Hi lovelies!

When you’re reading this, I will be on my way to MIAMI!!! So excited! It will be a long long journey since we have a transfer in Madrid and from Madrid it’s a 12 hours flight! Wha! Of course, I brought some stuff with me to read but somehow I love to sleep when I’m on an airplane, haha :). I wanted to show you a peek of all the stuff I’m bringing with to Miami. It’s a lot! Packing is Continue Reading…