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Outfit || Falling Pink

november 23, 2013

Hi lovelies!
It’s the weekend! Hope you have lots of great plans! I had two exams last week and I’m sort of exhausted because of all the studying and practicing. The ones who follow me on Instagram must have seen that I went to the Hunkemöller Sample Sale after my exam! Well, shopping was well deserved right 😀 Oeh! I also bought another faux fur coat! Can’t wait to show it to you!
To the ones who have no plans for today, it’s at the Borchlandweg in Amsterdam! I can recommend it to everyone! There are lot of sample sales going on lately. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Vanilia Sample Sale, definitely one of my favorites! It’s gonna be a double date with my mother and my bestie who is also bringing her mother. I announce the sample sales on my Facebook, so if you’d like to be updated, make sure you’re following me on my Facebook page! Last week, I reached the 1000 likes mark on Facebook! A milestone. Thank you so much, again, for all of your support!
About the outfit! Still going strong with my New York City outfits! It’s almost time again for some bad weather in the Netherlands outfits :(. The Brooklyn Bridge is a stunning place to shoot outfit pictures and have a romantic walk.  I’m wearing a complete Forever21 outfit! When I told you about the boots yesterday (here) that wasn’t the only thing I got in that store! I cannot wait for Forever 21 to open in Amsterdam soon! The color pink is all over the place and I adore it. Still haven’t bought a pink coat but a pink knit will do for a while! 🙂 Combined it with a cute dress full of flowers and of course, with the beloved overknee boots.  Also, I’m wearing this new cute beanie with a flower and some veil to make the total look less girly. I’m totally in love with the beanie-with-veil trend! I’m about to make myself one! 
Have you ever been to New York and what was your favorite place?
Have a great weekend!
Love, Farah

Outfit || Fall coziness

november 19, 2013
   Pieces via Sans-online  studded bootsZara skirtShoeby knitMango blazerPazzion bag

Hi lovelies!
After surviving another Monday it always gets better right? 😀 This week is an hectic week for me with my two upcoming exams. Seeing these outfits and reminiscing about New York helps me get through it though!

I seriously didn’t have any time to shoot outfits after I got back to Holland, but hopefully you will be satisfied with some sunny and bright outfit pictures straight from the Big Apple!

The most common way to get around and travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan is of course by subway. But..think bigger! There is also a ferry that takes you to the other site of this beautiful city! The trip across the water is totally worth it! It didn’t take long, so no worries about getting seasick!
Now, let’s talk about the outfit! I’ve already showed you the new beautiful ankle boots (here) I got from the webshop Sans-online from the brand Pieces! While browsing the web in search of new inspiration and buys, I saw these beauties and even without having them yet, I already thought of many outfits I could wear with them! Perfect for Christmas and/or NYE. Shiny and they look like a piece of art don’t they ;)?
For this look, I combined them with an oh so comfy and fluffy knit from Shoeby and a skirt from the current Zara collection. This a-symmetric skirt is the perfect basic item to combine with a huge knit during these fall days. Just the way I love it, as you can see!
Love, Farah

PS. I would like to share a very cool competition by Gaastra with you guys! By uploading a nautical inspired picture on their facebookpage you can win the designer Choice Award aaaaaand a clothing check of 1000 euros! You can be the inspiration for their new collection! Don’t wait and upload your picture here!


Outfit || Body Language

november 15, 2013

 Zara dress (similar) // Maidenform Shapewear // Pedro heels 

Hi lovelies!
It’s so strange to see a bare legged outfit in November right? But let me tell you a secret. The weather in New York was strange: on one day it was 20+ degrees and the next the temperature could decrease down to 10 degrees! Crazy! So I walked bare legged and I walked around feeling very cold! That’s strange isn’t it ;). 
This dress. Those colors. Those flowers. It’s called perfection for an outfit for those warm autumn days. The length and the turtleneck make it perfect for fall, whereas it’s not really suitable for summer.
This dress is speaking body language to the max. I think I have never worn a dress as tight as this one. Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and be proud of your curves!
A while ago, I got the opportunity to try out Maidenform shape wear. I had never worn/used shape wear before but it was a great discovery after wearing it with this dress. First of all, the fabric is very luxurious. It’s seamless and very soft. But most importantly, it’s comfortable. There is no extreme compression but it’s all about toning. After wearing this I couldn’t believe I never wore it before. I think that every woman should own one of these shape wear dresses. No matter how fit you are, it boosts your confidence and charisma that make every tight dress you’re wearing even more sexy.
Love, Farah
PS. You have to try the delicious cakes of the Magnolia Bakery (those who have watched Sex and the City know what I’m talking about:)! Believe me, wear your Maidenform shapewear and there is no guilty feeling at all hihi 🙂

Outfit || PLAID

november 9, 2013
 Topshop plaid suit // Pedro heels // Pazzion bag

Hellooooo weekend!!
Do you have crazy plans? Going to the EMA’s tomorrow?! I wish I could! Unfortunately, that’s not the case hihi. I will have to work and going to visit my parents again!

As I promised and told you before, I still have some outfit shoots from NYC that I’m dying to show you. This is also quite handy at the moment, since I didn’t have the time to shoot my outfits this week! The last three days were hectic. Visited the launch of the new issue of Fall Magazine, went to a pressday and I had a meeting with Ilovefashionbloggers and other bloggers. Will tell you more about that soon! Stay tuned! 🙂
Yesterday, evening I suprised my bestie with her birthday by collecting all her friends at a restaurant. That was a good beginning of the weekend, I’ll say! Guess I like to suprise the people I love! I had a suprise party myself as well last year and I enjoyed it so much!
Let’s talk about the outfit and of course….NEW YORK! First of all, thank you for all the sweet messages on my social media accounts! Many of you liked this plaid suit! Can’t blame you! I got so many compliments on the streets in NYC as well! ‘You wear that plaid well lady’, was the sweetest comment by an old woman standing in the Starbucks.
On that day, my boyfriend took me to the bakery where they bake the best cookies in town! A hotspot I recommend everyone anytime you’re in NYC. The cookies of Levain Bakery in Manhattan. The biggest cookie I have ever had. So big, that I couldn’t even finish half of it. But hey, sharing is caring right 😀 my boyfriend didn’t mind that at all haha!
Enjoy your weekend lovelies and don’t forget to leave a comment since I accidently deleted 100 of your lovely comments last week. 🙁


Outfit || DARK ANGEL in NYC

november 4, 2013
Topshop skirt // Sans-online boots // Vanilia top  

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had a blast this weekend! I had a blast for sure! Last Saturday, we had a Halloween party at the Brooklyn apartment. It was my first American house party ever, which included punch, rummy bears (gummy bears soaked in rum),  funny (and/or sexy) Halloween outfits and playing games (beer pong, flip cup and such). You Americans are so funny haha! 🙂
It was my first Halloween in the States ever, so I did some research on the internet for some outfit inspiration. In the Netherlands, we go for ‘scary‘, but over here, it’s more about wearing either sexy/hot costumes and/or dressing up as a character. (Have you seen Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus’ outfits?!? Oh my… 0_0). I’m not good with painting the face, so in the end I chose a practical and classy outfit, a Halloween la Formula Farah outfit! I was a dark angel with black angel wings, a beautiful black masque and dark lipstick. We took the pictures on the rooftop of the apartment at sunset with an amazing view of Manhattan. Picture perfect.

Have a lovely Monday (evening) lovelies! I’m leaving today already! So sad but all good things come to an end.. Hope to show you more pictures of New York very soon!
Love, Farah


Outfit || Shopping in SOHO NYC

november 1, 2013

H&M hat & jacket // dress // Pazzion bag // Mango belt // Hippeschoenen boots

Read everything about shopping in Soho after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
Let me start this one off by thanking you for all the sweet responses. I loved to share my story with you and it was great to see that you guys liked it as well!
It’s  my fourth day in New York already. Time is flying by so fast when you’re having fun! Yesterday, I spent the day walking around aaaaand shopping in Soho, the place for a shopping spree. Next to all the regular shops, you can find all kinds of boutiques and brands you’re searching for. It’s my favorite place to shop in New York! My boyfriend asked me what I liked to do on the second day of arrival and of course I was dying to shop! And this all resulted in: some good damage. The ones who follow me on Instagram must have seen the plaid suit I was wearing. One of yesterday’s purchases! An outfit post with all the details will follow soon!
Now concerning the outfit! What’s important for a day of shopping is you have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, moreover it has to be easy. And with easy I mean that it has to be easy to take them off and put them back on again. ‘Cause that’s what you’re constantly doing when you’re trying on clothes in the fitting rooms. Last week, I got this lovely dress with beautiful details on the arms and the shoulders. Spiced it up with my beloved hat and I was good to go!
After a day of shopping my boyfriend (read: after a day of suffering for my boyfriend) came up with the idea of a so called ‘boyfriend zone’ in shops. A place made for the guys to relax while the girls are doing their thing. That sounded more than good to me!
Hope you enjoyed this second post from New York! Will get back to you soon!
Love, Farah


oktober 30, 2013

Mango blazer & top // Zara beanie & leather pants // cardigan // Pazzion bag // Pepejeans London boots // Vintage sunnies

Read all about how I surprised my boyfriend in New York City after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
I couldn’t wait to share my story with you! Last weekend, I told you about my boyfriend staying in New York (see the post here). At that moment, you all didn’t know what I was planning…neither did he.
One month ago, I thought about how crazy it would be to surprise him in New York. Once the idea was in my head, I really couldn’t get rid of it anymore. So for me, there was no way back. I made sure I made enough hours last month to get all the finances together, while my studies and blogging were going strong too. I just had to make sure that I’d save all the money I had to be able to travel to the Big Apple and to make this surprise the best surprise ever. I must say, I am quite the romantic person and the days up to the surprise, my mind was racing with all these ideas about the best ways to surprise him. My friends and family knew about the surprise and they were just as excited as I was! This is my third time in New York (I came to visit him the last two times too) and this time it’s all about spending time together and reminiscing about our last visits to this incredible city.
The trip didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped it would. It all began with the weather forecast last Sunday (I left last Monday morning). For those of you in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK know what I am talking about. They predicted that one of the worst fall storms ever would hit the area. I was so scared that my flight would be cancelled! How awful would that be?! However, I kept my hopes up and stayed positive. In the end, my flight was delayed but everything went well and I arrived at JFK safe and sound. The next step was to get to my boyfriend’s place in Brooklyn! I contacted his roommates beforehand so they were the ones who let me in. And when my boyfriend finally saw me… the expression on his face… absolutely priceless. He was in shock, with a capital S! Completely frozen. So no jumping in the air or something, he just didn’t move! But as soon as it him that I was actually there, he was so intensely happy! His face, his smile, that happiness. It was so worth it!
My boyfriend’s place here in New York is so amazing. He lives with a few roommates and they have a huge apartment with a studio on the top floor. They also have an amazing rooftop with an even more incredible view of the Manhattan skyline (see my picture on instagram and/or facebook). So enough space for me as well hihi :). 
Yesterday, we spent the day strolling around Central Park. I have seen Central Park during the winter and spring once before, but Central Park during the fall is STUNNING. It’s soooooo beautiful! I have never seen leafs with so many different and beautiful colors! It felt like a walk in fairyland. After a long walk, I couldn’t resist to get some of my all time favorite burger: a Shack Stack at the Shake Shack! If you haven’t had one yet, make sure you get one when you’re in New York!
I have seen all the important landmarks already the last two times I was in New York, so no pressure anymore this week! It’s going to be a week of doing whatever we feel like doing! My boyfriend’s music-life of course continues even though I’m here as he has a lot of responsibilities and appointments, which makes it perfect for me to share my stories and pictures with you!
Hope you enjoy the first outfit pictures shot here in New York and the whole storytelling that came with it! Make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook where I will share pictures with you daily! And let me know if you have also done something crazy for someone you love!