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Outfit || Goosecraft X B.Loved

maart 14, 2013


I’ve got some exciting news to share with you guys! I’m participating in the Goosecraft x B.Loved Female-Blogathon Style Contest 2013 together with 4 other bloggers ! The Dutch brands Goosecraft and B.Loved sent me two beautiful items which I have to style my own way. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (Marieke Berg designer at Goosecraft and a team from B.Loved). And your opinion matters too of course! They will be counted by your likes on Facebook!
The coral suede bag (GC028) is from the SS 2013 collection by Goosecraft, which is available in multiple sorbet colors. Oh, and it’s not only very pretty from the outside. Just take a look at the inside and your eyes will be treated with beautiful colorful aztec linings!
The rose golden necklace with the orange charm is from the SS 2013 collection of  B.Loved!
You can imagine that its details and its simplicity make this piece a beautiful item for spring and summer! The perfect combination of edgy and elegance, that’s how you can describe the must-haves of B.Loved!
So…what are my thoughts behind this outfit?
Spring means color to me. Color means happiness. And happiness, you just have to express. The way I do that is by wearing colorful clothes! Even people around you will brighten up when you look like a flower who is blooming after a cold cold winter. 
My outfit turned me into a colorful flower. Who is ready to bloom like a beautiful one?!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Bag: Goosecraft
Necklace: B.Loved
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Nelly
Shoes: Primark
Ring: Sibin


Outfit || Pastel Present

maart 11, 2013

Pink makes me feel sweet like candy! But oh my, I felt so cold taking these pictures. I cannot wait for Spring and walk around in pastels all the time! The color and the lace details on the back make this blouse a perfect item for Spring! Dear sun, I’m waiting for you!
Oh, speaking about the sun, I just booked a holiday to Greece with my friends! In the middle of the year, because life is about getting everything out of it!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Blouse: Kenzaa (click)
Shorts/belt: Zara
Tights: Vanilia
Clutch: Pieces
Broques: Van Haren


Outfit || Study

maart 9, 2013

Just some small talk for today! When it’s time to study and to concentrate, all you want is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Comfortable for me means hiding in my clothes and being kept warm: cozy sweaters and a pair of jeans. Simple and comfy. That’s all I need. Wish you all a happy weekend guys! No party for me though! But: a cozy weekend studying together with the bf!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: Bershka
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Mango
Bag: Zara
Jacket: Lipstick

Outfit || F.A.L.L. Magazine Launch

februari 27, 2013

Photo by Hizkia & Abigail

Tomorrow a report of the F.A.L.L. Magazine Launch which was Wednesday last week!  For now the outfit with the theme casual chic. Did I do a good job?:)
Today is all about a relaxing day with the bf! He has bought a new toy..a lens for the camera! So excited about the results!  Bye bye for now! I’m gonna dress up for a shoot!:D
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
 Jeans with studs: Mango  €25
Blouse: Nowhere 17
Long Blazer: Primark 35
Clutch: Bershka 6
Beanie: Zara
Bracelet: Monki 2
Pumps: Zara 50


Outfit || Le Moustache

februari 25, 2013

I’m so curious about your opinion of this outfit! Something different, something casual and something that’s called a sweatshirt! Not something you would expect on me I guess. 
A tip I can give to everyone: it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Ok, I have used the word a little too much, got it. 
This is the result of me stepping out of my comfy-zone! Love this sweater of Pieces! It’s warm and comfy! I got this sweatshirt from Sans-online  which is a webshop you should really visit if you haven’t already! They follow the latest trends and sell items of many brands which only means one thing: lots and lots of choices!
My studybooks will be staring straight at the moustache since the weather is nothing near ‘spring’-like. So dear books, meet my newest and most comfy sweatshirt, la moustache!

P.S. What do you think about the beanie? Is it a yay or nay pour moi?
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Sweatshirt: Sans-online 30
Leather jacket: H&M (2ndhand) €30
Skirt: H&M 15
Tights: Bershka 10
Shoes: Nelly 13
Beanie: borrowed (Bijenkorf)


Outfit || Persian Panther

februari 23, 2013

An outfit to walk around and explore a city in the Netherlands, comfy and cool! I loved the city of Maastricht and of course I did some shoppinggg! It’s always fun to shop together with the bf! A helpful and patient shop buddy! 
About the outfit! I showed you this tiger tee here! It’s even more beautiful in real life . The detailing on the shoulders, the fabric and of course, the animal print! And I’m sooo happy with my new Mango boots! Perfect for a city walk when you don’t feel like wearing boots or any flat shoes! Two items you’ll definitely see me wearing a lot!
Wish you all a great weekend! I’m gonna celebrate the birthday of my mommy!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Leather jacket: H&M €30 (2ndhand) 
Jeans: Vanilia €30
Tiger tee: Zara €22,50
Boots: Mango €50
Bag: stradivarius €17

Outfit || White Peplum

februari 18, 2013

It’s white, it’s peplum and it’s beautiful! Just like my weekend was. Except for the fact that the weekend wasn’t white and peplum ofcourse hihi.  I was gone for 2 days and I feel reborn. It was all about relaxing and doing everything except for rushing! We did quite a good job on that and I’m totally re-energized. Ready to rock again!
Let’s talk about this beautiful peplum top. When it was on the website last week, it was sold out immediately! will be in stock again very soon. Keep an eye on if you have fallen in love with this top just like many other people have!
Happy monday!!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Peplum top: 
Jeans: Vanilia €30
Heels: Zara €50

Outfit || Crosses

februari 15, 2013

Changing a bit of style you might think. But that’s not the case. Being a style chameleon probably suits better. Or being just casual. That’s everything except for a crime right? Haha, I still don’t wear sneakers, but hey you never know! I’m actually thinking about a pair of Converse All Stars! My boyfriend was looking at me like I was crazaaaay. Oh well, I can’t blame him, he loves my high heels almost as much as I do ;). 
For now, it was this blouse with crosses and  golden studs and a cool pair of  coated black jeans. Combined with classic heels :D. Alright, not really casual I have to admit. It’s called casual a la Formula Farah.
The blouse is now available on! You can find it here!
Do you have some wild plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to a weekend off with the bf!  We’re gonna explore the city of Maastricht and relaxing in a Spa. And to kick the romance up a notch: we’re staying over in a castle! Too bad I don’t have a dress from the Middle Ages. That would make it complete!
Bye bye for now!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Blouse with crosses: 19,50
Jeans: Zara 40
Heels: Zara 50
bag: Stravidarius 17

Outfit || Military Chic

februari 13, 2013

You must have noticed the military trend last season. I don’t have an item in camo because I don’t really like it on me. And you’ve probably experienced that you like items on other people but you don’t like it on yourself? I have experienced that, so, why not trying something else that gives the same edge and feeling as the camo/military trend? Because that’s how this look feels when I’m wearing this blouse :).

The color of this blouse and the studs on the pockets make this blouse tough yet chic at the same time! I got this blouse from and you can check it out here! I combined it with my favorite piece in my closet right now: my leather pencil skirt by Mango which I scored on sale a couple of weeks ago. My best purchase of 2013 so far! Ok I know. It’s just February, it’s probably better to say: my best purchase of last month haha!

Wish you all a great day!

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Blouse: Kenzaa €19,50
Leather Pencil skirt: Mango €50
Boots: Aldo $60
Bag: Vintage €4

Outfit || Dreams of a girl x Valentine

februari 4, 2013

Hi lovelies!

It’s almost Valentine’s day! Do you have plans? Or even more important, do you already have an outfit? Dreams of a Girl has this beautiful sweater with hearts in their Facebook webshop! Love is just like vintage: the older the item..the more valuable it is. Celebrate your love by wearing this sweater which is a vintage item that had been worn with love before!

P.S. If you don’t have any plans/ a date: who needs a boyfriend when you have a big cozy sweater?


Outfit || Color the snow

januari 28, 2013

Ph// AnnisaGM
And here it is: the whole outfit! What do you think? Have I done a good job by wearing a colorful outfit during these cold days? 🙂

Remember I told you about the wintercoat? The quality was so bad and it looked so bad that I didn’t wear it anymore. But, I threw away the receipt! In the end, I went to the Bershka store in Amsterdam and told them about the jacket. It’s because I have a Bachelor’s degree in Law that I know about something about Dutch consumer law, so I used my knowledge and told them that an item must accord to expectations for at least 6 months and they took the coat back! But, since I didnt have the receipt, I didn’t get my money back, instead I could ‘shop’ for the amount of the coat. That was a whole new experience of shopping! Spending 80 euros without spending it literally (of course I did, but it didn’t feel that way :p)!

Hope you learned something today! Don’t forget to:
1. Always keep your receipt
                           2. Go back to the store if an item did not accord to your expectations for a period of at least 6 months! 
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Green Coat: New Yorker 30
Sweater: Bershka 13 (now on sale)
Skirt: Bershka 6 (now on sale)
Bag: Zara 20 (now on sale)
Necklace: Avelon 20
Shoes: Primark 5


Outfit || Warm & Casual

januari 20, 2013

Sometimes you just wanna hide in your clothes..In this case I did that by using my sweater as a cap! I love the beanies I see on every girl but somehow it doesn’t suit me.  
Have you noticed that I’m very into grey and black lately? Well, who doesn’t love those colours? But I noticed that these last days I’m wearing grey and black all the time! Blame it on the Winter, which has arrived here in the Netherlands. And since it’s super cold, I think I will wear this sweater a lot. 
Maybe it’s time for some color again! When the sun comes out of hiding again I will brighten up my outfits too!..;):)
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Leather jacket: H&M 30
Sweater: Vero Moda 10 
Leggings: Primark 10
Boots: Zara 90
Gloves: Primark £7

Outfit || 2nd winter coat

januari 11, 2013


 Ph// AnnisaGM

And here’s the outfit! Wearing a coat as long as this one, usually makes the total outfit look very chic.  But in my opinion, this coat gives chic a very rocky edge! It is two-toned and has fringes, which makes this the perfect long coat for me. The fringes also give the coat a vintage/old look. My daddy and my brother actually asked me why I was wearing such an ‘old’ coat! Oh well, how can I explain fashion? I can’t. It just called fashion.
Hope this one will not dissapoint me and will last for a while (since the other one didn’t ;))! 

P.S. I combined this outfit with the clutch I showed you before over here!
Have a lovely weekend!!!

P.S. Have you already joined my give-away? Find it HERE!

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Coat: Monki (bought at the Masters of LXRY Fashionbash) €65
Leather pants: Topshop £15
Ankle boots: Supertrash €75
White clutch: Nelly €1 

Outfit || Winter

januari 7, 2013

Ph// AnnisaGM
Hi guys!

How was the weekend? My weekend was full of awesomeness! With the fantastic 5 (my lovely friends!) we planned a weekend full of joy, partying, shopping and good food! The way to start the new year fresh and re-energized!

Speaking about the new year, it’s cold non? I have to admit that I find it difficult to keep myself warm and being fashionable at the same time. Do you have this problem as well? So it’s all about finding the perfect wintercoat! I found mine! The ones who follow me on Instagram must have seen the mirror-picture of me wearing the coat in Bershka’s fitting room.

But..after wearing this coat for a couple of weeks has begun to give off lint..and not just a little bit, but it’s so bad that it looks like I have been wearing this coat for three years instead of three weeks.
Such a dissapointment..:( Even though I like the coat very much, I do not recommend you to buy it..even if it’s on sale now! (I saw it on sale for 60 euros now).

Conclusion: sometimes we just have to deal with bad bargains and get over it..At least now I have a good reason to buy a new coat..If I haven’t already..more about that soon! 😀

Love, Farah


Outfit || Masters of LXRY

december 27, 2012

ph // AnnisaGM

Two weeks ago, I went to the Fashion Bash at Masters of LXRY (used to be the MiljonairsFair). It was a fair about luxury, hence the outfit:

The perfect moment to….
     be overdressed without feeling overdressed 🙂
The perfect first time to….
     wear my new Vanilia dress I bought at the sample sale about one month ago!
The perfect outfit to….
     post during this time of the year.

And last but not least: chic and classy – two of my fashion keywords.

Pictures of the event will follow with beautiful dresses of the fashionshow of Addy van den Krommenacker!

What I’m wearing
Maxi dress: Vanilia €30
Shoes: Primark: £7
Bag: Zara €40
Necklace: Swarovski €90
Earrings: Swarovski €50

Outfit || Sweater KOI Aztec

december 21, 2012

Ph// AnnisaGM

Hi lovelies!

I’m back again! It has been a hectic and stressful week. Sometimes you just need to focus on other things in life, in my case it was my studies last week. Some of you probably already know that I study dentistry. Not something you would expect right? Looking at people’s mouths everyday… But, luckily it’s not only that: it’s all about making people happy with a beautiful smile!
The holidays have begun, can’t wait to spend some quality time with my family and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s. It’s such a lovely time of the year (except for the cold of course..not my cup of tea 😉 ). Tonight, I will celebrate Christmas with 4 of my besties! Having diner, giving each other presents and going out. The good things in life: friends and family, the ones who you have to cherish.
Now something about the outfit! The sweater I’m wearing is from and I’m actually the model on the site! You can order the sweater right here!
Love, Farah

P.S.: Have you already joined my Victoria’s Secret giveaway?
What I’m wearing:
Sweater: Kenzaa €25
Jeans: Vanilia €30
Boots: Zara €90


Outfit ||

december 16, 2012

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@Formulafarah) must have seen the HUGE package I got delivered last Friday… Packages always make me smile. It’s like unwrapping a gift. The feeling of not knowing what’s inside gives me happy tingles ;). You must remember this from your childhood..or from the present! There’s still a little kid inside of us isn’t there? 🙂 🙂

I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with the webshop Kenzaa (click here). A webshop for the petite sizes. They have lovely items, you should really check out their website! Aaaand ofcourse, see the proof on myself! :p The color and the shape of this sweater, they’re beautiful! Combined with leather pants and of course some matchy red lips, I was ready to rock the day!


Outfit || High waisted denim

december 11, 2012

Hi lovelies!
How was the weekend? Like I said before, I went to the Fashionbash and saw an amaaaaazing fashion show of Addy van den Krommenacker.
But, the weekend is over..and we’re back to business again which means studying and studying. Exams are coming again, does this sound familiar to you? December should be a month of joy..not totally the truth if you’re studying at a university. For all the students in the whole world it’s an month full of deadlines, exams and so on: the end of the first semester. But we students will kick some ass right?! And pass all the exams for a good start of 2013!
Ok. Enough about school, studying, homework. Let’s take about something more fun: fashion! The F of fun and the F of Fashion:)!
Or more precisely: High waisted denim. This will probably horrify the bf (or more people:p)
but I actually gave it a try and I actually like it! I’m more a woman of dresses and it’s always
a difficult to find a perfect pair of jeans. Do you feel the same?
Two weeks ago I went to the sample sale of the brand Vanilia ( do you know about this brand? I love it! Check out some of there pieces on their website:
Well, it’s a quite expensive brand but this sample sale was everything except expensive! So, it was the perfect time to choose for a perfect pair..of high waisted jeans!
What’s your opinion about these high waisted jeans or high waisted jeans in general?
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Jeans: Vanilia 30
Jumper: Zara 12
Blazer: Mango 40
Shoes: Nelly: 13
Necklace: Forever 21 7
Ring: gift from my nr 1 fan;)!


Outfit || Rocky Chic

december 9, 2012

There is a new outfit post waiting for you guys on! Feel free to leave a comment on the site!:) I would appreciate it!

Yesterday I visited the Fashionbash at the Rai in Amsterdam! A full report of this event with an amazing show of Addy van den Krommenacker will be on the blog soon! The ones who follow me on instagram and facebook have seen a little report already!

PS: I would love to check out your instagram account as well! I have to admit that instagram is veryyy addictive. Check out mine (@Formulafarah)!


Lisbon recap || Outfit 4

december 4, 2012

The last summer outfit..wearing a lace dress in Lisbon, a city of romance. There a no more words needed to explain the pictures. Feel the love and enjoy!
What I’m wearing:
Dress: Mandee (NYC) $20
Heels: Primark (London) £7
Earrings: Primark €3

Portugal recap || Outfit 3

december 2, 2012

On holidays, I always change outfits twice a day. Strange or normal? I think it’s quite normal cause holidays stand for fun and party! The chill outfits during the day do not have the it factor of a party look you have to have every single night..:D Today and tomorrow, I will show you my outfits for the night!
Today, I’m picking up the bf who’s finally coming home again after a 6 weeks stay in New York City! Although he had a great time, I cannot lie that I’m reallyyyy glad he’s back again!
PS: New York gave me the opportunity to buy these shiny glitter heels of Steve Madden just for 30 dollars! They are not comfy at all but they are a perfect accessory in my room!
What I’m wearing:
Asymmetrical dress: H&M €20
Shoes: Steve Madden $30
Bag: Zara €40

Lisbon Recap || Outfit 1

november 27, 2012

              The best pastel de nata in town, a Portuguese egg tart tastry which you must try!

Since you all know, the days are getting colder and darker. Which means: longing for summer.
Who doesn’t? Ok, I agree, iceskating and  having hot chocolat is not a torture but still..I rather feel the sun on my skin then being terrified to freeze my ass off.  I’m being dramatic right now, I totally agree with you. That’s why girl is my middle name 😀
A couple of months ago, when the sun was still shining, I visited Lisbon. What a beautiful city it is! I fell in love. The atmosphere, nice people, good food. I enjoyed every bit of it and would definitely visit this city again.

For this week I planned a Lisbon recap. I will show you 5 outfits I wore which never made it online on the blog!

I think now is the time to do so and the pictures will tell for themself!
Hope you’ll enjoy this Lisbon recap week!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Shorts: Zara €12
Bustier: Bershka €6
Shoes: DSW NYC $17


Outfit || Night shoot

november 25, 2012

So…here’s probably another reason why I got sick! Go out in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to take pictures!

This is the first time I did a shoot when it was already dark! My friend and photographer Annisa wanted to try it for a long time so we gave it a shot.

It’s very difficult and it was more about practising being a statue instead of focusing on outfit shots ;). Does anyone got tips to take night shots? Please let me know! 🙂

It got even more fun because suddenly a guy came to us with his whole photography equipment! This guy, named Bram, saw us taking pictures while he was biking home. When he got home, he grabbed his gear and approached us! We got a personal mini workshop! You can see some of his work here!
About the outfit: it’s warm, cute and it’s called a headband. Remember I bought some winteraccessories? I’ve used them in this shoot and they will definitely be something I will use a lot during the winter! It’s from the current collection of H&M and it comes in different colors! And this is the first time I wore my new shiny brogues!
It makes sure that you always shine..during day aaaaand night! 😀
Happy sunday!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Coat: Zara €60
Bag: Zara €40
Brogues: Van Haren €12,50
Headband: €6
Scarf: €13
Gloves: vintage €3