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Outfit || Outfit 1

november 24, 2012

Hi lovely people!

I have some exciting news to share with you!! The upcoming four weeks I will be blogging once a week for ‘Wat is de trend’ ! Every week I will be featured with an outfit! The very first outfit is now online! See it all for yourself right here!


Outfit || Ombre Green

november 19, 2012

Ph// AnnisaGM.

Aaaand it’s Monday again! I have been sick and still recovering. And the reason why I got sick…(look at my bare feet on these photos!!) can fill in the rest of the story right? My dear friend Annisa took these photo’s last Wednesday and believe it or not, it really was a warm and sunny day in Amsterdam! But..afterwards we biked home for about an half of hour..I admit my feet were f-r-o-z-e-n when we got at her place. But it was worth the trip: she made me a delicious three course (!) dinner!
The ones who follow me on Instagram (username: formulafarah) must have seen her appetizer!
About the outfit! Recognize the shoes I got for just 3 euros last week? And what about the knitted sweater? I just loveeee the color and the ombre! I bought this sweater for about two weeks ago at the C&A. It’s from the current collection and it comes in 3 colors: grey, blue and green. And it get’s even better…they only costs 12 euro each! (I wanted to make shopping easier for you guys, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a it in the online shop.) So babes, what are you waiting for? It’s time to do some shopping!!

PS:  It’s not only pretty, it’s warm as well:)

Another PS: did you already know that ASOS offers the Dutchies payment with IDEAL? That means that creditcards are not needed anymore! To celebrate this new facility they offer a 20 % discount on everything! Just enter the IDEAL20 code and you get 20% of your order until next Sunday the 25th of November!

What I’m wearing
Knit: C&A €12
Pants: Vanilia €80
Shoes: Primark €3
Bag: Primark €7
Necklace: vintage €15


Outfit || The classy red hat

november 17, 2012

Hi lovely people,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been sick for the last couple of days. I’m still sick in bed, but now I can at least sit and be active as far you can name it ‘active’ 😛 I will keep it short for today!
Have you ever been into a thriftstore? I don’t go often but when I did a while ago (where I saw and bought this hat), I will definitely visit thriftstores more often!
I bought this hat for just 1 euro (yep, that’s true: just one). Unbelievable.
The perfect item to give every outfit a classy touch. Combined with a lace dress (find a similar one here) and my beloved long maxi split skirt (find a similar one here).

Classy, the keyword for this outfit.

Have a lovely weekend!

What I’m wearing:
Lace dress: Asos £35
Skirt: Mango €15
Boots: Aldo $60
Coat: H&M €20
Hat: thriftstore €1


Outfit || Vogue

november 12, 2012

The days are getting colder and darker. This is the very first time I did an outfit shoot inside!
One of my dear friends took this shoot in between classes at the uni.
This  is the view I have when I am doing an exam.
You must understand that this view sometimes disturbes me to concentrate on the exam. Especially when you’re a dreamer like I am. On the other hand, I love every view over Amsterdam.  Not only Amsterdam though, every view in every city has something special. Writing this makes me want to travel again!

About the outfit! A while ago, I went to the FNO in Amsterdam (see here). I brought a little souvenir home: a vogue t-shirt. Combined it with a long blazer, leather trousers and my new beloved metal pointed heels. The necklace gives an extra touch to the outfit. Aaand messy hair! I always try to combine an outfit with the hair – the finishing touch.

What I’m wearing:

Trousers: Topshop £15
Vogue tshirt: € 15
Blazer: Primark €35
Heels: Nelly €13
Necklace: Primark €5 (current collection)


Fall Florals // Astrum pants

november 9, 2012

Well hello! Meet my bike! My other big love 🙂

As a student living in Amsterdam, you just have to own a bike. I’m practically living with mine!
Cannot live without it. Therefore, I do not have one, but two! (and an old crappy one somewhere in the city for emergencies, so I actually have three!). If one has to be fixed, I always have another one. This confirms my love for bikes right? 😉 I bike for about an hour every single day, if it’s not more. Call me crazy!

About the outfit! Love these pants I got from Nelly. I got so many compliments on these pants. The cutest one was from an old man who came to me and said: ‘Can I say something personal to you?’, ‘your pants are so beautiful and it matches your bike!’. I didn’t give it a moment’s thought but when he said that, I came up with the idea to shoot this outfit with my beloved bike!

Have a lovely friday!

What I’m wearing:

Astrum pants: Nelly €17 ( an item of what I told about you here)
Vest: Topshop (IJhallen) €2,50
Jacket: H&M (IJhallen) €30
Boots: Zara € 90


The turquoise dress

november 2, 2012

Hi lovely people,

How are you doing today? Right now I’m in Groningen, a city in the Netherlands I’ve rarely visited.
A good friend of mine lives here so we decided to stay over for the night and discover the city by going out and doing some shopping! We are 5 crazy girls (‘the fantastic five’ :D) together and we’re having a good time no matter where we are and what we do. Love you all!

This outfit shoot is right in front of the university I attend. I haven’t told you guys yet what I do/study everyday. It’s not common and definitely not ‘fashionable’ but it’s the job I have always dreamed of :
becoming a fashionable dentist! After years of trying to get it (which took me 3 years..) I finally had
the chance to study what I’ve always wanted. Now I’m in my second year and still have 4 years to go!

This is also the reason why I sometimes cannot post everyday. It’s a full-time study and the pressure is high. That was also the reason I often hesitated whether to start with a fashionblog. But until now, I didn’t regret it for a second.

Now something about the outfit! To find the dress I’m wearing wasn’t a easy job. When I was in New York last winter, I saw this dress in the color red. It’s a perfect item to have since it’s a dress with a beautiful cutout in the back aaaaand it has sleeves! Don’t have to worry about wearing something above it. So I brought it back home with me. But: In an other Zara department I found this color! And I liked it much more than the red one. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size. What could I do? Our next mission (me and the bf) was to go to all the Zara departments in the search of this dress. It seems crazy but it became a game. My bf was even more motivated to find the dress in my size. You won’t believe it but in the LAST Zara there it was: the dress in this color in my size. I couldn’t be happier, or my bf who had won the game:D

Aaaand now something about the hair!!! Do you like the bow bun? I felt like minnie mouse!:D It’s so so easy to make one yourself and it’s so cute! Search for a tutorial on youtube, you will find many!

Have a lovely friday!

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Coat: H&M € 20
Dress: Zara $40
Heels: Asos  £ 35
Gloves: Vintage   2
Necklace: Swarovski  90
Earrings: Swarovski  50


Falling for Peplum

oktober 29, 2012

Hi lovely people!

How are you doing today? How was your halloween? I went to a party on friday with some friends but unfortunately I had to work the whole weekend! No halloween for me this year! But it’s not as big in the Netherlands as it is in the States and i’m always amazed of the creative outfits I see!

It’s getting really really cold here and the gloves are pulled out of the closet!
This season it’s all about peplum and since I’m huge fan of this trend, I also fell in love with this coat which I bought last year! The shape and the buttons makes this coat so special!

It’s also the very first time I finally wore my new foldover boots of Zara which I bought in Portugal last summer (see here!). I totally love them and believe it or not, they are so so so comfy! I definitely recommend these boots if you love to wear heels, but you don’t because it’s killing your feet.

Oh! And do you notice that I’m actually wearing JEANS?! Haha I think this is the very first outfit wearing jeans! I always opt for a dress in the search for a pair of jeans cause it’s so difficult to find a perfect fitted jeans.
And last but not least, a studded green clutch for a pop of color!

What I’m wearing 
Peplum coat: New look  € 55
Jeans: Hugo Boss € 35 (sample sale:)!
Boots: Zara €90 (Portugal)
Clutch: Stravidarius €17
Gloves: Vintage €3


The Jackie skirt

oktober 26, 2012

Yeah! I’m back on track again! I had a busy week doing nothing else except for…yep, studying. I had my exam today and let’s hope for a good result! For now, back to blogging again!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have voted for me to become the look of the month at Cosmogirl. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I won!!! So happy since I’ll be featured in the upcoming issue of Cosmogirl! I couldn’t be happier!

Speaking about the outfit, remember my Nelly bag which I showed you here? These are the first two items of my ‘online’ shopping spree! I was looking for such a pleated leather skirt for quite a while and like the one I found! Have you noticed my obsession for leather? Can’t help it, just love it! The tights give this look an extra girly touch (Nelly!). Details can do much.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Avelon sample sale and came back with this statement necklace I already showed you here. This is the first outfit wearing it! The rose golden color of the necklace combined with the shape of the coral colored top makes the necklace more outstanding. And not forget to mention, the abstract design combined with the girly touch of the skirt, the top and the tights. Love to be contradictory and play with different items.

Tonight I will dance my feet off, not in a Halloween outfit though! Do you have creative Halloween costumes? Have a nice weekend and a frightfully spooky Halloween!

What I’m wearing
Top: Koton  €10
Skirt: Nelly € 21
Tights: Nelly  €13
Necklace: Avelon  €20
Bag: Zara  €40
Coat: H&M  €20


Sporty chic

oktober 18, 2012

ph// Annisa G.M.

Hi lovely readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have a huge exam next week – in total study mode. Buuut I’ll do my best and try to post a few times! I don’t want to disappoint and there is no better break than blogging…(read: procrastination).

My outfits go from girly to rocky to sporty! What do you think of it? To be honest, I’m not a fan of sporty looks. However, I always try to combine different items in such a way to create a look that I love to wear, and this is the outcome.

I bought this studded collar at the Bershka in Lisbon about 2 months ago (probably still available ;)). I combined it with a tee from the men’s department of the Bershka. Unfortunately, I cannot wear my bf’s clothes, ’cause I’ll be swimming in it since he’s very tall! I would end up with a ‘dress tee’! 😉 Not a bad idea though, maybe I will be creative and think about it! And ofcourse those pants (speaking about comfy, oh my)! I found them in my size at the final sale of River Island, how could it have been possible?! Last but not least, topping of the outfit with some black leather gloves.

Heading back to give some love to my studybooks. Bye bye for now!

PS: Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ and GFC!

Studded collar: Bershka € 8
Tee: Bershka € 5
Pants: River Island € 12
Ankle boots: Aldo $ 60
Gloves: Primark £ 7 (bought in London)

Leather jacket: H&M  €30 (secondhand, IJhallen)
Bag: Vintage shop ‘GoedGoed’ (bought in Purmer
end) € 4


Wedge sneakers

oktober 13, 2012

Wedge sneakers, a sporty and chic alternative for this fall! Wearing sneakers while they elongate your legs, seems perfect to me. Combined with high waisted leggings, a blouse and a hat, I’m ready to rock the day.

How are you rocking your high wedge sneakers?
PS: many of you probably know the Isabel Marant’s version of these high wedge sneakers. This is a good alternative if you can only dream about the IM ;););)

High wedge sneakers: Alysa €30
Leggings: IJhallen € 1
Blouse: Queensdaymarket (brand new!) €5
Hat: H&M € 12


The printed shirt of mama

oktober 10, 2012


This ‘dress’ is actually a shirt which I use as a dress since it’s waaaaay to big.  And the lovely thing about it is, it’s my mothers. She never wore it and therefore she wanted to throw it away. But then I intervened and stopped her. 
When I saw those prints on the shirt, I had to try it on and in the end, it worked out well right?
I will definitely keep this piece in my closet. Thank you mama!

Printed shirt: mama
Clutch: Pieces € 9
Jacket: H&M €30 (found this piece brand new on a fleamarket, the IJhallen in Amsterdam)
Ankle Boots: Aldo $ 60


Fall Doll

oktober 4, 2012

Did you ever have a doll which you used to express your creativity? I.e. dress it up, use the make-up of your mother and turn it into a make-up mess?! Well, I hope that I’m not the only crazy girl;)
Nowadays I don’t use a doll anymore; I turn myself into a doll. And this is the result. Living the doll life!

About the outfit; I found this skirt at the IJhallen (fleamarket in Amsterdam) two weeks ago for  €2,50…
The price is just as cute as the skirt itself!

PS: this is my first outfit wearing this beautiful statement necklace I told about you here.

This evening I will be attending the ECCO bloggers event hosted by the online fashion magazine NSMBL and the shoe brand ECCO. Who will I meet tonight?:D

Skirt: IJhallen €2,50
Blouse: Mango Outlet (Barcelona) €5
Burgundy tights: Primark €2 (current collection!)
Heels: H&M €30

Oversized coat: Zara €17
Statement necklace: vintage €15

Leather All Over

oktober 1, 2012

Ph//Annisa G.M.

Well, I’m young,  wild and free. Are there more words needed to explain this outfit?;)

Leather pants: Topshop € 15
Long back blouse: H&M € 15
Leather jacket: H&M € 30 (found this jacket at the IJhallen fleamarket, brand new!)
Ankle boots: Supertrash € 75
Necklace: Forever 21 € 7


Outfit Dress Red Day

september 29, 2012

I just shot these pictures, I have never been so fast with posting but hey, it’s Dress Red Day (see HERE). That motivated me to put these pictures online as soon as possible!

Are you wearing red today as well? Let me know! I would love to see the pop of red in your outfit!

Top: Necessary Clothing $ 25
Blazer: Mango € 40
Pants: H&M €10
Ankle boots: Supertrash €75
Headband: Monki €2


Striped Palazzo

september 27, 2012

    Ph// Annisa G.M.

You love or you hate it, the palazzo pants. So, when is a palazzo not just a wide trouser?
1. Only the name makes this kind of pants fashionable, just say it out loud: ‘Palazzo’. It sounds so cool!
2. Palazzo pants are available in soft fabrics such as linen, crepe, chiffon, jersey and more.
3. Since Palazzos are bottom-heavy, flowy and flared around the legs, it’s best to team them with a light and fitted silhouettes. To avoid looking shabby you should wear only fitted tops.
4. Add wedge heels or block heels to add a few more inches to your height ( under these pants they can’t be high enough;)

Experiment with everything that fits you well and let those pants flow wide down under!

Well, if you do not love them in the end, you can always see it as pants that keeps the mosquitoes away 😉
What you think about Palazzo pants and the combination I created?

Palazzo pants: Zara € 16
Blazer: Koton € 20
Tshirt: Primark € 3
Heels: Aldo $ 60
Bag: H&M € 5


The forgotten one

september 25, 2012


Oeps, I totally forgot about this outfit. But hey, you will forgive me right? Not really something to wear with this kind of weather (the wind like almost blew me off my bike). At least it let you dream about beautiful weather…hanging out at a park, having lunch on a terrace and so on.
Have a nice day lovely people and don’t forget your umbrella :D!

PS: I’m featured on See it here!

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Dress: La chica €7
Bag: Vintage shop ‘GoedGoed’ ( @ Purmerend) € 4
Boots: van Haren €30
Ring: Six € 2
Bracelet: Queensday €3


The denim blouse

september 23, 2012




Hi beautiful people,
Enjoying your Sunday? Today I’m going to the IJhallen! The fleamarket where I do my bargain shopping. Hopefully I will come back with lovely items. If I do, a post will follow soon! Will I see you there?

Last week I did a Vondelparktour, walking at the Vondelpark with my beloved bf. Seeing all those people biking, running, playing with their kids etc makes me so happy. Living in a big city makes you realize even more how meaningful nature is.

Let’s talk about the outfit. Denim has probably been in fashion since the day it was invented. I guess that people love comfortable and practical things. Denim can be sexy, elegant, edgy, tough, sophisticated and so on. Denim goes way beyond your favorite pair of jeans. Dare and combine!

I bought this denim blouse at the Zara in Lisbon, it’s from the current collection and just loveable. Combined it with a new skirt from Stravidarius ( too bad we don’t have this shop in the Netherlands) and with the boots which are made for a long walk!

PS: I love to play with different colors of eyeliner. The blue eyeliner I’m wearing is from Hema!
For anyone who is interested 😉

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Denim blouse: Zara € 30 (same price outside Portugal/Spain)
Skirt: Stravidarius € 10
Tshirt: Primark (IJhallen) € 1
Boots: van Haren € 30
Necklace: Stravidarius € 8
Rings: – six € 3 and € 2


Denim Dare

september 18, 2012

Phts // AnnisaGM

Hi there! Hope you all had a wonderful day! Today I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It was stunning!
Unfortunately, the weather is not as I love it the most (no explanation needed right? ;)) but for these kind of miracles it’s totally worth it to get soaking wet in the rain.

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, it’s too cold for bare legs now. But.. with the help of those so called ‘tights’ this outfit will be ready steady for the fall!
I combined this simple outfit with a long bold shoulder blazer and topped it off with jewelry. You might find the combination of the chic blazer and the rest of this outfit a bit unusual, but that’s the reason I love this daring combination. What’s your opinion?

PS. Do you already follow me on Instagram? Follow me @formulafarah!

Bold shoulder long blazer Primark € 35
Denim shorts  ZARA (US) $ 30 
T-shirt €1 Primark (found this item with the price tag at the IJhallen!)
Boots €30
Armcandy Monki  € 2 each (sale, what else;)
Necklace € 10 H&M
Rings: Six € 3



FASHjournal: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Amsterdam

september 16, 2012


What a great evening it was! You will definitely agree if you visited the FNO as well!
We started at 18:00 at the Bijenkorf and we planned to go to the van Baerlestraat and the PC Hooftstraat afterwards. There was so much to see and to do at the Bijenkorf that we lost time!
Aaargh! So I didn’t visit the other two streets anymore! Did I miss something? Was it as fun as it was at the Bijenkorf? I’m so curious, let me know!:)
Do you see those heels? You could try them on! I didn’t, too scared that I would fall (definitely something I would do). Designers: Iris van Herpen (first picture) and Jan Taminiau.

See you next year at FNO!

Coat: Zara € 50
Dress: Zara € 20
Heels: Aldo $ 60
Bag: Zara €40 (Zara in Portugal is cheaper! More on this later!)
Necklace:  Stradivarius € 8



French chic

september 14, 2012

Ever wondered why French women are so chic, stylish and fashionable? When I was in France a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge to dress like a French woman ( thinking about holidays and good weather makes me want to go back so badly!). They are so feminine, confident and self-possessed, I couldn’t stop staring at them. Wearing this dress made me feel a little bit like these French woman. They aren’t afraid of dresses. No, the opposite: dresses are their best friends.

I found this dress a couple of years ago in a Vero Moda shop where they sold this dress for a ridiculous price of only 5 euro. I couldn’t believe that no one had seen the beautiful floral detailing and the boat neck (which is considered as a flattering neckline for many). I brought this lovely dress with me back home; I didn’t had anything to complain about.

For now, just remember that every dress in your closet is one step closer to the ultimate French style!

Think like a woman, feel like a woman, ‘dress’ like a woman!

Dress: Vero Moda  € 5
Heels: Alysa € 20



Peplum talk: flashback to the 80’s

september 11, 2012

Phts/ AnnisaGM

What is more feminine than a top that flows out at the hips? It’s called peplum. Peplum is one of the hottest trends right now.
Not only is it super flattering, it makes every outfit more feminine and flirty. It’s an all-round style that you can easily outfit from day to night.

I found my peplum top from the ‘go to’ spot  for trendy and budget-friendly pieces:  Forever 21. The shape and the material is so beautiful, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it.

At Zara’s final sale I saw this skirt hanging super lonely between other pieces and was wondering why it was still there (i.e. in a small size, not damaged etc.) The asymmetric shape gives the skirt a special look since it gives it a twist compared to a regular skirt. Since I felt so sorry for this skirt, I decided to adopt it and take good care of it. Good excuse don’t you think?  I combined the total outfit with my new sandals I told you about here.

Back to the peplum business!  What are you waiting for? Go out and get your hands on a super flattering peplum piece right now!

Top: Forever 21 € 16
Skirt: Zara € 5  (amazing huh?;)
Sandals: Invito €30
Sunglasses: Aldo $ 12


Jumping in my suit

september 9, 2012

Walking on the beach at sunset, eating a delicous meal, watching stars at the beach at midnight. It was wonderful.
I met a precious  friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and celebrated her birthday by doing all these things. Although I dont see her often (since she lives far away), she is always in my mind.

The outfit I chose to wear that day is a simple black jumpsuit. I love this jumpsuit, it feels like your wearing nothing. I found this item at the IJhallen, a flea market in Amsterdam. I recommend everyone to visit this market! I always succeed in finding beautiful items for a bargain!
The bag is a handwoven bag from Iran I got as a gift. It gives the simple jumpsuit an edge and it definitely brings some color to the total picture!

I was so happy that day I was litteraly jumping in my suit 😉

Jumpsuit: H&M  €3
Bag: gift
Bracelet: gift from Bali
Sunglasses: Accessorize € 2 (found at the IJhallen;)



september 5, 2012

 It’s september again! That means back to college!!!

Black top: Primark € 5
Knit: Zara € 12
Legging: Tezenis (Portugal) € 12 (current collection)
Boots: van Haren €30 (current collection)
Jewellery: Blu.Fashion , Snake (gift)


Baby Doll Dress

september 3, 2012

And I’m back again! I had a wonderful time in….. Portugal! What a beautiful country. I totally fell in love with the city Lisbon. The ambiance, the colorful streets, the lovely food, it was just lovable. 

Since I also visited a beautiful little village in France called La Marre two weeks ago, I still have to show you some outfit shots. Here I just  enjoyed the simple life of eating a lot of French cheese (you could seriously wake me up for that, can’t get enough of it) but more important, quality time with family. I loved every bit of it.

About the outfit, this dress makes me feel like a doll. Just what a baby doll dress should do. The bow and the lace fabric make this dress even cuter. Topping of the outfit with bow shoes. What else?

Life is good. Lace is better. Ready to lace up your life?

Dress: Primark  € 20
Shoes: H&M €30

Sunglasses: ALDO $ 12