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OUTFIT || Buttons UP

juli 13, 2015


Helloooooooo lovelies!

SO excited to share with you that I have officialy gratuated in LAW! I heard the great news on Friday and I couldn’t wish for a better start of the weekend! 1.5 years ago, I started my masters in Law next to my bachelors in Dentistry and I thought ‘I’ll see how it goes‘. I can’t say it was easy, but now that I have passed the finish line, I feel like it was worth all the effort I put into it (read: blood, sweat and tears :p). Many people ask me what I eventually want to do after my studies. Will you a dentist or a lawyer? Or are you going Continue Reading…


Outfit || Wedge it

juli 6, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

YES! It’s DONE! My thesis is done! I’m still waiting for the result, but it already feels like a relieve! And what a beautiful week it was last week! I enjoyed the sun as much as possible while avoiding my laptop as much as possible, hihi. You probably all did! Wearing shorts again! When the Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Chunky

juni 27, 2015



Hi sweetest sweethearts!

The end is almost there! I cannot believe that I’m actually finishing my masters in Law. Things are getting real. Still have to focus another couple of days but the end is near! I can’t wait for Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || The 70s show

juni 22, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

Hope you’re doing well! While I have been busy with running my errands and still focusing on my thesis, (it’s almost a wrap but right now it feels like a burden!) I cheer myself up by wearing Continue Reading…


Outfit || Sperry

mei 24, 2015


 Hi there sweethearts!

I got some exciting news last week! It was so funny that I got a lot of messages of people who recognized me and wanted me to let me know that they saw me Continue Reading…


Beachwear || The Key’s with Ani Ani

mei 19, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

A warm feeling is what I get while writing this post and seeing these pictures. A part of my trip to Miami that is engraved in the memory, forever. It was the trip to the Key’s, a coral cay archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida. It was the week my sweetest love Continue Reading…


Outfit || TOPSHOP

mei 15, 2015


Welll hello there!

How are you doing today? Glad that it’s Friday? Or are you also enjoying a long weekend because of Hemelvaart (Ascension Day)? The weather is much better compared to last week so I’m a happy gal! I was finally able to share this cool look with you! I have been a fan of Continue Reading…



mei 9, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

I have something special for you today! I’m wearing the coolest accessories on my feet! Do we need new shoes all the time? No is the answer when you have Molinis! (PS: have you seen my shoewall on my instagram page?! I need more of these Molinis cause there is no more space left hihi 🙂 Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || Lincoln Ave MIAMI

mei 8, 2015


 Hi sweethearts,

One of the very last posts to reveal my last day in Miami. The weather was extremely hot and we had a couple of hours to kill before flying back to the Netherlands. We decided to spend the day shopping, eating our last burger at Shake Shack (you have to try their Continue Reading…



mei 4, 2015



Hi sweethearts!

It’s a beautiful day. Liberation day. A day that is engraved in the Dutch history. I grew up in freedom. But my people in Iran don’t. From the bottom of my heart I hope that one can every single person in this world can live in freedom. The biggest gift in life you can have besides the love of your loved ones. I appreciate the fact that I got the chance to grew up and study in the Netherlands so much. That might be the reason that I grab Continue Reading…



april 28, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

It’s official! I have moved! From now on living with my love in a cute place in Amsterdam! What a hectic week it was! Sneaked out to Copenhagen as well for the last trip with Vero Moda. Now I’m living in between boxes and I haven’t packed out everything yet. My boyfriend is making me a Continue Reading…


A Moving Birthday in a Yellow Hue

april 18, 2015

DSC_0171 small

 Hi lovelies!

Another year has passed by and the number 26 is a fact! I can’t believe it. Maybe because I don’t feel/act like a 26 year-old (except for the fact that I LOVE sleeping for HOURS and skip parties to get my sleep), or maybe I just don’t want to get older.  I always have to get used to the idea that years pass by so fast. Or just the fact that I’m already Continue Reading…


OUTFIT || A Golden Touch

april 1, 2015


Holaaaa lovelies!
I wished I could share my Ultra Miami Music Festival outfits earlier with you but time is going by so fast and it’s so hard to find a moment to sit behind the laptop. But, as we speak, I got a bit sick ( blame it on being a party animal haha) and now I had no choice! Words cannot describe the experience that’s called Continue Reading…


Outfit || Black Ripped

maart 24, 2015


Hi there!

While writing this post, I’m running miles in my head thinking of all the work that still has to be done before I leave for Miami…tomorrow! Wha!!! I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow already! We booked this holiday half a year ago and now we’re actually going! TOMORROW. Also, I will see my lovely boyfriend again after almost 1.5 months! He will visit me in Miami for 5 days and after that he will be spending some time in LA as well for his work as a music producer. So many great things to happen! Since last week, I started to use Snapchat ( @formulafarah). Make sure to follow me there as I will be using it a lot! 😀 Continue Reading…


Outfit || Ana Alcazar

maart 14, 2015



Hi there sweethearts!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! The weather is gloomy but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your free time! I had a busy week filled with studies, work & events. However, during weekends I’m not free unfortunately. I think you actually have no real weekend as long as you’re a student. There is always something to do. In my case: writing my thesis. Everything they say about writing a thesis is true: it’s really hard to focus and not let yourself be distracted. As many other students (I’ve seen this during my 7 years of studying hihi) I grab every opportunity to NOT sit behind my laptop and focus on my thesis. Which is NOT good. I’m telling you this, so you can kick me and tell me to focus. Please do so :p Continue Reading…


Outfit || Back to 70s

maart 5, 2015


Hi sweethearts,

Let’s go back in time. Let’s go back to the 70s.  A big fashion trend is coming our way! 2015 spring and summer will be all about this decade. The 70s are re-claiming their right over jeans this season! Out with the skinny jeans and IN with the FLARED JEANS. Or Continue Reading…


Outfit || Copenhagen with Vero Moda Part 2

februari 28, 2015



Hi sweethearts!

When writing this, I’m stuck in bed still feeling  ill. Last week my body decided to give up on me just after I came back from Copenhagen. A lack of sleep and just to much excitement I guess 😀 Or was it the lack of clothes I was wearing hihi? Well, what should I say to this? No pain, no gain! Because… Continue Reading…


Outfit || Copenhagen part 1

februari 23, 2015


Hi sweethearts!

What a hectic week! I had so little sleep that I got sick yesterday! But it was SO worth it! Spending 24 hours in Copenhagen was crazy and so enjoyable! Together with my babes Wendy & Larissa, I had such a fun time! Time management was very important because we didn’t have a lot of it, but we did a great job I think. Rushing and chilling at the right moments. I will post a diary with lots of cool pictures soon, but first an outfit post! Being bloggers, we have to do a shoot (or two hihi) when traveling right? Continue Reading…


Travel Diary || Noordwijk aan Zee

februari 17, 2015


Hi dearies,

I wanted to share a piece of beautiful Holland. Whenever I think of a getaway, a spot right here in the Netherlands never pops up in my mind. But 2 weeks ago, my love took me away for two days to Noordwijk aan Zee. That’s a town near the ocean (technically, the North Sea) that has some very nice beaches.

Continue Reading…


Outfit || Veiled

januari 29, 2015



Finally! Finished my last two exams which means that I will be ‘exam free’ for the next couple of months! From now on I will be just focusing on my thesis which gives me a feeling of rest but on the other hand it Continue Reading…


Outfit || Vacuumed in Pepe Jeans

januari 15, 2015



Hi lovelies!

Hope you’re doing all fine! I must say that these last couple of days were terrible due to the weather. Every time I went out, I got either soaked or blown away. Even though I love to bike, during these kind of weather circumstances, I wish I had a car. But hey, I got two bicycles. If I sum the wheels up, we’re talking about 4 wheels right?:p.  But let’s get back to the weather again. Continue Reading…