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Travel || The Keys

juni 3, 2015



Hi there sweethearts,

After a week of radio silence I’m back on track again. After a week of focusing on my thesis for the full 100 %, I feel like going on another adventure again. This made me think of my last trip to Continue Reading…



januari 7, 2015


Hi lovelies,

I can’t believe it’s already 2015!!! I hope you had the best New Year’s Eve you could wish for. I always struggle with what to do on New Year’s Eve. Do you feel the same? And how do you deal with it? I wanted to look back at the year 2014 before I start and enjoy 2015 to its fullest.  Starting with the very first look of 2014. Smiles all over the place! I love to look back and think about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown personally and study/career wise.  It has been a Continue Reading…


Outfit & Event || Kikker

september 16, 2014
Hello sweethearts!
As you might have seen on my social media channels, I was in Paris last weekend! A quick but overwhelming geta-way. I decided to visit my boyfriend in Paris who was about to perform with a group named ‘Kikker’ on a truck at the techno parade. I didn’t have a clue the techno parade was so big! There were about 350,000 people dancing around the trucks, which were driving for 6 hours through the streets of Paris. It was C R A Z Y! If you’re curious, make sure to check out the Kikker Facebookpage or search on Instagram with the hashtag ‘technoparade’.

Continue Reading…


BIRTHDAY || Celebrating Forever 25!!!

april 17, 2014


My sweetest readers, 

TODAY is the day! The day that I turn 25! 
The 2 and the 5. O M G! I cannot believe that I’m actually 25! I’m so happy to celebrate my birthday a little bit with you! Let me tell you a story…
I remember the day that I was a little girl. I loved wearing pink dresses and everything else that was cute. Now, as a 25 year-old woman, nothing has changed! I hope that I will always stay that little girl that can enjoy the little things in life and see the world through the eyes of a kid: positive and full of energy. But besides that, it’s also a moment to realize that I’m a grown up woman. Looking back on the years, I always sought out to reach my goals and my dreams. After years of struggle, I got into the program I have always dreamed of: dental school. Why am I telling you this? It’s because every year when I blew out a candle for my birthday, I wished for getting admitted to the dental program. Without exaggerating, I did this ever since the year I turned 7. 
I believe in those wishes. I believe in dreams. 
And until you get there, it will be a path of falling (hard) and making sure that you get back up again and go for it — again. It is you who has to have the confidence and faith, and to go on. And remember, age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you are a little kid or a granny. And here I am, already 25, not a kid anymore, but a young adult who still has a lot of dreams to reach for. I will blow out a candle on my birthday every year, and every year I will believe in my wish.
 I want to thank all of my loved ones who have been supporting me in any kind of way. And of course, my sweetest readers, without you this all wouldn’t be possible. I’m so grateful for all of you and I hope you will stay by me forever!
Just the way like I will stay forever 25 ;).

Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Rinascimento dress
River Island heels



oktober 30, 2013

Mango blazer & top // Zara beanie & leather pants // cardigan // Pazzion bag // Pepejeans London boots // Vintage sunnies

Read all about how I surprised my boyfriend in New York City after the jump!

Hi lovelies!
I couldn’t wait to share my story with you! Last weekend, I told you about my boyfriend staying in New York (see the post here). At that moment, you all didn’t know what I was planning…neither did he.
One month ago, I thought about how crazy it would be to surprise him in New York. Once the idea was in my head, I really couldn’t get rid of it anymore. So for me, there was no way back. I made sure I made enough hours last month to get all the finances together, while my studies and blogging were going strong too. I just had to make sure that I’d save all the money I had to be able to travel to the Big Apple and to make this surprise the best surprise ever. I must say, I am quite the romantic person and the days up to the surprise, my mind was racing with all these ideas about the best ways to surprise him. My friends and family knew about the surprise and they were just as excited as I was! This is my third time in New York (I came to visit him the last two times too) and this time it’s all about spending time together and reminiscing about our last visits to this incredible city.
The trip didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped it would. It all began with the weather forecast last Sunday (I left last Monday morning). For those of you in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK know what I am talking about. They predicted that one of the worst fall storms ever would hit the area. I was so scared that my flight would be cancelled! How awful would that be?! However, I kept my hopes up and stayed positive. In the end, my flight was delayed but everything went well and I arrived at JFK safe and sound. The next step was to get to my boyfriend’s place in Brooklyn! I contacted his roommates beforehand so they were the ones who let me in. And when my boyfriend finally saw me… the expression on his face… absolutely priceless. He was in shock, with a capital S! Completely frozen. So no jumping in the air or something, he just didn’t move! But as soon as it him that I was actually there, he was so intensely happy! His face, his smile, that happiness. It was so worth it!
My boyfriend’s place here in New York is so amazing. He lives with a few roommates and they have a huge apartment with a studio on the top floor. They also have an amazing rooftop with an even more incredible view of the Manhattan skyline (see my picture on instagram and/or facebook). So enough space for me as well hihi :). 
Yesterday, we spent the day strolling around Central Park. I have seen Central Park during the winter and spring once before, but Central Park during the fall is STUNNING. It’s soooooo beautiful! I have never seen leafs with so many different and beautiful colors! It felt like a walk in fairyland. After a long walk, I couldn’t resist to get some of my all time favorite burger: a Shack Stack at the Shake Shack! If you haven’t had one yet, make sure you get one when you’re in New York!
I have seen all the important landmarks already the last two times I was in New York, so no pressure anymore this week! It’s going to be a week of doing whatever we feel like doing! My boyfriend’s music-life of course continues even though I’m here as he has a lot of responsibilities and appointments, which makes it perfect for me to share my stories and pictures with you!
Hope you enjoy the first outfit pictures shot here in New York and the whole storytelling that came with it! Make sure you follow me on instagram and facebook where I will share pictures with you daily! And let me know if you have also done something crazy for someone you love! 


Outfit || Leap of Faith

oktober 25, 2013


Roostercat shirt // Levis jeans

Hi lovelies!
Suprise suprise! For the first time it’s not me on the blog. It’s my biggest love and best friend. At the moment, I have been missing him for almost a month since he’s in New York for two months working on his music career. Oh, how I miss him. So much. Love means sharing so many things in a lot of ways. But love is also about giving each other space to pursue dreams. As long as your hearts are close, no distance can break that. It may sounds cheesy but after missing him for about 8 months last year, I know how it’s like to be apart from each other.  In the end, seeing his smile and happiness with what he is doing in life, makes it all so worth it.
Speaking about pursuing dreams. This t-shirt has a special meaning and it shows how fashion can have a meaning to life. I loved sharing this with you and my love wrote a piece about his thoughts behind the shirt (see below). A story from both sides to fill in all the little parts of the puzzle.
Love, Farah


D: When scrolling through the t-shirts on the Roostercat webshop this one immediately caught my attention. I love their designs, but I related to this shirt particularly, aptly titled “Leap of faith”. Its design relates to the way I look at life: the importance of nurturing certain qualities you possess as a child. In this design, this is depicted (according to my interpretation) as the belief that, although the world may try to tell you otherwise, once you let go of that swing there really may be the possibility of flight.


Diary || Precious Gift

juli 21, 2013

I’ve been thinking about sharing this present with you for a while now, because it’s one of the most special ones I’ve ever gotten. I got many presents for my birthday, with a very unique one: my dearest, sweetest boyfriend made me my own FormulaFarah book with all my 2012 outfits!
With his creativity and his patience (I can imagine that putting something like this together takes a lot of time and preciseness!), he made a lovely compilation of my very first outfits. The lay out, the pictures he selected, the details…it was perfect. He gave me the best gift I could’ve ever wished for. This book records the first moments of one of the most exciting things I have decided to do: create my own fashion blog. The most precious thing about it, what I appreciate the most, is the love he put into this artwork that he made for me.
So what do you think, did he do a good job or the best thing ever?!
P.S. I love you


Bloglovin || Last chance!

juni 30, 2013

Hi guys!

A quick update to let you know that Google reader is shutting down on Monday the 1st of July (tomorrow!). Hurry up and import all of you favorite blogs to Bloglovin if you haven’t already! It would be very sad if you would lose the list of blogs you follow!
To make it easy, there is a guide to lead you step by step! See it here!
Don’t forget to follow FormulaFarah! 😀

Beauty || NEW hairstyle

juni 15, 2013

I did it. Changed it. My hair!! Something I’ve never done before! I’ve never even dyed my hair. Just to give you an idea that this was a ‘oh-my-gosh-will-I-regret-this’-decision.
A friend of mine recommend me to go to Anand Aksel, who currentlty works at Coupe d’etat in Amsterdam. He said I wouldn’t regret that. He was totally right! I came in with the idea to cut bangs but unfortunately that was not suitable for my hair. But…
It was time. Time to do something craaazy. Time for a bob cut! Do you like it?


Details || Business Cards

juni 13, 2013

Business cards, I never thought about that when I started to blog. Soon it was clear that it’s really handy to have them. Now, isn’t a business card the ‘face’ of your blog?! I believe it is! So I thought it’s important to incorporate your own style when designing them! It’s so awesome to have an idea and to turn it into reality! I loved the idea of transparent cards and this is the end result! Without the help of the bf I couldn’t have made it this far! Thank you so much my darling for making me the prettiest business cards ever!

Outfit || Flaring Embroidered (and the B E S T birthday E V E R)

april 18, 2013


O H M Y! What a wonderful birthday it was!!! I’m still amazed! My boyfriend had planned the best birthday ever! First, he took me to ‘I-don’t-know-where’, until I found out we were about to see an exhibition about Jean Paul Gaultier. Could you make me more happy than watching haute couture on my birthday?

Well, he could! When we came back to Amsterdam, he took me to a restaurant, ‘the Bierfabriek’ which literally means the Beer Factory. Now you probably think ‘say what?!‘ Yes, the Bierfabriek :D. They brew their own speciality beers, but more importantly, (my friend Annisa has been telling me about that place over and over again) because they serve the best chicken and fries in town! So I couldn’t be happier because I was going to eat fries on my birthday! Hahaha, I’m such a kid right :D.

But..after we had entered the restaurant, I suddenly heard some crazy people yelling and shouting. So I thought, ‘what-the-heck-is-going-on-over-here’?!?! Then….I started to recognize people! There it was, a  S U P R I S E  party! Kidding me?!?!?! My eyes started to tingle and little tears started to stream down my cheeks – frozen for a lifetime and crying within seconds. I was in serious shock for about a minute or two (my friends said that I was just standing for at least 10 minutes :p).

And then the little streams became waterfalls and I started to really cry. All my friends were sitting there waiting for me to make my birthday the best ever. And I’ve been spoiled like WOW!

The funny part of it was an item of my ‘petit’ wishlist. It was definitely petit cause I got not one, but TWO white Zara shoppers that were part of my wishlist! Not to worry, I will exchange one bag for the white sandals!

Of course I will write a goodies post about all the gifts that I got! So happy with them! Most of them are white (read: my latest obsession), my friends know me too well 🙂 I’m so so so thankful for everything and to have all of you in my life!

They even suprised me with a nomnomnom birthday pie after dinner! It was just perfect..every single bit of it!

Now something about this outfit! I found this super cute white embroidered top (read: currently obsessed with white) at H&M two weeks ago and it caught my eyes immediately! The fitting and the details are more than perfect!

I combined them with my good old flared jeans. Flared jeans, it’s a love or hate relationship! 
Do you like them?
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Top: H&M
Flared jeans: Mango (old)
Heels: Aldo
Bag: borrowed


april 17, 2013

Today, it’s my B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! I welcome you 24!

A year has passed by. A year full of joy, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, adventures, but also a year with some difficult periods. But I guess that’s normal. The thing I always keep in mind and try to do is to stay positive and realistic. It’s good to have dreams and to always try to achieve them, but, it’s also good to be down to earth and think clearly.

I’m definitely a dream hunter. After many years of hesitating, last year, I finally decided to start a fashion blog. A dream that has become reality now. And I’ve not regretted it, not even for a second. However, it’s the support of the people around me that has made it become reality. And therefore, I will not make a wish for myself on my birthday, but I wish my family, my friends and of course my biggest love, all the happiness and luck in this world. Love you all!

My love and my bff took these beautifulll photos in a studio and I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out! The balloons, the confetti, they made it all complete! Of course I have to end with saying something about ‘fashion’ :D, don’t you just loooooove the dress?!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing:
Dress: Mango (here)
Heels: Steve Madden
Accessories: H&M
Hair and make-up (thank you!): AnnisaGM

Diary || Right now

maart 24, 2013

Hi guys! Something else right? Me, in a granny knit, wearing glasses and giving some love to my books. Life is not always about beauty, sometimes you just want to feel comfortable without layers of make-up and high heels. That time comes up now and then..especially when the exams are on their way. Wish me good luck guys!
Love, Farah
What I’m wearing:
Granny knit: vintage
Glasses: Pepe jeans


Diary || Instagram

maart 22, 2013

Hi guys!
I have to make a confession. Jup, I’m an addict. I’m an Instagram-addict. Do you loveeeeee Instagram as well? I would love to see your pictures and follow you! Find me on my account @Formulafarah and
let’s spread some picturelove!

Love, Farah
P.S. These are pancakes that my love made for me. I’m not good at baking pancakes. Another confession hihi.

Feature || Boomdasjee

januari 3, 2013

Wil je meer weten over het meisje achter FormulaFarah? Dan zal dit interview van twee pagina’s je niet teleurstellen!(klik op het plaatje voor een vergroting van de tekst). Met dank aan mijn studievereniging
Favervuta die mij heeft geinterviewd voor het blad Boomdasjee!
Ook wil ik hierbij Annemieke van fashion-ladylovely  bedanken die mij vorige maand heeft uitgekozen tot Blog of the month November op haar blog! Je kan het interview hier bekijken!
For my international readers:
 I got interviewed by my student association and by another blogger who chose me as the blogger of the month November.  Buuuuuut the interviews are in Dutch! 🙁 So sorry guys! 🙁
Love, Farah

Diary || Today

december 30, 2012

Today I had an appointment with Maarten Schröder, a great photographer! He makes the most beautiful portraits I’ve ever seen. It’s almost art. I was so happy when he asked me to be a model for a portrait photo with the classy red hat (see the outfit with the hat here). My dear friend Hoomay was so sweet to do the make-up and hair.  Loved the result! This was just before I went out, wearing a cozy vest in my little place. Will show you the portrait soon! I’m really curious myself as well!
You can check out his work at! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!
Love, Farah


december 23, 2012

What started as a great weekend..ended in a terrible one..:( I’ve been robbed from many items..such as my iPhone, cash, shoes..and this beautiful bag I just got from my mother-inlaw which was handmade and meant a lot to me. I just cannot believe this happened and I’m so disappointed in the human being right now.
I’m just flabbergasted. 
If you know someone who sells his/her iPhone 4 please let me know!
Hope this will never happen to one of you!
Love, Farah


Diary || My love

september 1, 2012

Like every single girl and woman in this world, I always dreamed to find my true love. I cannot describe in words how thankful I am I met this boy named Diederik. He is my best friend, the greatest supporter and the best lover. Right now he is staying in New York City where he is following his dream as a  music producer. After I had to miss him before for about 6 months, this time he will stay for just 6 weeks. He is also the biggest support of my blog, my photographer, my technical nerd. Without him I wouldn’t have come this far. I’m so thankful to have you in my life!

P.S. We did these shots in Wageningen, the city he grew up in. Just before he went to NYC, we spent a whole day together in this city where he showed me all the places he has all those memories of about which he has been me telling for years.


Holiday essentials

augustus 23, 2012

After spending a couple of lovely days in France last week (outfit pictures will follow later!),
I’m heading to Portugal for 10 days! Can’t wait to feel the sand beneath my toes and  taste the salt from the roaring sea on my skin.

Since I do not have access to the internet, I will not be able to post any outfit pictures.
Í’ll be back soon showing you (outfit) pictures from Portugal and outfit pictures I still have to show you which are made during last week’s sunny weather in the Netherlands!

And of course..I’ll bring these lovely items with me. If you ask me, nothing more is needed.


Bikini: H&M €7
Slippers: Havaianas (gift from the bf brought from Brazil)
Top: chatucak market  Bangkok  €1,50