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Outfit || Sperry

mei 24, 2015


 Hi there sweethearts!

I got some exciting news last week! It was so funny that I got a lot of messages of people who recognized me and wanted me to let me know that they saw me Continue Reading…


Outfit || TOPSHOP

mei 15, 2015


Welll hello there!

How are you doing today? Glad that it’s Friday? Or are you also enjoying a long weekend because of Hemelvaart (Ascension Day)? The weather is much better compared to last week so I’m a happy gal! I was finally able to share this cool look with you! I have been a fan of Continue Reading…



april 2, 2015


 Hi all!

So excited to share this post with you! Together with my girls Larissa & Wendy  we went to Denmark 2 weeks ago to visit the headquarters of Vero Moda in Aarhus. We had a fully day planned with Continue Reading…


Outfit || Vacuumed in Pepe Jeans

januari 15, 2015



Hi lovelies!

Hope you’re doing all fine! I must say that these last couple of days were terrible due to the weather. Every time I went out, I got either soaked or blown away. Even though I love to bike, during these kind of weather circumstances, I wish I had a car. But hey, I got two bicycles. If I sum the wheels up, we’re talking about 4 wheels right?:p.  But let’s get back to the weather again. Continue Reading…


Fashjournal|| BeJeweled // Ti Sento & JAN Styling Workshop

december 15, 2014

DSC_1940 small


Hello lovelies!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Lots of you were probably in a Christmas shopping mood am, I right? Christmas is getting close and we all want to give our loved ones very special gifts. Hunting is a must and weekends are the best moments to find that one precious gift. Speaking about gifts: have you thought about giving jewelry? And I love about giving jewelry, is that it’s very personal, it’s like giving a beautiful piece to someone who you love and they can wear it close to the heart. Literally and figuratively. I fell in love with Ti Sento jewelry. And I already know what I’ll be gifting ;). Last week, I was honored to speak in front of groups of women who signed up for the Ti Sento styling workshop. I got the chance to tell my story and tell about my own experiences in styling Ti Sento jewelry. I love working together with Ti Sento because I can relate myself to the brand. I had a lovely time with Carine and Eleen, the ladies behind Ti Sento marketing and the organizers of the workshop. They gave me really good insights to the brand.

Continue Reading…


Inspiration || TI SENTO MILANO

december 5, 2014


Hi lovelies!

Today I have a special shoot waiting for you guys. I will show you 4 outfits for 4 occasions combined with beautiful TI SENTO MILANO  jewelry. First I would like to introduce you to the brand. I have known TI SENTO MILANO for a couple of years now since a good friend of mine loves their jewelry. But now I got the chance to collaborate with this beautiful brand which I’m very grateful for. As I love fine, feminine & elegant jewelry, TI SENTO MILANO fits perfectly in my style and in my love for special jewelry. Also, I got the opportunity to be the style advisor of TI SENTO MILANO at the BeJeweled workshop at the department store de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam next week (the 10th en 12th of December).

TI SENTO MILANO, the name says it all: an Italian brand that stands for wearability & versatility. Their jewelry is all made out of silver which has a luxurious appearance.

Let the storytelling begin…

  Continue Reading…


Outfit || Goosecraft Blogathon // Pretty Peach

mei 5, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had a lovely weekend! It’s Monday and, normally, this isn’t my favorite day of the week, but I do already know that this is my favorite outfit of the week!
As you might remember, last year, I participated in the first blogathon by Goosecraft, during which I got the opportunity to style an outfit for a Goosecraft bag. You can see my outfit of last year here! And you know what, I WON! I felt so blessed! And this year, Goosecraft asked me (how great is that?!) to take on this challenge again! Of course, I was very excited to style the beautiful Gallery036.peach jacket, a leather jacket from their newest SS2014 collection.

As you all know, I love pastels and this leather GODness is just one of the most precious pastel beauties. I decided to go Formula Farah all the way, to represent my style as I like it the most: feminine & chic. It wasn’t hard with a beautiful jacket like this. The color is very catchy, yet soft and also the material is very smooth. When I saw the jacket, I immediately knew it would look lovely when combined with blue shades. I couldn’t wait to try it! I just love how the mix of the blue colors in the outfit end up working so well together! What do you think? 
To go feminine all the way, I opted for a pencil skirt with a flower pattern. Feeling like a flower surrounded by all those beautiful tulips.
And of course the details! I love how the matchy sunnies, white nail polish, a pearl bracelet and white rose earrings enrich the outfit and the jacket.
I certainly had a lot of joy wearing this outfit and I hope that the design team of Goosecraft and Dutch stylist Fred van Leer love it as well! They are this blogathon’s judges!
And your opinion matters too of course! They will be counted by your likes on Facebook! I hope I can count on your support!

Fingers crossed!
Love, Farah

What I’m wearing
Goosecraft gallery036. peach jacket
Mango blouse
River Island skirt
Pedro bag
Ted Baker heels
Zara bracelet
By Jade earrings
H&M rings
Forever21 sunnies


Outfit || Emerald Chic

april 25, 2014

Hi lovelies!
That time of the year, when spring has finally arrived. We can finally take our beautiful dresses out of the closet and be elegant, sophisticated and chic. Keywords/elements/words  that I can’t get enough of.
I got the opportunity to style this beautiful draped emerald green dress of Mexx. 
The fabric embraces your body silhouette and emphasized your curves right there where you want them to be seen ;). Wear it on a regular day with flat shoes and a pretty bag and make it a beautiful evening dress by combining it with a pair of classy heels and accessories. Also, the beautiful intriguing color makes it very suitable for day- and nightwear. Just the way I loved to style this dress, for a romantic night out with your love dining and wining.
I would love to know whether you like to wear dresses as much as I do! And what do you think of this color?

Oh, and my hair secret? I used clip in extensions for this special occasion! First I curled the extensions and then my own hair. People are always surprised when I tell them that I’m wearing extensions! It looks very natural don’t you think? 😉

Love, Farah

Mexx dress


Outfit || Leather Love // F.A.L.L. Magazine

september 7, 2013
Mango blazer / Zara pants / Second Female top / Pedro heels / Charles & Keith Bag
photography by The Viewfinder

As I promised yesterday, here’s the whole shoot by the great photographer Kevin van Diest // The Viewfinder! For this shoot, I chose to wear leather. First, I intended to go for something grunge, but it turned out to be everything except for grunge ;). Or shall we call it classy grunge a la Formula Farah?
Ooh, and let me introduce you to my latest discovery while traveling last summer. I discovered the amazing shop Charles & Keith in Singapore. Of course, it wasn’t only Charles & Keith that made Singapore a shopping paradise, but you always have one shop that steels your heart right? For me, it was Charles & Keith. The very first shop I entered in Singapore. Love at first sight (sorry my dear bf). I just wanted to take the whole shop back home with me! But I was a good girl, I didn’t get lost in my lust and love for bags and shoes. I managed to buy just one bag and pair of shoes. White perfection. Beautiful and easy to combine, mix and match. And yes, I’m still in love with white. White, what else 😉 :D?
Let’s change the subject! Let’s talk about F.A.L.L. Magazine! As you might already know, I will write an article for F.A.L.L. Magazine once a month . ‘For now, I chose to write about an obsession I have had for over a year now: leather. Not a surprise is it? Read about it more HERE!
Love, Farah

Sneak Preview || The Viewfinder x Formula Farah

september 5, 2013
photography by The Viewfinder

Hi lovelies!
I’m happy to announce that, every once in a while, I will be working together with the great streetstyle photographer Kevin van Diest known as The Viewfinder!
He has a very keen eye for fashion – always looking around to catch a picture of the right person at the right time, at the right place, and at the right angle. A true professional! I absolutely loved his work from the first moment I laid my eyes on it. 

 Photography is very personal and everybody has his or her own kind of taste. You can compare it to food. Well, I can tell you, that this is the kind of food I like ;).

We had a great time and I really love how the pictures turned out! For now, just a sneak peek. I will show you on the blog more tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Don’t forget to check out some awesome streetstyle photography on
Love, Farah



Outfit || Rocky Chic

december 9, 2012

There is a new outfit post waiting for you guys on! Feel free to leave a comment on the site!:) I would appreciate it!

Yesterday I visited the Fashionbash at the Rai in Amsterdam! A full report of this event with an amazing show of Addy van den Krommenacker will be on the blog soon! The ones who follow me on instagram and facebook have seen a little report already!

PS: I would love to check out your instagram account as well! I have to admit that instagram is veryyy addictive. Check out mine (@Formulafarah)!


Vintage webshop || Dreams of a Girl

november 22, 2012

Hi lovely people,
As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of vintage. Therefore I’m happy to announce this little cute cooperation with Maria, the owner of the facebook vintagewebshop :
‘Dreams of a Girl’Dreams of a girl is about that girl which is inspired by life, love and creativity; translating her dreams into her own style.
Style is an important form of self expression and communication.
It’s a fact that history repeats itself; fashion and clothing trends are no exception. Since fashion is cyclical, there is always some style from the past that has been made new again. This means that  there is a good chance you can find the original version of that style in a vintage item from that era. Finding it, can be difficult though. But, Dreams of a Girl can make your dreams come true! When you purchase and find your perfect vintage piece, you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands. It is a limited, if not one of a kind, item just for you.
People who wear vintage clothing have something to tell you..and so do I! You can buy these lovely items now at the webshop of Dreams of a girl which you can find right here!
Get yourself inspired by Dreams of a Girl and dare to be different!
PS: don’t forget to like the facebookpage so you won’t miss every new unique piece!
Voor de Nederlandse meiden onder ons: houd jij ook zo van vintage? Wacht niet langer en ontdek de vintage webshop van Dreams of a Girl waar je inspiratie op kan doen en waar je hele mooie en unieke items kan verkrijgen! Vergeet niet de facebookpagina te liken om altijd op de hoogte te blijven van de nieuwste, unieke vintage items!
Lots of Vintage Love,