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januari 7, 2015


Hi lovelies,

I can’t believe it’s already 2015!!! I hope you had the best New Year’s Eve you could wish for. I always struggle with what to do on New Year’s Eve. Do you feel the same? And how do you deal with it? I wanted to look back at the year 2014 before I start and enjoy 2015 to its fullest.  Starting with the very first look of 2014. Smiles all over the place! I love to look back and think about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown personally and study/career wise.  It has been a Continue Reading…


RECAP || April

mei 3, 2014

Hi lovelies!
April was such a lovely month! Of course, I turned 25 this month and had a such a lovely birthday that I celebrated with my family and friends. I love you all! Also, a feature on and Stylefruits was on the April list. Aaand a collaboration with Mexx for which I styled two beautiful dresses. A lot was going on!
And of course KINGSday! I styled my perfect Kingsday look with Zalando! So cool to see that you guys loved this outfit! Oh on and the day itself, we danced our feet off with Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Afrojack and many more! I also scored a very cute skirt at the flea market for a couple of euros!
I loved the month of Apri,l but now I would love to know which outfit out of these six (that are my favorites) is your favorite one?
Love, Farah


april 3, 2014
 Find out about my 2 favorite outfits after the jump!

Hi dearies!
March was a beautiful month, spring has officially made her way into our beautiful lives this year and the first bare legged outfit is a fact!
I hope that many beautiful sunny days will follow! Can’t wait to wear dresses all the time! 🙂
Looking back, I wore a lot of casual and chic outfits! It was a month full of studies and activities and I dressed for the occasions!
As you can see, blue is definitely my favorite color of the moment and especially baby blue! I loved doing the three way with my favorite pants of the moment and I’m excited that y’all liked it as well! I’m thinking about doing it more often!

My favorite two looks of last month are displayed here under! Which outfit is your favorite one? I would love to hear!


Recap || February

februari 28, 2014

Hi dearies!
After a long time, I decided to do a recap post again! Which outfit is your favorite one?
I’m curious to know! 😀
Love, Farah
P.S. It’s Fridaaaaay! 😀 Any crazy plans for the weekend?!

RECAP || The Year 2013

december 30, 2013
 Click read more for a HUGE recap of 2013!

My birthday shoot! I received so much love during my birthday! The previous picture was of my birthday shoot itself, still so happy with the results! It was a huge hit! Thanks again my love and bestie! 
 The preppy valentine outfit especially for the boy on a weekend off – sleeping in a castle and relaxing in a spa. 

The very first outfit with the 50 mm lens! I will never forget how happy I was with this toy!

  Probably my favorite outfit and shoot of the year! I can’t get enough of it! I even made it my Facebook page cover! So much power! The location is also something to remember: this oufit was shot in Greece on the island Crete on a holiday with my beautiful babes! Stay tuned for something special with this look in 2014!
 My first experience with the raincoats of PIOGG that were pretty and above all, rainproof! Hello fashion and goodbye soaking-wet-look!

So proud I won the contest of Goosegraft x B.Loved by styling this beautiful bag and necklace in this colorful spring look!

When Summer arrived…I was so happy like a kid in a candy store! Hence the celebration of summer with an outfit as sweet as candy. You guys must love candy as well! 😉
 The beautiful and amazing backpacking trip with my bestie is something that I will never forget. I spent the most amazing moments of 2013 in Indonesia. Embraced the culture forever.

 This year I got the opportunity to write a monthly column for F.A.L.L. Magazine. Very grateful for that! Of course, I had to write about my obsession for leather that lasted the whole year of 2013 (and probably next year as well!).

The outfit that came with the love story of me suprising my love in New York. So lovely to see how love is being loved! This was the most populair post of the year! It’s all because the love..sigh..

2013 was the year that made me fell in love with tartan! You guys share my love! Thank you!

My very first Halloween outfit on the blog. Shot on a roof in Brooklyn with a view of Manhattan. It couldn’t be more successful. I got so many compliments and positive responses! 
I hope you all loved this recap of 2013 as much as I did when I look back at those pictures! These outfits were the most popular outfits/shoots of the year and somehow it doesn’t surprise me that each   one them has their own stories just like I summarized it underneath every photo. It’s not only about the appearance, what’s behind that is just as important ;).  It was a beautiful year to look back to. I received so much support and love from my loved ones, but also so much  from you! It feels so good that so many people share your passion and support you in that! I’m very thankful for all of that! 
We definitely can close this beautiful year with the note that love wins! Always. 
Love, Farah


Recap || November

december 8, 2013

The Winter is on its way, but I see a lot of color! That’s the spirit I will try to keep! Mostly, winter times attract me to wear a lot of dark colors, but I think I might go for some color this winter! Especially when the weather is cold and bleak.
I’m very curious! Which one of these six is your favorite one? Let me know!

Recap || Summer Favs

september 1, 2013

Hello September! Summer is almost over. Can’t say that I’m ready for Autumn yet. Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. I can walk in dresses/shorts/skirts every single day. Which I did this summer! I chose my 10 favorite summer outfits.
Which summer outfit is your favorite one?
Love, Farah

Recap || June

juli 2, 2013

Lots of legs in June! 😉 Double L it is! It was a hectic month at the uni, just one more week to go! I passed two exams yesterday, which made me feel like a kid in Disneyland! A well deserved night out, going out for dinner and the movies, was the treat afterwards!  
Those who are following me on instagram (@formulafarah) and on facebook have probably seen my summer destination for 2013: Indonesia. That being said, the recap of July will definitely look a lot different I can tell! Will tell you more about that later on…very soon! I haven’t had time to realize it but when I will, I will also spread the word to you guys!
Have a lovely day!
OH! I almost forgot! What is your favorite outfit of the month June? My favorite is definitely the one with the shorts and the long blazer (number 3 and 4 from the upper side!)
Love, Farah

Recap || May

juni 5, 2013

Another month went by!! It’s gone so unbelievably fast! Being able to wear summer clothes made the month of May one good month! And of course, also because of the birthday items from my white wishlist and having gone on vacation to beautiful Crete in Greece. Looking back, I wore a lot of black and white combos. What do you think? Is that boring or exciting? Let me know!!


Recap || April

mei 2, 2013

Spring has shown itself and the colors are popping out all over the places! I wore lots of color aaand as you might have noticed, black and white outfits are one of my favorites at the moment!
Which outfit is your favorite one? Love to hear it!
Love, Farah

Recap || March

april 3, 2013

March has been such a good month! Lots of outfits, lovely followers and a month full of support and love! Thank you all for that! <3

P.S. Of course, I’m always curious which outfit is your favorite one! 😉

Love, Farah


Recap || February

maart 8, 2013

February was a good month after a hectic start of the year in January! I played with different styles and
I kinda liked it! Stepping out of my comfort, tell me, which outfit is your favorite one?
Love, Farah
P.S. Are you in Amsterdam this Sunday and are you interested in a garage sale full of beautiful men’s wear and collector’s items? Girls, you can bring your bf or buy yourself some boyfriend-clothes! You will be treated with some drinks and some food and you can even cut your hair!
So join me at the FaFa’s Garage Sale from 14:00 till 18:00 at the Nachtwachtlaan in Amsterdam!
You can contact me for more details! Hope you to see at FaFa’s, where the clothes and the people are fantastic and fabulous! 😀

Recap || December

januari 17, 2013

Oh no..and again..I totally forgot about a recap! And it’s almost February… So s o r r y ! ! Please forgive me :). But, on the other hand, the January recap will follow soon! Haha always look at the bright side right? 😀

So what’s your favorite December outfit? 😉

Love, Farah
P.S. While you’re reading this, I’m having an important (practical) exam! Doing a rooth treatment! Wish me luck!

November Recap

december 7, 2012

   1. The classic red hat

2. Vogue

3. Je t’aime Paris (

4. Classic black and white (

5. The turqouise dress

6. Fall Florals

7. Ombre Green

8. Night Shoot

Hi sweet people 🙂

I know Í’m a littleeeee bit too late and it’s almost time for Santa to come but here it is: a november recap! I’m curious which outfit is your favorite! I would love to hear your opinion!

PS: Are you already following me on facebook, GFC or bloglovin? Let me know in a comment if you do ;)!


October recap

november 5, 2012

1. Leather All Over

2. Fall Doll

3. The printed shirt of mama
4. Sporty Chic

5. Wedge sneakers

6. The Jackie skirt

 7. Falling Peplum

Outfits of October! Which one is your favorite one?

Love, Farah


September recap

oktober 15, 2012







Ok, let’s be honest. I know I’m waaaaaay too late to do a September recap. But…better late than never I would say, right;)? I’ll be on time for the October recap!:) 
Which outfit is your favorite one?