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NEW IN || Dr.Martens

december 21, 2014




Hi lovelies!


Hope you’re having a great relaxing chilling Sunday! These last couple of weeks were hectic. I had multiple exams and my multitasking skills were put to the test! I did my best and I cannot complain about the results until now. And finally, this weekend came along and I have been looking forward to it. Planned lots of fun things with my friends. Yesterday I danced the night away at Jingle Balls and today I’m meeting a friend from Paris and we’re going to dance some salsaaa! Sooooo, are you prepared for the upcoming Christmas days? What are your plans? Is your Christmas outfit complete already? Continue Reading…


Outfit || Christmas Sparkles

december 12, 2014


 Hi lovelies,

Are you already feeling those Christmas vibes? The streets are covered with decorations and lights. This is the only month that I don’t mind the fact that it’s dark when the clock turns 5 in the afternoon. It’s because the city turns into a fairytale world. Even though it’s cold, biking through the city is such a pleasure. And this time of the month, it’s not only about decorating the streets and house, why not decorate yourself too?Inline image 1 Continue Reading…


NEW IN || INVITO Ankle Boots

december 11, 2014



Give a woman a pair of comfortable and pretty heeled shoes, and she can conquer all the streets in the world :D. Those who live in Amsterdam know that it can be a burden to walk in heels. There are so many streets that are horrible to walk on. But women who are dedicated to their heels know how to find a solution for this problem. And yes, the solution is wearing heels that are totally wrapped around your ankles (which gives your feet support) combined with a block heel. Et voilá, c’est tout!

I found these pretty suede ankle boots at Invito. The rose golden zipper at the back gives it a special touch for the upcoming holidays! Tomorrow, I will show you my entire look with these boots combined with some sparkles and a cool feature!

Choose for these shoes and find them HERE!

Love, F.




NEW IN || Mirror on the wall

augustus 30, 2014

Hi lovelies,
Hope you’re having a great weekend! I spent time with my parents yesterday and today I will be working on the new design all day! Not the typical Sunday but it’s so worth it! Work hard, play hard right ;).

Continue Reading…


NEW IN || Gold Gladiators

juni 11, 2014
Hi lovelies,
When it comes to new shoes, I love to take details shots of them. Especially when they have so many details. I still didn’t own a pair of gladiator heels and these ones with golden heels stole my feet! 🙂

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New In || Tommy Hilfiger

mei 23, 2014

Hi lovelies,
It’s Friday again! I had such a busy week studying, but I also had some fun things scheduled!
Tonight is a party night! First, we’re gonna celebrate the birthday of fellow blogger Nathalie at Bazaar (a 1001 Arabian nights styled restaurant in De Pijp) with a lot of blogger babes! Afterwards, I’m going to dance my feet off with a bunch of friends! You all know how difficult it is to collect all the cool people around you for a party, but we managed!
After a little bit of sleep, I’m going to attend two events tomorrow! First, I have an event at one of my favorite places to eat: Vapiano! I will learn to make my own pasta, whaah! (my bestie, a fabulous cook, is so jealous about this, haha!). I’m so curious!
Afterwards, I have to hurry to Rotterdam to a BIG Q&A event by Ilovefashionbloggers!  There are still a few tickets left! Make sure to get one as you get to know so many other bloggers and you get to see Negin Mirsalehi, Linda Tol & Yara Michiels! Holland’s biggest bloggers! All your questions about blogging can be answered! Oh and have I told you that you will get a big ass goodie bag yet? Many reasons to come! I would love to see you there as well!
Ok, after a lot of chitchatting let’s get to the point, hihi. Remember that I went to the Tommy Hilfiger sample sale a couple of weeks ago? I showed you a picture on Instagram with a few huge shopping bags! And I said: it’s wasn’t me! That was very true haha! I only bought two pairs of classic ballerina’s. All the rest was my love who succeeded so well! Do you like ballerinas as well and what do you think about these?
Happy Friday!
Love, Farah



Details || B O O T S

januari 21, 2014

Stay tuned for a whole nother Formula Farah on the blog! It’s all about changes in style!
And details. Of course.
Love, Farah

NEW IN || River Island Metalics

november 25, 2013

Hi dearies!
Figuring that these are my fourth(!) new pair of shoes this month, you probably wonder where in the world I keep them. Well, just like a lot of people: in my hallway. Only issue is, I can’t open my front door properly anymore! I’ve got so (/too) many now! A little while back, my closet was featured on the website I Love Fashion News, and I showed a little bit of my shoe collection. What you don’t see on the photo is that the entire floor is covered with shoes as well!
Anyways, that doesn’t stop me from expanding my collection though! Here’s a (another) new pair of boots that I can be worn everyday to survive the cold Dutch winter – in style
At the moment, I’m at the Starbucks at the Double Tree Hilton hotel, brainstorming about Formula Farah 2.0 with my bestie! If you have any ideas and/or suggestions, please let me know! I would love to hear about them and incorporate them to my blog. Comment me on Facebook, Instagram or just leave a message down here! Thanks so much, really appreciate it!
River Island boots (here)

Details || Over the Knee

november 21, 2013

Hi lovelies!
The search for the perfect overknee boots (while on a budget) was endless. Until I found the perfect overknees at River Island. And remember that I got a 100 euro giftcard that I could spend at the RI? I was absolutely excited! However, they didn’t have the boots in my size anymore! I even went back a couple of times, but they just didn’t have them anymore :(.

But, some new inspiration came my way and I saw the beautiful blogger Noor of Queen of Jet Lags wearing these boots! I couldn’t be any happier ’cause you can get these boots at Forever 21 and I was about to go to the Big Apple! (Amsterdam is going to get her own F21, but for now, I had to go to a city such as NYC.) To make matters better, my size was still available! And to make my wallet happy as well, these boots were only 44 bucks! Hellooooo new boots and thank you Noor for the inspiration!

Love, Farah
Forever21 boots (here)

NEW IN || Pieces

oktober 17, 2013

I was searching for something unique. New ankle boots with a twist. Or is it art? I don’t put a name on it. I just really really liked these ones. Welcome to my shoewardrobe!
Ankle boots :  Pieces via Sans – Online

NEW IN || Nude

september 3, 2013
Singapore, a shopping paradise it was. If I would have lived there, I would be broke – for sure. Definitely. 100 %.
Malls are everywhere. And with everywhere, I don’t only mean the shops on the streets. I am talking about air-conditioned underground malls all over the place, especially around Orchard Road. Actually, the whole country is one big mall. I’ve said enough right?
After searching for nude heels for ages, I found a pair that I really liked. Pointy and textured. Pimping up the nude.
Fashion lovers and shopaholics, I think you now might know what your next holiday destination will be ;)!
Love, Farah

NEW IN || Sacha Heels

juli 22, 2013

Since pointy red heels had been on my wishlist for a long long time, I thought it was time to really get to the point ;).
 I think I haven’t shown my love for Sacha Shoes yet right?
Sacha is a shoe brand that already has more than 75 branches in  the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. A brand that makes trends accessible for both men and woman. If you’re looking for  unique and trendsetting shoes, Sacha is the place to be!

Aren’t these red beauties just beautifullll?!

Get you’re own pair of Sacha shoes here!


Heels  Sacha


NEW IN || Farah Sandals

mei 20, 2013

Vacations and sandals go hand in hand. A while ago, I went to see the new collection of Hippe-schoenen, a website where you can buy fashionable shoes for a maximum price of 50 euros!
Lucky me, I goft a 50euro-giftcard that I could spend on the website. I got myself two pairs of shoes! One of them are these neonpink and black sandals. I had to buy them because they have my name!
Farah Sandals. Perfect. Made for me!
Love, Farah

Sneak Peek || Studded Wedges

maart 16, 2013

I told you about the webshop Sibin a couple of days ago here! And the best part is yet to come!
Since I still didn’t have wedges in my shoe collection (I’m serious, I know, shame on me), these studded
wedges from Sibin are very welcome between all the other beauties! Tomorrow, I will show you the whole outfit!And don’t forget the 20% discount you’ll get with your Formula-farah code!

Love, Farah



New in: shoes x 5

november 14, 2012
Oké, I confess. I’m a shoe addict, always have been. Don’t even have place for them in my little cozy house but still, it doesn’t stop me from buying them. But, those ridiculous prices make it even harder not too. Honestly, wouldn’t you have done the same ;)?

From right to left:
Primark: 3
Primark 3
Nelly: 37
Primark: 5
Van Haren: 12,50


New in: Pointed heels with Metal Toe Cap

november 11, 2012

Trend alert ladies! Oh wait! Actually, it really isn’t a trend at all; it’s the welcome return of a classic: the pointy-toed pumps. Do you still remember them? And did you also think that you would NEVER ever wear them again?!  And that you couldn’t imagine you ever liked them?! Welcome to my world. The good news is, (this is also the reason that I actually like them, I can’t believe it myself yet, but it is true) it’s all about pumps with toes that aren’t extended, but have a pointed or almond shape.
Of course, I wanted to show the world my returning love for the pointy-toed pumps so I bought these metal pointed cap heels which you can still see miles away. So I don’t have to scream it out loud ;):P. Isn’t that handy or what?!? 😉
Nelly: €13