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juli 25, 2013

Primark Dress – Havaianas Flip Flops

Hi guys!

My journey has been good so far. I already told you some about Singapore in my post here but I haven’t told you yet that we got the chance to sleep in a 5 star hotel, the Sheraton Hotel in Singapore. Thanks to a niece of my bestie we changed our 12 person dorm room into a hotel room with a pool (read: private since it was empty the whole time) and even room service. Kidding me?!? That’s not backpacking! can imagine that people were looking at us probably thinking that we were lost when we came in with our backpacks. I can imagine that looked silly though :p It was that good, that we even decided to stay just for one more day and night which meant that we had to change our flights. It was sooooo worth it! Next time I will definitely stay over at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. The ones who are following me on instagram (@Formulafarah) must have seen this awesome hotel which unfortunately is not really affordable. So, Singapore. I will visit you again when I’m NOT a student anymore and when I’m allowed to bring 60 kilos in my suitcases flying business class 😉 Ohhhh yes dear! For now, I just bought ehm..4 bags and 1 pair of shoes. That’s reasonable right?:)

The  real backpack journey will begin in Indonesia I guess 😉 Oh well, my flip flops say a lot too right?!  😛 Hope you like this comfy outfit I was wearing while strolling in Singapore. I was feeling a bit shabby because all the girls in Singapore looked like I want a woman to look like. With other words, all girls are wearing heels and dresses. Loooooooove that! Made me feel very underdressed though, cannot say I loved that as well haha!

P.S. these outfit pictures were taken at Garden by the Bay, a must visit when you’re in Singapore! It was just like I stepped into the movie Avatar.. need I say more?;)

Love, Farah