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Outfit || Light

juni 10, 2014

 Hi lovelies!
How could I almost forget these?! I still have these shots from Stockholm to show you! Luckily, I bumped into them and decided to post them immediately! The last day in Stockholm, we biked all day long and the sweet hotel receptionist of the Kung Carl Hotell recommended us to have a break at Josefina, a luxury hotspot in Djurgården. Do you see those palm trees in the background? You surely can imagine that you get the feeling you stranded in paradise over there! The bright interior with some pastel touches gave the whole space a romantic and summer vibe. A lovely place to have a break and drink some coffee. Pure love. Absolutely recommended when you’re in Stockholm, take note ;)!

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Outfit || Metallic Maven

mei 29, 2014

Hi sweethearts!
So excited to show you this outfit I wore to the party in Stockholm! It’s always a big question what to wear to a fabulous party. I remember when I was younger I was thinking weeks in advance to find the perfect dress for prom/gala. Back then, it wasn’t about scrolling down the internet, but I was literally strolling in the city to find that dress. It was never annoying or something that I dreaded. I enjoyed the journey and was always very thrilled about the result! After all, I wanted to feel like Cinderella, who of you is with me on that ;)?

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mei 25, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Sorry for my absence, but I have been so busy! I tried to keep you up to date on social media, though! But for the ones who don’t have all those social media accounts, I made a diary post just for you! Well, it’s a fact, social media can drive you crazy! This week is going to be hectic with my studies! I’m trying to post as much as possible! Ah can’t wait for Summer!

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mei 18, 2014

Hi lovelies!
Hope you had an amazing weekend! The weather was incredible and I can’t believe I have already spent two days in Stockholm! What started as an invite for’s 10 year anniversary party, ended up in a romantic weekend with my love. We celebrated our own anniversary here. I have been together with the love of my life for five years! <3 This weekend has been a bliss. I really wanted to write a diary post so I found some time in between to sneak behind my laptop :). Hope you’ll enjoy this post!

1. Last week at the IJhallen in Amsterdam! I sold so much stuff so cheaply! I hope that all my clothes are happy with their new owners! It’s not about the money, it’s about giving them a second life ;).

2. Modelboard shot their very first pictures – with me! They asked me to be their model! A new online platform that is upcoming and very promising!

3. I just discovered this beauty drink called Ocóo! Do you know it?

4. Yeah! Arrived in Stockholm! I love traveling in comfy clothes and believe it or not, this dress is very comfy! Combined with those chunky boots, I can handle every suitcase! 

5. We were so pleased to stay at Hotell Kung Carl. A sneak peek of the room! 

6. Persians be like: I wanna eat Persian food no matter where I am, haha! And I’m not the only one, it was my love who longed for it too! Well, he has become a Persian Dutch guy during the past five years, hihi.

1. Morning rituals, make up and coffee is all I need! 

2. Breakfast in the most cozy ambiance at Hotel Kung Carl! Yoghurt with everything-you-can-think-of on top is my favorite breakfast these days!

3. Do you remember that I went to the Tommy Hilfiger sample sale two weeks ago? Well, let me introduce you thesee new babies that I got there! Aren’t they pretty?

4. Outfit of the day! The amazing weather made it possible to stroll around in this ensemble. 

5 & 6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand let’s get the party started!!!’s 10 year anniversary celebration party at the Lydmar Hotel! Don’t worry, I’ll post an elaborate report on this very extravagant celebration ;). 

Alright darlings, I hope you’ve enjoyed this diary post! Let me know what you did this weekend! Did you enjoy the beautiful weather in the Netherlands? Or do you live somewhere else? I would love to know!